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Karmic relationships or Karmic connection? Karma of love, law of karma, soulmate and numerology

Most frequently asked question is whether a relationship is karmic. In the end, there must be some cause, since "so much love, and we can not be together" or when "I can not forget him." Most people think that if there are problems in a relationship, the relationship is difficult or unfulfilled is for sure the relationship is karmic. In fact, no one is able to fathom the end of this theme, you can only rely on their own guesswork. I probably surprise you, but almost every relationship is karmic ...

The Law of Karma

If you believe in reincarnation (that is, that after death our soul comes to earth again), it certainly met up with the concept of the law of karma. Since we once lived, it means that in previous lives we encountered various problems which probably handled quite sometimes better, sometimes worse. All our past actions, love, relationships, betrayal, deceit us are not forgotten. The opposite is true - all our actions or omissions move to the next life. It is no coincidence that, where, or in what the family is born, what kind of people we meet. All this, ma'am enable the realization of our plan, pay off debts, you might say - development. The fact that we do not remember his previous life, does not mean that he had no place.

Where does the karma?

Karmic connection means that a specific person we met already in one (or many) of previous lives. Then we entered into a relationship or a relationship, resulting in accumulated karma. As we know, karma tends to equalize, so in this life we ​​have to pay off your debts, or someone has to pay them off us.

Currently, although we do not remember past lives, adjust their bills, and karma we consider a great injustice. Often we do not understand all the unpleasantness and misfortunes that happen to us and happen for a reason. If you do not manage to equalize accounts in this life, this debt goes to the next life.

It is often thought that with every person we meet, we share a karmic connection. Such a person we met in the previous womb, and karma, which itself can be accumulated large or which does not have complete relevance and impact of our present life.

The most complicated and most serious is the relationship: parent and child, as well as husband and wife. Some believe it is no coincidence that in which family we are born, nor as to who is our husband or wife. There is here a great probability that we have already met in a previous life, perhaps in another relationship (eg. Current daughter might once have been his wife or mother).

There are many such examples. For example: A man falls in love with a woman, but she does not care about his feelings, even playing and deceives him. Ostentatiously he meets with another, and soon he's getting married. In this life she has for him affection, and he ignores her, playing with her feelings. Now that she has to feel how it is to love without reciprocity. All this happens in order to align karma.

Your case - love and karmic relationship

One day you meet a man and you feel that you've met him somewhere, you feel a specific kind of relationship, but you can not in any rational way to justify. Perhaps you were once in love with a man, but he was not interested in you, because in this incarnation is the opposite. God has you feeling, but it is ignored. It can also be a different situation. This is a man used to love you, but you go and you rejected. Now you love, but your feeling is disregarded.

Maybe you once had a husband who cheated, because in this life reveals itself as your current husband and now he betrays you. Such scenarios can be multiplied. All of these relationships one thing in common: you know from the previous lives and reaches you, then great, but often unfulfilled and unhappy feeling.

However, once it comes to a meeting, then just one quick glance and you know that something you have in common. Sometimes we meet a person and in her company feel ... weird. Sometimes after a time we realize what it actually feel to the man. As it turns out it can be a whole range of emotions. The feeling that once formed not evaporated, but it still exists. You know that something's up, he evokes strong emotions in you that you can not explain. Until soon you fall in love without memory. It may take a lot of time, you can not see your karmic love for very long, but you will remember perfectly the look and feel. Only remains a mystery in which relationships come to an znajdowaliΕ›cie and what you have to "rewrite" in this life.

It may also have a different situation. You see someone suddenly stirs in you the bad and the very negative emotions, even though you do not know and you did nothing, and those negative feelings can not be justified. You can immediately feel antipathy to a particular person, which is not like her, feel anger and even rage. Do you want this person to destroy or fight with her. And he probably did not know why it actually is. Maybe someday you hurt this person?

Tough love changes us. Thanks to it we learn patience (when the feeling we have to wait), empathy (start to feel and understand the feelings of others), as well as tolerance and acceptance. With the karmic love we can change, improve, work on himself, after it was entering a karmic relationships, but this is not always so clear and unambiguous ...

What to do with such compound karmic? We have to make up lesson: overwork various feelings and emotions. You will need to get rid of negative emotions such as anger, anger, aggression, desire to dominate, and learning how to love, acceptance and tolerance.

How to check if the relationship is karmic? (Is it karmic love?)

Every man has in his life a dozen or so diverse, strong karmic relationships, the good as well as bad ones. There are several methods by which you can check whether a relationship is karmic, but none of them does not guarantee 100% effectiveness. You can choose from: astrology, hypnosis, tarot cards and numerology.

Hypnosis. It is one of the best ways to test whether we are in a karmic connection. You can yourself see and experience past lives. The emotions are so intense that there is no room for doubt. Over time, you begin to understand why in your life are taking place these and not other events. Grief and bitterness quickly passes, and appears to understand the laws that govern our lives.

Astrology. The astrologer examines the position of Saturn and its aspects. The house and placed the sign in which Saturn.

Tarot cards. In this case, the most important is the person who knows his trade and its highly developed intuition. To be able to interpret the cards, it is necessary to vast experience and knowledge.

Numerology. After administration's date of birth Numerologist calculates the number of Way of Life, creates a pyramid, on which it is able to determine where there are concurrent digits. It can also check the so-called. long and karmic lessons. Of course, this method is not perfect, but it can give a picture of the relationship.

13, 14, 16, 19, 26

In numerology it says that a certain compound has called. karmic debt, whose repayment should put a lot of effort. Vibration, which shows that we love and karma from previous lives long when you do not dbaliΕ›my about someone's feelings, the number 7/16. There are also other types of debt. Number 13 is the karma of work, 14 freedom, 19 is karma power, while 26 relationships.

13 means that in a previous incarnation, the Titans were not working, quite the contrary. We led a rather idle life. We do not undertook any action that would require effort and make use of their talents. So now it is necessary to balance the karma, usually by boring, hard, arduous and usually low-paying job. This kind of karma has to teach us strive to fulfill their plans, and above all the consequences. It is worth noting that this kind of karma is not just the professional sphere. It can also be realized in some relationships or in contacts between people. To free ourselves from this type of food should be consistently perform those tasks which belong to us. You must be persistent in pursuit of the goal.

14 is karma freedom. This means that once ignored the needs of others and naduΕΌywaliΕ›my freedom. We have carried out their passions and dreams, and the relationship was limited for us, which we treated as coercion. Probably in this way we harmed someone, which is why today we have to align karma. It is necessary to define the limit which should not be exceeded. Learn to respect the rules and not subject to temptations. A person who is in the portrait that number may consider relationship or marriage as a relationship that is limited.

The number 19 means that in a previous life liked to govern. It made us joy that we have power over someone, we could not accept someone's arguments and listen. We thought only about their own benefits and underestimated others. In this incarnation we have to deal with the social ladder and desire for tyranny by accepting others and giving to others and frequent thinking about others.

Another karmic debt is the number 26, which deals with human relationships. In this life we ​​should deal with their approach to people and the world. It is necessary to change the perception of the "I" to "we".

Is it worth it to check whether a relationship is karmic?

This question everyone should have to answer. Most people wonder about whether their relationship is karmic, and only a few people are looking for answers to such questions. It is important that with this knowledge we are more aware of the relationship between us and what we have to learn. Because karmic love appears in order to change us internally, and only a strong feeling of being able to make that move real transformation, even revolution.

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