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An old soul - what does it mean? Features, definition and meaning. Age of soul and numerology (11, 22, 33, 44)

Is there a way in which we are able to find out whether we are old an soul? Does old soul have some kind of specific characteristics? How to recognize an old soul? Some people believe that all of us are old soul, but, some longer, others shorter.

There's no denying that there are differences between people - pretty big differences. We can say that this proves that we didn't arise at the same time. We develop in another way and we are at different stages of spiritual life.

Question: how to identify at what point are we? We are the young, mature or old soul?

The soul of each of us is in a different age, though sometimes we are not aware of it. Each of us perceives other issues as interesting (for one will be a sport, for another an art). We are also different in​​leavel of consciousness, personal attitude, the way we communicate, and how we relate to specific topics. Thus, one thing is certain - we differ from each other.

We all need to repeatedly incarnate, first as plants and animals before we can be born as human beings. Later, as humans, we still need to come back to Earth before we know what we're here to do and what we have to learn.

At the outset, it is worth to mention that on the age of the soul have no impact such factors as:
- The age of a particular person,
- Emotional maturity,
- Social position, profession,
- Achievements, even spiritual (because the bishop does not have to be old soul).

The conclusion is one: sometimes we have to deal with the old man with a young soul, as well as the five year old boy with an old soul. It is possible to encounter a person with a doctoral degree with a young soul and a factory worker with a very old soul. There is no rules, and these factors above do not indicate the age of the soul.

It turns out that an old soul can have spiritual desires (or feel the desire to improve himself), as well as shows interest in the ordinary affairs (as a desire to earn, dreams of an international career, etc.). On the other hand, we meet an old soul who is not interested in spiritual matters, but also hasn't ambition to develop in the professional sphere. Below you will find descriptions age of soul at different stages.

1. Infant Soul

It is estimated that there are about 1% of newborn soul level. Typically, such souls life is hard and demanding, and also does not last too long, because it is usually a struggle for survival. Individuals with soul newborn maintain close contact with nature, which means that they do not feel disconnected from it, quite the contrary. They feel connected not only with nature, but also with the family, tribe, community, or in general - with the surrounding world.

Individuals with a newborn soul have a well-developed instinct, but may have problems with ethics or morality. Usually it is so that they must be informed about what is allowed, what is right and what is not. Activities such as eating treat rather as a necessity, which allow them to survive, so do not want to develop for example. Culinary abilities.

Sometimes they can be responsible, but only in very demanding situations and a small range. Modern society in which we live may be too complex for people with soul newborn, because usually it lives in an environment like the most natural. Often they live on the margins of their community, without taking permanent employment, because this carries coercion. Souls at the level of the newborn rarely reach a high position in society.

2. The Baby soul

After step newborn heart proceeds to step child. At this level, waiting for her new experiences that will certainly not lead to longer survival and fear, but will be more sophisticated. At this stage the soul is still, despite some uncertainty, need a guide, someone who will indicate its direction. Usually she is looking for leaders in the sphere of religion, politics, their own community, which could be regarded as an authority and follow their voice. People at child level appreciate his country very, individual politicians are tied to the traditions and rituals that give a sense of security. It is important for them to law and order, respect for the rules that prevail in society. Typically, these are good citizens and act in accordance with the law. Their family life is often filled with love and concern for loved ones. Maintain a relationship even further relatives, they want to be part of the community. Children frequently souls looking for small communities.

Frequently souls at this level everything that you do not understand, believe to be evil, and themselves believe to be the good guys, so if something goes wrong after they mean it, never admit to a mistake. Persons who are similar to them also consider good, and people with different views - a bad thing. Usually such people see the world in black and white.

Souls that are at child level will not tolerate profanity, or aggression or violence. They are trying to observe the rules of courtesy and etiquette, so as to be able to maintain correct relations with the environment, and in order to keep their distance, also in the sphere of emotions and familiarity. Individuals with the young child are usually straightforward, often naive. They have a great contact with children, so perfect for them work is the work of a teacher or kindergarten.

3. Young Soul

People with a soul at this level are usually winners geared to success. It is independence and success are key drivers for them to drive action. Young souls are fighting for the highest position in society, wealth and power. Competition is a major part of their life. For this competition consists of a comparison not only in the sphere of employment. Who better earns, who is richer, who has the fastest car, who is prettier, who has a beautiful house and so on.

Most often they consider themselves to be better, mainly because of their achievements. However, we still have the ambition to be better and better, richer, influential. They prefer to act independently, possibly involved in its projects persons having the same or similar social or economic status. They like to surround themselves with people with the same views, the same level material, hobby, which form closed circles, which let in only those similar to them. People with a young soul like to attach themselves to various groups, organizations and associations to add his prestige.

