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Karmic Debt 19 in Numerology. What does it mean?

Karmic Debt 19, numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, people, karma of power
Karmic number 19 means man (1) to others (9), it is the karma of power. If someone possesses this number in his or her portrait, such a person used to abuse power, exploit or humiliate others, be selfish, take care of his or her own interests. She did not get involved in a social life, with a focus on improving her situation. He used to be an ruthless leader and a tyrant, a mastered lust for power (e. g. as a boss, parent, ruler). The appearance of the number 19 means that it is necessary to understand such terms as:"hierarchy","power","authority". The person subject to this number has a social ladder rooted in it, and also the fact that there is always someone above and below. For him, climbing on this ladder always means the need to overcome further obstacles.

The number 19 can be interpreted in two ways - on the one hand as a symbol of abuse of power and, on the other hand, as a bailiff who takes away from us something that we have not paid for and now reaches for his own.

Karmic Debt 19, numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, people, karma of power, butterflies
The karma of power is associated with the conviction that those above the hierarchy have power, the ability to decide and govern those below them. Therefore, power is desirable, it ensures impunity, and to this end it is an indicator of position.

If a person used to abuse power in relation to other people, he or she can now experience similar situations in order to understand the concept of hierarchy and power. For in order to perform one's function in a good way, one should know the needs of those who are standing below the social ladder from us, and power does not authorize despotic governments. There is no term "lower" and "higher", everyone is equal, though others.

A person who is 19 in a numbering portrait should learn to respect, work for and share others. It is necessary to open the heart and mind, to develop empathy and humility.

In the present life it can expect that it is going to be dependent on others, tyranized, humiliated, only to understand how it is going to be "lower", as someone who is being intimidated by a person who has the power over it. A person under the influence of 19 should also understand that power is connected with responsibility, not having a larger office and a bigger car. Events that affect her teach her to be sensitive and respectful of others and respect others, despite their differing views and values.

The key aspect of the number 19 is service to others and responsibility. After all, I (i. e. 1) is at the forefront of mankind (9), for whom I should devote myself. If a person from the 19th portrait comes to power, or is placed high in the hierarchy, he or she should not close herself to the voices of the poorest and those who stand at the bottom. 9 It means disinterestedness, devotion, love, and that is what such a person should be guided by.

Karmic Debt 19, numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, people, karma of power, brothers, home, house
It is often believed that the number 19 is one of the most difficult lessons to study, because it carefully executes its debts, every penny. In addition to being connected with the karma of power, it also symbolizes a bailiff who receives it if we do not use his energy properly. This means that in the past, in one of the previous incarnations, we received something for which we did not pay. This is reflected in the current situation when you are working and your employer does not pay wages or buy a car that breaks down and is not fit for use.

To work through karma, it is necessary to accept the situation, and this may not be easy, because 19 when summed up it gives 1, which means ego, or pride. However, if the lesson is completed quickly, it will be possible to get rid of the responsibilities and even achieve financial success.

If 13 is a subnumber

Soul number - heralds situations in which you will be dependent on others and encounter difficulties in fulfilling your own desires, because you will be disregarded and ignored. You will have to persistently strive for acceptance of the environment and fulfil your desires.

Expression number - your organizational and leadership talents will not be appreciated, despite the many advantages and leadership skills, and your courage will be tested. If you do not accept this debt, the decline of life can be painful and difficult.

The numbers of Intimate Realisations, Life Path, Numbers of Incarnation, Day of Birth -  Life will bring you many difficult situations and violent changes to try your inner autonomy and independence of thinking. You may also suffer material damage, as well as the need to build again and again. In order to pay the debt, one has to take the initiative, show independence and, above all, notice the other person, open up to his needs. Even if you are not appreciated as you wish, you will spread the light of understanding life. The 19th, which appears on the Life Path, is one of the most difficult ones, because it is here that you have the greatest sense of responsibility, a loss of money or time, work for someone and pay your debts. A person who is born on the 19th day of the month should remain independent, not count on anyone's help, and he or she has quite a lot of possibilities. She should also work closely with the aforementioned karma of power.

Karmic Debt 19, numerology, karma, how to deal with karma, people, karma of power, night, stars, man, energy, magic, cosmic

How to deal with this lesson?

Those with 19 in the numerological portrait are endowed with leadership, independence and great ambitions, but they should remember not to abuse their power, their positions and their position and not to terrorize others. They will pay their debt when they understand that real power is a responsibility, and the leader is a tutor and teacher who cares for the well-being of the lower ones. He or she takes care of and represents the weakest and poorest, understands their needs and helps them.

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