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The Meaning of Numbers in Numerology and the Symbolism of Numbers

 Numbers in Numerology, the Symbolism of Numbers
In numerology, there is a division between the main (primary) and secondary (numbers) numbers. The main figures are 1,2,3,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and the subtitles are 10,11,12,13, etc. Each numeral interpretation shall use base numbers and subnumbers which may provide additional information. Each time number calculation leads us to find a subnumbers first, and then to the basic number.

The Date of birth 12.7.1984
1+2+7+7+1+9+9+8+4= 32=32=3=5

In this case, 32 will be a subnumber and 5 will be a base number.

Other examples
26 = 2 + 6 = 8
45 = 4 + 5 = 9
75 = 7+ 5 =12=1+2 = 3

To correctly interpret the character of a person, first read the number symbolism. Below you will find the meaning of each number.

Meaning of basic numbers (symbol of numbers from 0-9):


Zero is not a number. It is the source and centre. 0 means the eternal universe and the potential for development, from which the nine remaining digits emerge. It can be everything or nothing. It is a symbol of perfection, fullness, totality and unity. Zero is a creative power that can transform and manifest itself in the material world.

Number 1

This number means beginning, individuality, it is a symbol of man. It expresses action, activity, ambition, passion, authority and entrepreneurship. In the numeral portrait, it denotes the male elements. It is the number that governs, gives an impulse to act, stimulates the creative possibilities and creativity of man. The number 1 also means success, which is achieved through power of will and sincerity, loyalty and trust in oneself. It symbolizes a man who persistently strives to achieve his goal, and finally popular, but often lonely. One can say that the number 1 means fulfillment, success in life, recognition, enthusiasm, creativity, action, initiative, originality, development, pride and ambition.

This number also has dark pages. 1 in the negative version is characterized by selfishness, arrogance, caring for its benefits, despotism, inability to cooperate. The EGO EWC then plays a key role. Negative 1 is a clever manipulator, a praiseworthy manipulator, a career advisor and a desire for power. This figure brings indecisiveness, nervousness and uncertainty.

Number 2

The number 2 is dualism. It is a passive number, subordinated and serviceable to others. It is characterized by diplomacy, high emotionality and sensitivity, insecurity and uncertainty. It is a number that in the portrait marks feminine elements. This number means love, cooperation, mutual understanding. There are doubts, timidity and uncertainty. Just like 1 it's a commander, 2 is a soldier who works very well in the role of a command manager. He is sensitive to beauty, sentimental, social, willing to sacrifice, emotional and patient, has the ability to adapt. He is a fantastic diplomat. It is peacefully oriented towards people and the world, characterized by a highly developed intuition, willingness to help, modesty, delicacy, calm, calm, tolerance, emotionality. It needs a lot of sensitivity and attention.

The negative features of 2 include excessive attachment to the past, passiveness, submissiveness, rapid surrender, variability and the utopia of plans. In the negative version 2 means unhappy relationship, dependence on other people, submission, naivety, naive, lack of self-confidence, lie, changeability, excessive feelings, hypersensitivity and memory.

Number 3

Number 3 is joy, happiness, creative expression, harvesting the first fruits. 3 is creation, life, communication, ability to adapt quickly. He is an intelligent, brilliant, creative and active person. It is cheerful, optimistic and travels a lot. He has literary or artistic talents. He has many original ideas and a lively mind that does not endure boredom. He is an artist who feels the need to express his thoughts, is creative and original. 3 it is also true friendship, tenderness, culture, intelligence, kindness.

It often happens that a man is sometimes scattered and it is difficult for him to focus on one thing. In a negative version, they may have problems with communication and communication, or lack the ability to express their own thoughts. It is closed and focuses on its imaginary wounds. He falls into frequent conflicts and thus becomes lonely, critical and aggressive. He is jealous and awkward. Sometimes it can make too much effort to accept the environment.

Number 4

The vibration 4 means creativity, work, struggle with matter, realization. The figure of 4 provides security, certainty and stability, but unfortunately it also closes within certain limits. It brings experience in working with matter through building from the very beginning, from the very foundations to fighting for one's existence and survival. 4 that likes stability, at the same time, is very reluctant to make any changes. He cares for his everyday habits, habits and performs the same actions. 4 is reliability, caution and practicality. He is patient, persistent and diligent, and thanks to his work he can go a long way. It has a sense of organisation, strong will, a high degree of efficiency, is firm and reliable.

In the negative aspect 4 brings poverty, poverty, poverty, stubbornness, nervousness, overgrowth of ambition, excessive austerity, excessive conservatism, willingness to rule, tenacity, perseverance, reluctance to make changes and closing oneself in form.