Young soul draws attention to what is fashionable. With earthly life draws handfuls. She dresses in fashionable clothes that are too expensive. Typically attaches great importance to the beautiful interior of your home, it is to be not only neat but luxurious. He likes to make an impression on others, because in addition to beautiful clothes, draws attention to the fact that always look young and be in great shape.

Young souls for success at any price, sometimes even create the appearance of success and prosperity, because so much depends on them for this so that others may admire them. People of the soul at the young have emotional problems, especially with expressing their feelings, they often are not the best parents, because it does not strengthen the bond with their children.

For people with young soul success is so important that they often have no regard for other people, they tend "to order the corpses". No matter what measures are used, it is important that they are effective. They shape our civilization, are leaders, people who are successful. They are very critical of each other, as well as their prey, because this discontent causes are still working on themselves and improve their lives. Ideally fit into the "rat race", these people often make a career in corporations, which are trying to gain as the highest and best paid positions. Their greed makes still want to have a better and faster car, or live in a more prestigious district. They do not share the views and have a little respect for the people for whom material things do not matter, and have a more noble ideals or ambitions.

Young souls rarely guided by the ethics of his conduct, because for them the most important goal - to succeed. They are productive and focused on making a fast career, and also make a lot of money. They want to be admired, gain fame, power, win the rat race, so they can feel important. The biggest downside is the soul of a young life that are constantly under stress and fear that they will lose what they have gained.

Individuals with a young soul should know that their actions and greed make myself very bad karma, which will someday have to align. It is often self-centered, which means that it is not popular.

For a young soul, it is important to have all the diplomas and certificates that affect the level of prestige. He directs all her energy for professional and personal success. One of the reasons for which young souls are capable of directing such a large amount of energy for the same success is that inner life does not attract their attention. This allows energy to flow easily in search of external things. EXTERNAL THINGS TO: materialism, fame, a desire to learn from life on earth, they go forward without looking back the feelings of others, are interested only action directed at success, focus on bodily sensations. THINGS INTERNAL, which do not deal with the young souls usually relate to trends available at a higher spiritual level: the emotional life, ethics, compassion, empathy, psychology, spirituality, philosophy, introspection their behavior and events,

Young souls are not tolerant. Often they like to scoff at others, their otherness or a specific way of being. They live and accept only those cultural norms in which they grew up - only they consider to be "normal". All social institutions (eg. Marriage, family, religion, politics) are relevant to them only in the form of external, we can say that more "for show".

Individuals with a young soul have already passed stage of infancy and childhood soul. It is estimated that approx. 45% of the population living in the world has a young soul.

Typical young soul motto is "skin deep", "What you see is what you get" and "carpe diem".

4. Mature Soul

When a young soul reaches's all what you swung, then after some time in her life she begins to creep fear and anxiety. He realizes that wealth and success as she chased after which does not ensure her happiness, and the only thing that gives a sense of emptiness. Those with a mature soul begin to seek, ask themselves questions about who they are, where they are going, why you are here.

This is the stage of change, the time in which belief may change. Those with a mature soul focus with high intensity on emotions. It was during this period that the majority of the number of experiments with drugs, there is a lot of suicides, love, or lack thereof, as well as intense sensuality. And all this in order to increase your feelings.

People with mature soul like to surround themselves with people similar to themselves, mainly due to the fact that they feel that they are on the same road. Young souls usually stimulate them to act, to conquer the outside world, while the souls of old, provide them with valuable information, so respect them because of the knowledge and experience.

Mature soul willingly turns on social actions, is an idealist, it is characterized by great empathy, idealism, intense feelings, as well as great compassion.

Mature souls willing to learn and take up studies, but most often choose little-known school. Sometimes they give up well-paid jobs, the rat race and climbing the social ladder. His life subordinate their own beliefs, decide on development, life, which entails the risk, creativity, randomness, and sometimes salvation of the world.

Souls at the stage of mature frequently engage in volunteer work, as well as protection of animal rights, understanding that we are a community that is somehow linked. Again, he becomes empathetic, and also sees and understands the point of view of another person.

5. Old Soul

The soul of the child may be much older than the souls of his parents. Old souls feel that everything is connected, that they are part of one. Very often they are able to see the broader context, as well as issues that are not visible at first glance. They try to live so that no one is hurt, do not judge others. They have an inner need to strive for perfection. In contrast to the mature souls, old souls are not guided by emotion in your life, they are more objective towards various, better and worse situations in life.

Old souls have passed through many lifetimes, at various times, countries, so it is difficult for them to find themselves in divisions such as: we - them. There is no meaning for them skin color or sexual orientation, are tolerant. Such people are usually filled with peace, friendship. Typically, old souls can fully achieve its highest level after 35 years of age. Previously, they can be variable in their views, depending on the situation. It is worth noting that they have repeatedly their own views and desires, why can often be seen by the people surrounding them very eccentric.

