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Personal Year 9. Why you should NOT get married in the 9th Personal Year? Partnerships, Relationships, Love in Numerology

personal year 9, numerology, married, love, partnership, relationship, marriage, couple
Anyone who is interested in numerology has certainly heard of the fact that one should neither be bound nor make any important life decisions in the 9th Personal Year. What can the 12 months that are coming to an end? What is worth doing and what to avoid? Can we really only expect dramatic situations in the 9th Personal Year? How does numerology work to do? Read and learn more about the 9th Personal Year.

Numerology of the date of the wedding - how to calculate it?

First of all, the Year of the Personal Year should be calculated. This can be done by adding the day and month of birth to this year's first new moon in September, and after the new year that will start from the new year. (It can be assumed that this is the end of September, so from 1 October 2014 to the day and month of birth 2015 is added).

The person born on May 14,1990, plans to marry on September 12,2015.
In this case, add the day and month of birth 14.05=1 and the current year 2015.
The person on the day of the wedding will be in the 9th Personal Year.
The same calculation is applied to the future spouse.

personal year 9, numerology, married, love, partnership, relationship, marriage, couple
You should NOT get married in the 9th Personal Year, as this is the time to clean up and finish old cases. During this time, you should not enter into marriage, sign employment contracts, buy housing, etc. It is a period of dissolution of old ties, purification, and not starting new cases, relationships, ventures. Married marriage, which is concluded in the 9th Personal Year, is doomed to failure.

Personal Year 9 - what can we expect?

The 9th personal year is the balance sheet of previous years, which is the time to prepare for the next stage of the road. This period prepares us for a new, different, creative period in our lives. It is a time of reflection on the previous eight years and dreams about the future. The 9 years of your personal life will depend primarily on whether you have taken up the challenges of previous years, and this year you will have a stronger need than before to abandon your habits, how you see your surroundings and to break some of the ties. It is a time when the old should go away to give way to the new one. Your inner voice, your intuition, which is extremely sharp this year, will help you make the right choice. During this time you will be harvesting the results of past years.

The ninth numbering year can be difficult and even painful if we do not know how to say goodbye to the old and open up for new ones. If there are many things unresolved or swept under the carpet in your life, 9 it will bring them out and bring you the truth. If you live in a lie - it will seem like it is, you are in a relationship without love - the relationship will collapse. 9 brings chaos and leads us out of the previous patterns. You may lose ground under your feet and you may also experience fear of change. However, all this is necessary for the transformation to take place. However, if you have lived in harmony with yourself, with the principles you have adhered to, and you have not betrayed yourself and others, you will harvest the harvest. You will experience emotional and financial fulfilment.

It is worth noting that things started in the year 9 do not last long, so if you are interested in a relationship with a person or a job, wait until 1 year. Up to the 9th year of personal life, you should be mentally and spiritually prepared to proceed with a positive balance to the next cycle. You must take into account that this year you will be forced to break some of the relationships that are important for you, which are a bridge connecting you with the past. During this time there may also be losses in the material as well as emotional field. If your intuition tells you that you have to end a matter or break a relationship, then it is a good time to make such a decision, because it is the time of great order that is necessary to start a new cycle without burden from the past. The whole year will be subordinate to making inventory in all aspects of life.

personal year 9, numerology, married, love, partnership, relationship, marriage, couple
It is often thought to be a difficult year. Not without reason. It is possible to make a loss, betrayal of a loved one and disappointment. We should part with the past without regret, because new people will come in place of the old, and certain people have already fulfilled their role in your life. Surely the parting will certainly not come easily to you, it will cause anxiety and internal tearing, but if you realize that it is necessary and what happens, it will be easier for you to bear.

In addition to partitions, significant weakness and reduced immunity are possible during this time, so it is necessary to take care of your health. It is worth taking care of your health, because at this time you may be particularly susceptible to various infections. Instead of swallowing tablets, try natural treatments and herbs. If the mood gets worse - go for a walk, run. In the 9th personal year there are also possible problems with money, at work and in marriage or friendship. You may have a feeling of imprisonment, but it is a feeling of overgrowth caused by the 9th year of 9th year, which brings with it many dangers. There can be a lot of problems - financial, health, professional or personal. This year you will be irritated, prone to apathy, annoyance, fatigue and even depression. You will feel trapped in a cage that's hard to get out of.

