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Numerological portrait is quite simple to make, especially when we gain more practice. Problems may start at the time of the interpretation of the figures. Because what actually means that we are in the productive cycle of vibration 2, and this affects us white peak of 9? For a person nieobeznanej it can be a real challenge iterpretacyjne. Below are the basic issues of numerology (without going into it like. Peaks and calculate how long they affect us - about that another time).

Life Path

None of us can change your date of birth. She is the most important, because it contains the main program of our experience. You could even say that it is a kind of map or plan by which we can determine what awaits us during our earthly journey. Worth exploring this plan to avoid wandering and know where we are going. We are able to identify the lessons to rewrite and rewards that await us. From the date of birth summation we obtain the Way of Life, which is - quite simply - corresponds to the sign of the Zodiac.

There are several ways to calculate the numbers Way of Life. It should use each to get the greatest amount of podliczb, because they are of great importance for the interpretation. Read more about the Way of Life.

It is worth noting that in the first half of life generally reveal our weaknesses and challenges that we must overcome in order to realize a positive way a particular vibration. Each of us will find in the positive and negative traits Numbers Way of Life. There is no better or worse numbers, characteristics, each has a different character.

The numerology there are 9 primary vibration, from 1 to 9, which are called. main numbers. In each analysis, we use primarily the main numbers, which are the basis of knowledge numerological, and podliczbami that emphasize the uniqueness. Ex. 28, which simplifies to 1, or 38, which is reduced to 11, but not two, as the 11 is called. number of masterful.

In addition to simple numbers and secondary (podliczb), there are number of special, also called perfect, called Numbers-Masters: 11, 22, 33, 44 55, 66, 77. Numbers are not to be simplify (ie. Do not add up numbers to receive a number of simple), but it always takes into account the high, vibration as possible to meet. The presence of such a number for a given person indicates that it is called. old soul, who plays again to join their knowledge to the development of humanity.

Please note that the number of Way of Life contains a program to which we aspire.

Cycles of Life

Our life is divided into three main cycles, when it is under the influence of certain numbers. Knowing their duration and vibration can be well prepared for a given stage to fully realize their potential. Number of Way of Life is the main theme of art Fri. life, while three basic cycles are the three acts of the play, the threads enriching theme. They represent about the atmosphere and determine the direction in which we evolve. Each cycle suggests lessons to learn and tells you how to use them in a positive way.

The first cycle is the period of childhood and adolescence, lasts from birth to about 28 years of age. Tick is responsible for forming the character of our childhood, is the foundation that shapes our character. It is at this stage fears arise and the factors inhibiting the development of personality. This cycle is a great source of information for parents on how to proceed with the child and his knowledge will help to solve many problems.

This is the period of maturity of a 28 year old to 56-58 years. The second cycle called productive informs primarily about the professional abilities and our place in society.

It is a time of rest, from 57 - 60 years of age and continues until death. Provides information about how it will look and how to spend the last stage in our lives.

The method for calculating life cycle
l cycle (forming) corresponds to the number of the month of birth (digit between 1 and 9 October - 10/1 -11/2 November, December - 12/3)
Second cycle (PRODUCTIVE) corresponds to the number of birth reduced to a singular 1 - 9, in addition to the number-masters (11, 22)
Third cycle (harvesting) the sum of the digits of the year of birth reduced to a singular from 1 to 9, in addition to the number-masters (11.22)

Duration of Cycles
The length of each cycle is 28 years and four months. It should be emphasized that the transition from one cycle to another does not take place overnight, but it takes a little longer, because it is necessary to slowdown the previous influence and replace them the next. This period can last from several days to several years, depending on the specific date of birth. Therefore, when drawing a portrait numerologicznego must be considered a transitional period, which is like a buffer separating the individual cycles.

Redeemable Points (White Peaks)

The most important element in the portrait numerological a Way of Life, the next - Cycles. While the Four Points Redeemable in human life are like the four seasons, are external circumstances that add color to the Way of Life and cycles. In particular Points feedbacks can be included information about the lessons to rewrite, as well as the changes that will occur in us.

And Turning Point The figure is also the Incarnation, through which deciphers the meaning and purpose of our present incarnation. Changing the influence of one point Recourse to the next is always on my birthday and its effect is most noticeable in the Year of the Personal No. 1.

Challenges of Life (Black Peaks)

In this portrait numerological are also important challenges that illustrate the obstacles to overcome that force us to find ways by which we can find a way out of problems. These problems stem from our misunderstanding of the lesson, or "ignorance". It is therefore necessary to try to meet current requirements, because the challenges we can not escape.

There are three main challenges in the Way of Life:

MAIN CHALLENGE, which applies to the whole of life, the effect is strongest Main Challenges

CHALLENGES CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. One of them includes the first half of his life (up to approx. 40 years), and the other comes in its place something in his forties.