Old souls, having their unusual aspirations, seldom decide on doing something that does not suit them. Most of their energy is focused on the inner life, spiritual development, because it happens that neglecting work or other responsibilities. Old souls have a lot of talent and skills that have been accumulated through many incarnations, and which rarely use.

Individuals with an old soul usually prefer to take on a job that will be compatible with their interests, they will be developed. Most often such work is connected with teaching, counseling, psychology, philosophy or art.

Old souls do not pay attention to tangible assets such as luxury mansion, expensive clothes, expensive jewelery. Usually they avoid a work that lasts from 8 to 16. Since they do not pay any attention to financial matters may sometimes run into trouble and may have difficulty in meeting their bills. But when they decide to field some it can achieve considerable success. The multiplicity of previous incarnations meant that they have vast experience, and when they begin to be used, occasions that the objective pursued by them can be achieved without much effort. They often feel that lie trapped between two worlds - internal and external.

Old souls interested in psychology, philosophy, religion, as well as any teachings. For the old soul is important mostly personal spiritual practice. They are characterized by selfless love for all creatures, and also to avoid judging others. Old souls are often misunderstood by the souls of the young, and sometimes also by those mature.

Sometimes, in contrast to the mature souls who are very emotional, people with old souls can be rough and characterized by emotional coldness. That's because they seek to understand its existence and spiritual purpose, and not focus on their emotions. Sometimes they try to make up for their shortcomings in this sphere, but it can be concluded that the lack of emotional warmth is for them an advantage.

Old souls have had many lives, including those in which they were rich and therefore are not currently interested in acquiring this type of experience. They may crave wealth, if it is necessary for the attainment of the objective, rewrite lesson. It may happen that the old soul will be on the financial bottom, but such experience will be necessary for her to learn, achieve a higher degree of philosophical and spiritual knowledge. In some cases, it may even be that good financial conditions dissipate old soul in this science, because its earnings could be reduced.

If the essence of an old soul is nourished philosophical and spiritual teachings, that it will not interfere with making money, making a career, or love. However, if an old soul too will focus on the mundane and temporal matters is the essence will not interfere and disturb.

Often, old souls feel lost, mainly due to the fact that they live in the world, which are placed on a pedestal substantive issues. Appreciated are young souls, their entrepreneurship, pugnacity and willingness to gain success. This causes the old souls feel the gap between its own spiritual aspirations, and the purpose of the world, which is wealth and power. Thus, one of the most difficult lessons will be for her to reconcile these two conflicting interests, and respect for each other. Old soul must love yourself and forgive yourself your mistakes.

Another important issue is the acceptance, satisfaction of being in your body, appreciating what one has to life was an interesting experience. It should however be borne in mind that life should not pull too much, because it will not be the last incarnation. You should get rid of attachment to things.

To compensate selection of previous incarnations, an old soul very often at the last incarnations decides to sex, which is the least liked. However, having had many incarnations, sometimes confused genders, and so we have to deal with niekobiecymi niemęskimi women or men. Women with more male traits are beginning to choose male professions often they do not like to cook or care of the house. In contrast, men with feminine traits love children, love to sew, arrange housing, attach great importance to their appearance and body care.

Old soul, being a child behaves like a typical child, however, can be seen in her other values. It is quieter and smarter, what environment will definitely see it.

Old souls rarely become famous, if anything just to teach or express themselves through example. Art, music. It may happen that they will be criticized for his views by young and mature souls who do not understand the experience and knowledge of an old soul. It is believed that any old soul can not stop the incessant incarnations until they pass their knowledge and experience of even one person.

Typically, old souls incarnate in neutral countries or at least where no blood is poured.

Every age has its own law and not otherwise in the case of the age of the soul. A person with an old soul will not seek to acquire fame or build a career. A person with a young soul will not alleviate the conflict, if there is some interest in this. It is worth noting that the old souls grow spiritually along with the body, old soul reaches its features until after about 1/3 of your life. They go through a kind of stagnation or even laziness. Old soul does not work with the level of consciousness of the soul of old before the end of the thirtieth year of life, although it does not apply to all aspects. In case of emergency, when faced some difficulties to focus and work with the level of consciousness of the soul of the old.

For example. When the old soul is a child, it manifests behavior appropriate for the child's soul. This is what touches the soul of a mature, left behind after the injury, while for the old soul, it will be just an event that you need to convert. The old soul in a young age (eg. Teen) will be processing issues related to emotion, while the mature soul will deal with these matters in its mature, adult life.

A characteristic feature of an old soul is that it has a child's soul discipline, ambition young soul and emotions of the soul mature, so if necessary it can benefit from your experience.