Number 5

The number 5 is the number of the middle because there was numbers 4 above ad 4 below. It is located between ME (number 1) and OTHERS (number 9). The number 5 is a man who meets the world through his senses, experiences life, people, the world, which can lead to inner (spiritual) cognition. Using the senses is only a means of this cognition. The number 5 makes us check the limits of our freedom, experiment, experiment, experience, travel and finally risk READING. 5 means curiosity, sensuality, sensuality, emotional, magnetic and personal, energy, honesty, commerce, travel.

The number 5 in the negative sense brings impulsiveness, misfortune, anxiety, unstableness, changeability, intolerance, arrogance, laziness, sensuality, intrigue, extravagance, impracticality and impatience.

Number 6

The vibration 6 symbolizes care, symmetry and harmony. The number 6 is the most family-friendly number. It means love, dedication, beauty, art and gentleness. Often it means taking a decision on the way forward - easier, which leads through the world of the or more difficult matter - spiritual. Number 5 meant travel, experience and companionship of other people, while number 6 sometimes brings loneliness, and hence the strong need to create a relationship, taking responsibility not only for oneself but also for the other person and perhaps a new life. 6 forces students to learn the art of compromise, reconciliation in case of conflict, and to recognize their own feelings and emotions. He willingly brings help, even when he is not asked for it, so he should learn to abstain and not to interfere with his counsels. It should take into account the free will of every human being. Number 6 brings talent, taste, artistic sense, harmony, harmony, sensitivity, love, loving family, great sensitivity, caring for the good of loved ones, altruism, intuition, responsibility, tolerance, sincerity and emotionality.

The number 6 of the negative version brings conflict, suffering, unsuccessful marriage, family breakdown, defeat, problems in the sphere of feelings, failure in professional and personal life, jealousy, criticism, suspicion, incapacity to make decisions, gossip, falling into a whirl of romance, cowardice, lack of peace.

Number 7

Number of experiences. It means science, wisdom, analysis, mystery, distance, reason, contemplation. The number 7 symbolizes improvement, but not through the senses (as is the case with 5), but through learning and spirituality. However, 7 is a number that lives either in the material or spiritual world. She should get rid of the desire to have material possessions, the desire to have new objects. It should turn to its interior and spiritual development. Number 7 means spirituality, perfection, loneliness, learning, learning, learning, experience, development, intelligence, inquisitiveness, intuition, intuition, courage, compassion, talent, success that comes when we grow spiritually.

The negative version of the number 7 is self-centered, conceited, lone, dominant, workaholic, hyperactive, escaping from the real world into stimulants.

Number 8

The number 8 is a mystical number, meaning transformation and rebirth. It is a symbol of infinity and brings knowledge of the principles of the functioning of reality. This number gives you the ability to move around in the material world, the ability to manage money and power. 8 brings also the ability to make fast decisions that are accurate and precise. Thanks to this number we control ourselves and manage our lives efficiently, and we treat matter not as an end in ourselves, but as a tool. We know where we are going and we have a lot of strength and perseverance in ourselves to reach our own. And even if we come across obstacles, they will only stimulate us and drive us to further action. Number 8 is also the harvest, harvesting period, to see the effects of earlier decisions taken, repayment of debts, compensation for profits and losses. This number means power, power, energy, material success, talent for business, integrity, discipline, physical strength, organizing skills, transformation, concentration, perseverance, perseverance, practical sense, justice.

The number 8, which is implemented in a negative way will mean ruin, defeat, bankruptcy, bankruptcy, stress, accidents, accidents, health problems, tension, selfishness, jealousy, envy, anger, brutality, tenacity, inflexibility, inflexibility, conservatism, insensitivity, lack of mercy, dishonesty, scandal, extremism, submission.

Number 9

This is the last of the simple numbers. It is final, final balance sheet and fulfilment. The number 9 indicates the parting, closing of a certain stage, achieving the goal. It is a place where the circle closes and we move to a higher stage. The number 9, in contrast to 1 (which focuses on the human being, IAM), means INNI. We see others, and our field of vision is expanding significantly. It means identifying with others and thereby giving up yourself. It is putting all relations in order. The number 9 is idealism, service, talent, ease of concentration, meditation, mysticism, modesty, humility, fame, recognition, public life, depth, caution, embodiment of ideals, travel, freedom, gratuitousness, service, dreams, tolerance, patience, international contacts.