Birth day

Another important element is the Day of Birth, which is both productive Cycle. Each day has its own vibration, expressed by a number. This is one of the most important figures in the portrait numerological. It affects how we are perceived, as well as our personality exudes.

Personal year

With the knowledge of the Personal Year, we are able to analyze every stage of our lives in the past or the past. On the basis of how we reacted in the past to the Personal Year, we are able to predict what we will see how we will react to data situations.

Personal year goes on, not going into details - symbolically - from 1 October to 30 September of the following year. It is calculated by summing up the month of birth, date of birth and current year (only until 30 September, from October 1, followed by New Year).

It is worth remembering that the number of R.O. must be interpreted in the context of the Cycles of Life and its points Returnable.

Personal Month and Day Personal

Determination of the Month and Day Personal is important when planning important events in our lives, such as. Wedding, signing a contract, etc.

Name and Surname

Name determines our potential, so that we can implement the program contained in the date of birth. When the vibrations are mismatched registered contrary, it will hinder us to the realization of this plan. From the name we have: The number of the Soul (deepest needs and desires), external aspect (how others perceive us) and the number of Expression (method of execution, life goals, capabilities).

Name and surname analysis should be interpreted in the context of Numbers Way of Life Cycles, Returnable Points, Challenges, Karmic Debt, Karmic Lesson etc. The interpretation is necessary to know all the names (first, second, with confirmation) and names (Pedigree, after her husband - even if you already do not use). Of course you can dig deeper and investigate how such card numerological before. Change of name.

Number of Soul (Soul aspirations, Vibration Internal Life)

Soul number calculated by adding vowels (ie. Their digital counterparts), appearing in the Names of the person. It is this figure reveals our inner nature emotional talking about talents and our subconscious. It is worth noting that, in general Total Soul has a much greater influence on the psyche of a person than the external aspect, which is a kind of mask, in which the world sees us.

The external aspect

This number tells about how others perceive us, what impression have on the environment through their behavior, lifestyle, attitude. This means our potential realization. Sometimes the outer aspect can be perfectly aligned with the other numbers, and sometimes may not meet its functions, causing such. Infighting. If the external aspect is stronger, more aggressive than the Soul numbers, this means that a person's inner life is subordinated to the outside world, or that we are dealing with a person very secretive, hiding his true "I".

In contrast, a combination of vibration completely contradictory brings with it many dangers. Their degree determined by the other figures included in the Portrait Numerologicznego. There is no doubt, however, that such a person will be full of anxiety and tossed internal contradictory tendencies and aspirations, and their behavior is often referred to as incalculable.

The external aspect of the results from all the consonants occurring in Names.

Expression number (number of Expressive Custom)

Expression number is our purpose, that is the ability to express themselves, it results from the alignment of soul and body, and a smooth flow of thought to its implementation. These are the skills and capabilities. Expression number results from the summation of all the consonants and vowels.

Karmic lessons

Karmic lessons is the lack of specific numbers in our name and surname. These shortcomings mean that you will need to work on selected areas of life - hence the name - lessons. These blanks mean that in a given area will have to make more effort than others. Karmic lessons make in our lives, there will be situations that will require us to a certain attitude. If you can not meet, and we will continue to do "in their own way", this lesson will be repeated until it odrobimy. If, for example. 8 we lack, this means that we need to understand the value of money and the life we grapple with the problem of lack of them.

* Should the shortfall in the number of names and name coincides with the numeral Way of Life, the number of cycles or one of the points Returnable - highlights the difficulty and enhances them.
* If the number is the same as the numeral Soul, Implementation Intimate or Expression, it causes impotence purposeful use of the full potential of a given number until the lesson has not been learned (when we say that a person vibrates negatively, ie. Have taken a negative, defensive, invoking situations hindering the learning).


Some of the numbers are in the name and the name are found in abundance. It is these figures indicate the intensity and character. Describe the character traits that are very strong, and on which we should work to alleviate them.

Karmic Debt

Even if we are not aware of it, each of our thought, word and action causes a specific effect. Karmic number, which can be found in our date of birth or name and surname testify about karma, which is about the right cause and effect. Often, such a number is interpreted as a punishment, and it is only a consequence or result of our past actions. At the end of our life is the result of the experience of the previous incarnations.

Karmic debts are expressed in numbers: 13, 14, 16,19 and 26.

If any of the above is podliczbΔ… Karmic Numbers:
□ The number of Soul - this indicates a love life problems.
□ The number of Expression - disturb the material or professional sphere of life.
□ Implementation Intimate Numbers - will interfere with self-realization.
□ On Birth, Way of Life, or numbers of the Incarnation (I point
return) - complicate life until the lesson is understood.


Correct positioning signature helps in achieving success, and the signature of an unfavorable result in an accumulation of vibration problems.

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