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Karmic Debt 16 in Numerology. What does it mean?

Karmic Debt 16, Numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, girl, boy, water, lake, kissing, magic
The karmic number 16 refers to emotional matters, it means ME (1) towards responsibility and love (6). If it appears in the numeral portrait, it means that a person has left one day the partner, family, did not pay attention to someone's feeling, or did not engage emotionally in relationships. Therefore, this debt is going to bring difficulties in emotional and family life. This means that now she will have to work on the emotional sphere and learn how to build a relationship with others, get rid of selfishness, ambitions and jealousy.

The number 16 is made up of the number 1, symbolizing a human being, and the number 6, which is called love. When we add these two digits together, we get 7, that is, the number of spirituality. This means that man grows through love, and in the case of the number 16 through suffering, you will get rid of your own ego. Through someone's love for us, you can open yourself to it and speed up your development.

Karmic Debt 16, Numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, girl, boy, love, hearts, couple, magic
The number of 16 is not only related to partnership but also to other relationships, e. g. parent-child or brother-sister, when one side loves  and the other one jumps from flower to flower, without being emotionally involved or taking responsibility for the partner. Such behaviour is the result of a lack of access to one's own interior, spirituality (7) through the building of a permanent ego. The number 16 therefore means transformation.

A person with 16th in the numeral portrait should expect difficulties in the emotional, family, relationship and love sphere. He will often be forced to confront isolation, loneliness, disloyal friends. This is necessary in order to be able to develop, especially spiritually.

If you have a number 16 in your portrait, you should pay attention to creating relationships based on love, deep feelings, trying to keep your love even though it is difficult. The relationship of such a person will go through demanding sacrifices, will be exposed to turbulence and problems, but the decision to part with them should not be taken too quickly. You should deal with your own ego beforehand.

It is worth emphasizing that having this karmic number in the numeral portrait, especially at turning points, means that a person may experience difficulties and vision in a relationship, but does not necessarily mean parting. The relationship may be unhappy and difficult, the partner may be selfish, jealous and humiliating. This is not without reason - perhaps once we were selfish egoists with a woken ego, and instead of love we were guided by our own interests.

Karmic Debt 16, Numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, girl, boy, love, hearts, couple, magic
With karmic number 16, it is worth mentioning that our lives may appear to be unhappy friends. But there is nothing without reason, because if we once failed as friends of a person who treated us as someone closest to us, we now have to do our lesson in this sphere, too, which most often manifests itself by giving up our own intentions or disinterestedness.

If 16 is a subnumber

Soul number - You will find it difficult to choose your friends and partners. This will often be expressed in the form of false friends, failed emotional relationships and erroneous decisions connected with this sphere of life, which will force you to verify the ideas that do not match reality. It warns against heart fracture and inappropriate relationships. It is a science of choice based on profound reflection and consideration.

Expression number - may indicate material damage and rapid changes in social status. It heralds the possibility of losing a position or reputation.

The numbers of Intimate Realisations, Life Path, Numbers of Incarnation, Day of Birth - Pride, arrogance and uncontrolled emotions can cause isolation, an escape from the world. It announces extreme events when someone is at the top and falls suddenly to the bottom, e. g. when a happy relationship lasts, until suddenly parting comes, a blow. It is necessary to identify one's own emotional needs and learn lessons from their reactions to external events. Restoring confidence in yourself will allow you to regain the joy of life and full closeness to others. A person born on the 16th day of the month undertook to understand the essence of the relationship and love. In connection, it can go through separation, suffering and various dilemmas.

Karmic Debt 16, Numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, girl, boy, love, baloons, colorful, colours, magic
How to deal with this karmic lesson?

In order to learn how to do the lesson of number 16, it is necessary to learn how to create stable relationships, against all obstacles. Priorities must be set, such as family, love, care, friendship. You have to reject your own ambitions, goals and comfort, control over aggression or exaltation.

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