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Personal year (numerological) - how to calculate it? Numerology | Psychic readings

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Our lives are made up of many nine-year cycles. If you want to find out what stage of this cycle, we find ourselves, we should calculate your numerological year (personal). There are two main methods for calculating the year, and in the world of numerology year personal and numerological year are two different concepts. On the blog I use one method, and I use these two terms interchangeably. Why calculate numerological year?

It will allow us to predict what awaits us in the near future and beyond, what to watch, what to avoid and what we need to focus in order to fully exploit their potential. When we know what kind of experience you can expect in a given year do not need to waste strength to struggle with fate, whether we focus on the start of new projects, or perhaps it is better to end the old cases. In what field, we have a better chance of success, and what areas of our lives will be in a given year to "slow lane". The appointment of the personal is also of great importance in numerology partner. Each year numerological is different, carries a different type of energy. The most groundbreaking is the first and the ninth year in a personal, because these years determine the boundary between cycles.

How to calculate the personal year?

Personal year can be calculated by adding the day and month of birth (ie. Key Incarnation) for the current year to the first new moon in September, and a year after the new moon, which will start the new year. (By convention, it can be assumed that this is the end of September, so from October 1, 2014 to the day and month of birth already added in 2015). Thus, numerological year starts at a different moment than one calendar year - this date every year is different.

It is believed that for about three months (October, November, December) before the start of a new year we start to work on the vibration of the following year - hence the contractual date of October 1st. It can therefore be concluded that the days remaining until the end of the calendar year is the time of the clash of old and new numbers. New vibrations start to affect us in full from 1 January. It should be noted that the boundaries are fluid, they can not be perfect measure.


A person born 05.14.1990

In this case, adding the day and month of birth 14.05 = 1 and the current year (ie 2015)
1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 18 = 9 result that we obtain must always be reduced to a single digit.
This person from 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015, it will be at 9 Personal Year.

According to the above scheme, we can also calculate the personal number of the month (the sum of the individual and the number of each month) and the number of days (the sum of the personal number and the number of the month, day).

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