In professional and business life, it is not worthwhile to start anything new, as the actions taken at that time will not bring the expected benefits. Business owners and entrepreneurs will successfully complete all their interests this year. In 9 years they can focus on adapting the company to the new challenges that will come with 1 personal year.

personal year 9, numerology, married, love, partnership, relationship, marriage, couple
The year number 9 has several advantages. During this time we make it easier to make acquaintances, we are more open, we meet people from various backgrounds and circles. It is possible to have an intense social life or to live in a multitude of people.

In love and relationships, rasps will be possible, especially if tensions have appeared so far, then they can be made stronger. In marriages that do not go well and live side by side, it is possible to decide on divorce. There are treason and romance at this time, mainly because we are more dear to each other and we need others to be emotional. Many things go beyond our will, we can say that there is a destiny here that cleanses it.

In your 9th personal year you should avoid signing important documents, entering into new relationships, not change your job, avoid emotional engagement. It is worth noting that if you are waiting for a resolution of an important issue, this year you have a chance to conclude it successfully.

During the 9 years of your personal life, you may have a wealth of internal experience that will make you re-evaluate your life. It may also happen that if you do not make changes yourself and you don't put your life in order, fate or destiny will do it for you, usually in a drastic way. These 12 months are worth taking advantage of for learning, thinking about the future and planning the activities or activities you will undertake in 1 year of your personal life.

You should become accustomed to farewell and queues with people important to you. When you close certain stages in your life, there will be other opportunities that you have not yet noticed. Looking for new activities and contacts, it's a great time to meet new people, travel and study. If you dream of long and exotic journeys, it is a great time to organize such trips. So from the nice things you can meet: travels, the opportunity to do something extraordinary, unusual, which will allow you to come into existence. You may encounter nice situations and events.

When it comes to finance, you should count on unexpected expenses, remember to pay your debts so that you do not enter the new cycle with unpaid bills and debts. When it comes to career or work, you should take a calm look at it and assess how you want it to look like. It is worth to wait for one year before making a decision. In 9 years, take care of outstanding issues that you have been postponing until now.

If you dream of a lifetime love meeting, it will certainly not happen this year. If you are in a relationship without perspective, it is the right time to get out of such a relationship.

personal year 9, numerology, married, love, partnership, relationship, marriage, couple
9 Years may not be a success story, but you'll surely have the opportunity to see your own inner space and calm down and, above all, to put your life in order. Avoid violent reactions and emotions. If you are unhappy with your personal life, your career, you have to arm yourself with patience, because there will be changes with 1 year of personal life. It is important that you don't cling to the past, people and things. Take stock of previous years and free yourself from all the emotional and material burdens. This cleaning is necessary to enter a new cycle and start a new cycle with new energy. It is worth noting that although the year 9 is more difficult than the others, you can learn a lot at this time and gain quite a lot of experience.

How to behave in 9 personal years? First of all, patience and a hard spirit must be demonstrated. It is not worth looking too much at the past, but at the future. Because of the summing up of the past nine years, certain facts, events and people will come back to you again, they will reappear in your life, but for a specific purpose - to say goodbye symbolically to you. Don't give up too much sentimentalism or fall into hysteria, it's a natural part of things. Everything that is no longer useful to us in our lives, that has lost its importance and has played its own role in our world, will go away. You should enter the new stage with hope, but it is up to you whether or not it will really be happy. It should also be emphasized that year 9 does not have to be the same as above, sometimes only the general tendency is noted, everything depends on how the previous years proceeded and how the general dynamics of life looks like.

In the 9th year, it is worth rediscovering who we are, what we want, where we are going and what we no longer like in our lives. At this time, you may feel tempted to be alone to hear your inner voice away from people. Thanks to the sharpened intuition you will be able to take a new direction, but it is better to wait for 1 year of personal life with specific decisions. It is a good time to revalue. If you have lived in harmony with yourself, your destiny, this year you will experience a sense of freedom, unconditional love, the joy of travelling, as well as numerous foreign contacts. Because in the end it is the end of a certain stage. The next challenge will be a completely new one.

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