In the negative aspect, number 9 brings loneliness, stinginess, selfishness, impulsiveness, a lot of suffering, avoidance of companionship, fears and limitations, quarrels, unnecessary emotionality, loss, mess, anger and exploitation of others.

Relevance of secondary numbers (symbol of numbers 10-33 and 44,55,55,66,77):

Number 10/1

The number 10 indicates renewal, the start of a new cycle. It is an opportunity to start again, but on the basis of our experience and knowledge. It brings about change and the possibility of success. It is a dynamic number, and thanks to faith and confidence in the decisions taken and their beliefs, it will make it possible to fulfill the dreams. However, if the change leads to resistance, this attitude will cause stumbling.

Number 11/2

The 11 is a master number, meaning inspiration, mediumism and visionary thinking. A person who is under the influence of vibration is very spiritual, full of ideals, humane, is a master who should teach others and show them the way. Unfortunately, this is a figure that is not conducive to enrichment. However, it adds strength to the spiritual path. If the person influenced by this number chooses to develop and follow the noble ideals, then 11 will bring her success, wealth, fame and appreciation. If it is going to be implemented negatively, it will follow the path of a normal two, unhappy due to unfulfilled plans, poverty and missed opportunities. 11 she should work on her own selfishness, self-centred, and also focus on developing her intuition, because she has the aptitude to see more. It is often the case that 11 are detached from reality, so they should focus on the real world to make their dreams come true. In order to make proper use of his numerous opportunities for the good of others, 11 he should study the benefits of 22.11.

11 The person undergoing the process brings nervousness, difficulty in making a decision, tension, defeat, despair, inability to deal with one's own emotions.

Number 12/3

This number brings difficult experiences, sadness, because we are not able to assess the situation in which we find ourselves. It is important to accept your situation and to rely on fate.

Number 13/4

Indicates a karma for work (see Numerology 13).

Number 14/5

Means karma of freedom (see Numerology 14).

Number 15/6

The number 15 means sensuality, troubles in mastering one's instincts, a desire for pleasure and a desire to have. This causes extremes and leads to mental instability and emotional actions. Unhappy love is possible, because attractiveness is used to satisfy desires. If we curse our lusts and use magnetism in a positive way, it will heal others.

Number 16/7

Means love karma (see Numerology 16).

Number 17/8

This is a fortunate figure that provides care for the higher forces. It means the power of creation, hope, intuition, great imagination. A person who has a number of 17 in a number portrayal can be musically talented or may have some hidden talent, as well as.... the gift of clairvoyance. It not only provides care for the higher forces, but also fulfillment, happiness, reward and wealth (end the 1 and 7 are 8). A person with this vibration is protected, even without realising it.

Number 18/9

The number symbolizing change, the service to people (especially with power). Poor assessment of the situation, which causes us to make mistakes which in turn contribute to the disappointment with reality. The number 19 also means insulation, closing in one's own interior. Sometimes, if you realize it positively, it brings success and fame. It also means travel and international contacts.

Number 19/1

Powerful karma (see: Numerology 19).

Number 20/2

The number 20 means Awakening, seeing the world as it is. It is a symbol of openness to knowledge and experience. It is a number that brings great intuition and frees us from the problems of everyday life. It is a vibration that changes our lives for the better, and at the same time rewards our efforts. The negative 20 leads to separation and divorce.

Number 21/3

This number means success, joy, happiness, happiness, fulfilment. This is the number of creativity and creativity. A person who has this number in a numeral portrait may be endowed with artistic or literary talent. It means travel, change, evolution, learning, self improvement. This number provides care and love. The negative effect of this unfolding causes emotional relaxation and an impression of a burden on family commitments.

Number 22/4

The 22 is a champion's number in the field of matter. Can create stable structures, build from solid foundations. It is the amount of knowledge, work, experience and realization of creative genius. It means a world builder who can create outstanding inventions. Creative talent should be used only for the good of mankind, because if it is used for the sake of prosperity, it will serve selfish purposes, it will result in destruction, it will lead to madness. Like master 11, the number 22 is characterised by its ability to solve almost unsolvable problems, but its operation has a practical dimension. Persons who have a number 22 in their portrait should learn sensitivity and care about emotions of their partner. They are often so busy with work that they overlook suffering and the human dimension. In this respect, a good teacher will be for them 33.

In the negative aspect 22 manifests itself as madness, violence, bankruptcy, defeat, excessive adventure train.

Number 23/5

It means success, recognition, fame and career, especially in areas such as advertising and communication. This number of freedom, above all, is helpful in all projects. A negatively occurring 23 means excess energy, austerity, selfishness, and inability to deal with one's own emotions.

