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Karmic Debt 14 in Numerology. What does it mean?

Karmic Debt 14, Numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, freedom, free, cage
The number 14 in the number 14 portrait means that a person will have to face the concept of freedom in his or her life and will have to abide by certain rules. Learning to function within certain limits will also become necessary.

Most often, the appearance of this number means that one person used to abuse freedom and thereby suffering others. Such a person was guided solely by his senses, ignoring the spiritual sphere, abusing alcohol, drugs and sex. He will now be forced to learn to live his life in such a way that he does not enter another's territory.

Karmic Debt 14, Numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, freedom, free, birds, sky, magic
The number 14 will force us to examine and determine our own and other people's limits of freedom. There will be situations where a person finds himself or herself in nothing unlimited freedom, and will be able to do whatever he or she wants without any internal or external constraints. It can also be quite the opposite - it will find itself in situations of suffocation, no exodus, no freedom. These situations have one goal - to teach it what freedom is, what its borders are and what it serves. It is necessary to define the limits for one's own conduct, and only in this way will it be possible to achieve a sense of internal freedom. Because, contrary to appearances, we are always free, and the state of freedom is an internal state, independent of external conditions and constraints. It is important to move the borders to our own interior, in which case we enjoy freedom, without affecting anyone's territory, that is, without harming anybody.

It becomes necessary to focus attention not on the senses, but on the over-sensory world, from experiences that are based on the senses - on spiritual and inner experiences. The opposite situation is also possible - the state of living in our inner world (feeling, experiencing, imagination, metaphysical experiences) and then the ability to transfer to the external world becomes necessary.

The task of people who have 14 in their portrait is to learn to control sensuality, the desire to fulfill all their desires. They should focus on internal development, the supersensory sphere. Freedom, independence and free will must be respected. People who have this number in the portrait do not tolerate routine and find it difficult to find their way through the daily rhythm of the day. They are often chaotic and impulsive. Such people should always take into account others' opinions, take their free will into account and not impose their own solutions.

Karmic Debt 14, Numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, freedom, free, girl, sunset, sunrise
In order to free oneself from the karmic 14th, it is necessary to understand that man is subject to certain rules, which are determined by society, law and culture. They must not be disregarded

Finally, it is worth noting that this number is difficult to draw conclusions, and even though the person is burned down, he or she will still experience unpleasant experiences - until he or she will understand his or her lesson.

If there is a subnumber

Soul number - heralds love encounters, which will end wrongly. Patience and aggressiveness will become the cause of accidents and illnesses.

Expression number - the dreamlike and chaotic nature will cause difficulties in realising themselves in the sphere of  of work and to develop one's own talents. This also foresees financial difficulties.

The numbers of Intimate Realisations, Life Path, Numbers of Incarnation, Day of Birth - may mean painful losses (individuals in the family, home, love, social status). You can't accept commitments, routine, rhythm of life around you. You will recall experiences that will force you to slow down your pace and think about the existence of a different dimension of reality.

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