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Personal year 1 (numerological year) - meaning in numerology | Psychic readings

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Personal year 1 - meaning in numerology

After nine years, you may feel exhausted - physically and mentally, but with a new personal year number one you will certainly feel a burst of energy! Vibration 1 will bring new opportunities, and most importantly - hope, so you will quickly forget about the previous 12 months. It will be great if at the beginning of personal year number 1, if you forget about any unpleasantness.

The numerology personal year number 1 it is a new 9-year cycle, a time in which you can start all over again, because at this moment you have the opportunity to build a solid foundation. It is necessary to start the personal year 1 with a positive attitude and hope, as this year will affect the next 8 years.

In addition to new possibilities, the numerology personal year 1 brings new friends, the opportunity to start great projects, new plans, ideas and events that will herald the start of a "new". In short - it will happen! Over the next 12 months you will be able to change your life, if you only put into practice a new ideas.

In the numerology personal year 1 you will be full of energy, optimism and enthusiasm, you will see a lot of opportunities that have not yet existed. Take advantage of the opportunity to start new projects and build from fundamentals. This year will bring success and independence, brings the opportunity to reorganize your life. All you have to do it's to put a lot of effort, and show initiative and ingenuity. This year, you need is to believe in yourself, because it will apear many occasions. You can not miss your opportunity of a lifetime, because it is possible to change everything, even improve the current life situation.

This is a great time not only for the implementation of new ideas, but also to change your place of residence, to buy an apartment or to change jobs. The important thing is to be active person with initiative, because this year will have an impact on subsequent years. Now you are standing on the platform and wait for the train, which will apear in a moment. It will take you to a new location, so you should get in and go on this journey.

The numerology personal year 1 is a time of sowing and planting. Therefore, you should courageously plan and make changes in your life. Do not lose sight of what you want to achieve and what you want to do in the coming years. During this time avoid laziness, and for harvesting you will have to wait!

In professional matters you can count on new challenges and changes. It is possible at this time: a promotion to a higher post, taking a new job, and maybe even starting your own business.

However, if you already have your own business, you can also expect the changes. It is possible to widen the field of action, or the launch of new products. This year, you can deploy new technologies and solutions that significantly improve the quality of products offered by you. It is good time to employ new employees, make a purchase and sales, as well as to deal with official matter.

Also in personal year number 1 in finance you can expect improvement. It's the perfect time to move, but also to become independent (eg. of parents).

In the emotional affairs also coming changes. First of all, single people have the opportunity to find a life partner. People with problems in their private life - can experience separation and even divorce. In personal year number 1 we meet new friends and change of marital status. It's a great time (as opposed to previous 9 years) for making important decisions. Take advantage of this new power to make changes in your life.

It may also happen something unplanned, it is time to be calm, active, determined and independent. Keep in mind that at this time you shouldn't be selfish, because it may turn against you.

Personal year 1 is a time in which we are planning goals for the next 9 years. Keep in mind that this is our life and we have an impact on it. It is necessary to ask a question: Who am I and where am I going? It is a time to reflect on a dream job, future life partner, and then make changes. It is necessary to demarcate a specific direction.

In previous year we were forced to analyze the past - the past nine years, so at the beginning of personal year number 1 you may need solitude. But you must enter in a new phase and to reveal yourself to the world. With the passing successive days of the first year we will feel more full of life and we will be more and more active.

The energy of number 1 is very strong and dynamic, and even if you do not want "the new", it will come. It will show up something new instead of the old one, which we let go in personal year number 9. And even if some decisions have been made, and we do not undertake any actions, the number 1 will make a changes. It is not worth stopping a change. Armed with courage and new energy, in personal year 1 we can conquer the world!

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