Number 24/6

This number is implemented in two ways. The first one - positive - means travel, happiness in love, realizing oneself in social life. The second - negative - brings problems in the sphere of feelings, and suffering is to help find harmony in life. It means solitude and even divorce. Success will require sacrifices. In the negative version, a person who has 24 in the portrait becomes vindictive, jealous and incapable of making concessions.

Number 25/7

This number means that it is difficult to begin, to work to get what we want. Strong efforts will be needed to ensure that land is not lost. It can also mean a lack of work and, above all, falling into the trap of the senses and satisfying one's desires. learn to set boundaries and use freedom wisely to pursue the goal. 25 gives the ability to observe, reflect and analyze.
Negative 25 brings about conflicts, wasting energy, starting a job and never ending it and laziness.

Number 26/8

Number of suffering in relationships (see Numerology 26).

Number 27/9

The number 27 means intelligence, wisdom, righteousness, the sense of justice and spiritual power. A person under the influence of this number should give himself to serve other people. It is possible to have fame and universal respect, but only on condition that the overriding goal is the good of people, a desire to help in the spiritual, intellectual and physical development of others. Possible long journeys and international contacts, as well as successful projects (provided we are patient). However, this is the number of spiritual duties above all.

The negative realization of 27 brings intolerance, indecisiveness, utopian dreams and the inability to manage one's life.

Number 28/1

The number 28 brings unexpected profits, but only on condition that we are honest and diligent. 28 makes us like to be at the centre of our attention, to be noticed. This figure also implies an internal change by marriage. 28 He adds energy to action, it is the power that drives us.

Number 29/11

29 symbolizes ingenuity, wisdom and originality. The person who has this number in the portrait is inspiring and creative, and people who are highly placed play a significant role in his or her life. Perseverance and patience are essential. Success in artistic competitions (cinema, theatre, literature). Success will result in jealousy and numerous conflicts.

Number 30/3

The number 30, like the number 3, means creativity, creativity, communication, beauty, literary or artistic talent, art and trade. It is a number that brings success, happiness and fulfillment. It means that what we have planned for ourselves will be fulfilled. The number 30 is love, friendship, family and material security. If it is carried out negatively, we start to attract people who are not honest with us.

Number 31/4

It is a number that requires us to work and work, and then comes the desired success, also material. If we have this number in the numbering portrait, it is worth paying attention to the fact that all contracts signed by us are well thought out and comply with legal requirements. The number 31 brings strength and energy, but we must not let our self-confidence or conceit obscure the world, because this vibration will only be realized positively if we have pure intentions. Otherwise, we will become nervous, quarrelsome and inadequate. Such behaviour, on the other hand, will lead us to ruin, including material ruin.

Number 32/5

The number 32 means that high targets must be set. Attention should be paid to avoid surrendering to the surrounding environment and not creating confusion. It is important to keep your hand on the positive side, especially during commercial transactions, and to carefully select employees when running a company. It is necessary to maintain modesty and humility, otherwise we will make enemies for ourselves.

Number 33/6

Number 33, often called Christ's vibration, means service and universal love. This number is a symbol of spiritual guidance, creativity, dedication, communication. This is the number of wise teachers and guides that guide other people along the way.

In the negative version, 33 may show others how much he is devoting himself to, and use his influence and power for selfish purposes. It may neglect professional and social responsibilities.

Number 44/8

This is a masterly number, which means that the spirit is in control of matter. A person who has it in his portrait is characterized by high discipline, eager to help, offers advice, can easily overcome any obstacles, has enormous power. It creates a happy and deep relationship based on mutual trust. Can create your future effectively. It maintains a balance between the two worlds - material and spiritual. He has a sense of mission and development of human consciousness.

44, which is going to be carried out in a negative way, will be a materialist overwhelmed by the desire for possession. It will feel weakened by the chase for material goods, which in turn will contribute to their loss.

Number 55/10/1

The number 55 is an enormous amount of energy, a mental agreement. This vibration favours explorers and scientists. It also means a highly developed spirituality, which may mean that it will be a spiritual guide. In its negative version, it leads to loss, egocentrism and chaos.

Number 66/12/3

This number means cosmic love. It symbolizes beauty, art, happiness and joy in life. The number 66 is a fulfillment in love, wealth and success. However, we should share the fruits of our work with others, otherwise we risk losing everything we have achieved and addiction to people.

Number 77/14/5

This number symbolizes cosmic wisdom. It means accuracy and practicality. Number 7 speaks of devotion to science and spiritual development, while number 77 may discover great inventions or become religious leaders. The money it receives should be invested in further education or travel.

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