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Karmic Debt 13 in Numerology. What does it mean?

Karmic Debt 13, Numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, angel
In the public consciousness, number 13 functions as a symbol of misfortune, failure or bad luck. Already in Babylon, where the 12 system was operating, but number 13 aroused anxiety and fear. There is also a known link between the number 13 and Pope John Paul II. I have already written about the perception of 13 with a stool and transformation HERE.
Today's description refers to 13 as karmic debt.

What does the number 13 means?

Karmic Debt 13, Numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, girl, light, lamp, magic
If you add 13, you get 4, which means building solid structures and foundations. One interpretation of this supposedly unhappy figure is that of a person (1) who strives to have fun (3), and who avoids hard and hard work at all costs, is impatient, wants to have everything here and now. It means that in the previous incarnation, a person preferred to play and neglected work, often living at the expense of others. She was lazy, she did not make any effort, she did not put order and order into her life, and she expected others to do it for her. Such a person did not tolerate changes, she wanted life to always follow certain patterns.

Such accumulation of karma will cause difficulties: in the sphere of work, it will be placed in situations that require methodical, systematic and patience in solving often existential problems. The 13 debt is paid back by taking up work without waiting for help. A person who has 13 in his portrait should make an effort, because this incarnation can therefore only be done through and in connection with his work.

Reaching out to the creative potential

Karmic Debt 13, Numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, girl, green dres, lights, magic
13 also means a person (1) who should draw on his creative potential (3). Reduced to 4, it symbolizes a man struggling creatively with matter. To reach for this creative potential, one may have to face a sudden, dramatic situation of threatening material existence or to withdraw from the apparent emotional balance through the ruin of unfortunate events, infidelities, etc. And since 13 do not like change, they will be forced to do so. Such events are intended to bring about a profound internal transformation and open up for new opportunities. It is therefore necessary to be prepared for unexpected events that will mark the beginning of the transformation, which will begin with the number 13.

It is worth noting that this number has a huge creative potential, which should be discovered in order not to be negatively realized. At the same time, this vibration ensures stability and the building of permanent foundations with consistent and systematic work, i. e. through the development of karma. It acts negatively and contributes to misfortune only if we do not carry out its orders. For people who know how to act, who work hard, build their future, are systematic, they will bring happiness and liberation. Because this number is very growing. The person who is going to be a very hard-working person will be able to make a positive result.

A person with the number 13 in numerology report, work is associated mainly with monotony, effort and compulsion. The element of joy and creativity (i. e. 3) has been eliminated, therefore, for 13 the work is above all an unwanted, boring and unpleasant duty. It is first of all a tedious struggle with the matter through which the transformation takes place (instead of free, inspiring creativity).

13 brings about a profound transformation, it is the number of destiny, after the transformation, nothing will be as it was. The change is being made here in a radical and dramatic way.

Karmic Debt 13, Numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, pink, sky, blue, cosmic, lights, magic
They are not very often appreciated at work, usually the appreciation of superiors is expressed after a long time, and most often by situations in which the work is thorough. Very rarely is 13 paid according to the effort. But she should not expect praise, because she works to be aware that she has done everything she could best and put all her heart into her work.

The vibrations of the number 13 sometimes force a change of job, sometimes occupations are performed which are not connected with each other in any way. With this number, it is not possible to stay in one job for a lifetime. However, with every change, a person climbs up a higher level, despite the fact that he or she will work intensively in a new profession.

If you have this number in your numbering portrait, you should not expect help or that someone will do something for you, or that they will do it yourself. You have to be independent, diligent and diligent.

He cannot count on a spectacular career. It is rather laborious, and building financial stability most often through systematic and strenuous work. Everything that we accomplish with this work will be permanent and will not cause us to fall below a certain level.

In the karma of work, it is important that a person will have to deal with situations from the work sphere, so he cannot count on any material improvement through winnings. She should be aware that only through her work can something happen. But if she does not work her karma and turns to random games, in spite of winning, everything will be lost.

If 13 is a subnumber

Soul number - makes it difficult to achieve the goal. Even if you are able to get the job done, you are never satisfied with the results.

Expression number - delays the fulfilment of your job or causes you to concentrate on one precisely defined goal, which hinders your development and limits your field of action.

Karmic Debt 13, Numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, girl, baloons, lake, magic
The numbers of Intimate Realisations, Life Path, Numbers of Incarnation, Day of Birth - probably your whole life will be subject to change. As soon as it seems to you that the situation is stabilising, there will be a new series of events that will force you to take the trouble again. People born 13 are sensitive people who do not like to follow orders. If they do not work properly, they will be at odds with the situation and may seem to be very unhappy, devastating pessimists.

A person who has 13 in his or her number portrait will have to deal with: difficult childhood, lack of money, lack of work, situations in which he or she will suffer material damage, will perform work below his/her qualifications, hard and poorly paid, or will be forced to work hard until the late retirement age. A person from the 13th edition of the numerological portrait must do it with dedication, diligence and diligence without complaining or cursing it.

How you should work with the number 13?

In order to work out karma at work effectively, it is necessary to be patient, hard-working, systematic, consistent, committed, well organised, not to fail, and at the same time to be able to use one's creative potential and creativity. Everything that a person undertakes should be done on his/her own, without anyone's help. You should not expect praise to do your job best. We need to learn to be solid and accountable, not to carry out a job that has begun but is unfinished. You should work regardless of the results and try to find joy in what you do.

It is worthwhile to address challenges that are not related to our education, or dreams, and sometimes also to poorly paid activities. You should put all your energy and heart into such activities, and then we will get rid of the karma of work.

How can we check whether we have already processed the karmic debt?

First of all, you should get to know all the pros and cons of hard work, learn to respect it. If a person with 13th in the numerological portrait strives to do his or her best without waiting for recognition, applause and money, karma will be worked out.

In addition, if such a person discovers that the work is pleasurable, uses his creativity, his potential and treats order as an integral part of his work, he can be considered to be on the right path.

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