Old souls and the souls of the young

Often, old souls talk about things that young souls are not able to understand. Their statements relate to serious issues, because for a young soul to undertake such subjects is unbearable. Through this old soul can be rejected, misunderstood and shut himself in his world.

Old souls are able to rise above the limitations of his ego. It is almost impossible for anyone to be able to rule over his ego by 100% of the time, but being aware of the existence of the ego and its tricks against unity consciousness is a characteristic of the old soul. At the end of the ego in the spiritual world does not exist.

In addition, young souls like testing older, often injuring them. Rarely young and old soul combines friendship, there are too many differences between them, as the young soul guided by their egos, their own pleasures. Not being able to understand the motives that guide the old souls. They can often faulted for susceptibility to fraud, lies, betrayal or manipulation, or have a desire to assign them traits which they are well known.

Old souls, in contrast to the young, they are very tolerant. There is a problem sexual orientation, different religion or skin color. However, this prevents them intolerance in young souls. The old souls in young people see a lot of negative traits, such as targeting only its own interests, the desire dorobienie, even at the expense of others, or to aim the corpses to an end.

Often, old soul tries to explain some of the issues young soul, somewhat lighten its path of development, but without imposing with their knowledge and experience. Sometimes young soul rejects the teachings, because it is associated with too much suffering and difficulties.

It is worth remembering that the souls of different levels have different points of view, different motivations, because their behavior is so different and what else they are going. Therefore, if you are an old soul and realize there are differences, this will avoid unnecessary conflicts with younger souls. First of all, you should realize these differences and accept them.

Old soul has a strong influence on the people in its vicinity, attracts them. Those who meet an old soul have extreme feelings towards her adoration or hatred. It may be a pleasant attraction, or vice versa - an enormous reluctance at first sight and often for no reason. All thanks to strong vibrations, which is endowed with an old soul. He experiences such situations regularly, once in a while.

Energy vampires attack on an old soul

Individuals with an old soul often become victims of vampires energy. And who are these energy vampires? It's people who feel high vibration and high energy of old souls. Typically, such vampires are people with young soul who do not have such an amount of energy, and want to use it to make you feel better or get psychological comfort. And how such an attack? The younger soul uses the good heart of an old soul and its willingness to help, to help her solve their own problems. By doing so young soul takes the energy of an old soul, leaving her exhausted.

Lessons for the old soul

Old soul should especially take care of their dignity and respect for herself. It should not forget about herself, because she, too, is important. Old soul is lost when excessively focused on helping others, giving, too much empathy and the life problems of others. Often others can use it in this way, it can lower self-esteem, which is why respect for each other is so important. Most of the people I meet it on its path are the souls of the young, they wanted to use it for their own purposes.

Old soul should learn to set limits, to avoid situations in which would be used. Of course, it should help others, serve his knowledge and experience, but should be careful that others do not have abused the kindness, not manipulated her, nor does it make its approval on whether they help or not.

The differences between mature and old soul

The hardest part is to distinguish the soul of old and mature, they are often confused. So what they differ?

Mature soul - is interested in social issues, is hungry for knowledge, is trying to fight for peace, the rights of people and animals, protect the environment, it indulges in matters of state, but not in order to earn money, is an idealist, often in a voluntary capacity
The soul of old - has a lot of experience, and thus solves great problems, very quick to learn, is receptive of new knowledge, it is often eccentric, itself the helm, sailor, ship, seeking answers not among those who enjoy Sincerely or authority, and its interior

Mature soul - is full of feelings, compassionate, sometimes too much in life is guided by emotions that are not a good adviser; sometimes extreme
The soul of the old - it is often cold and rough, but everything inside is experiencing a very deep, did not like it subject to emotions, we appreciate the cooperation and likes to help in their spiritual development

The Purpose of Life
Mature soul - aims to understand themselves and other people, mostly focused on the relations with other people, on their own emotions, he wants to be helpful
Soul tries - for the old soul will be the most important spiritual development, he wants to pass their acquired knowledge and be for others a source of inspiration

Relationships with other people
Mature soul - is very emotional, so in relations with other non lack of emotion, and sometimes are possible scenes full of tears and drama; He needs friends, and when they are not, asks the psychologist to understand themselves and their feelings; It is best understood with the souls of its stage of development, but most can learn from old soul
The soul of the old - is aware of the fact that everyone is connected, it is often frigid, keeps emotions under control, he does not show them, very respectful of others and their different views

Mature soul - is interested in film, music, the broader art, philosophy, social issues, he wants to learn new things, he wants to be a leader
The soul of old - pleases her simple life, it does not need sophisticated food, beautiful costumes, strives to real relationships, looking for lessons, so that will be able to develop

Characteristics of an old soul

Old soul is either loved or hated her, despite the fact that against all behave the same way. Always evokes extreme feelings. Old soul feels that some situations must happen to learn something. They can not be avoided.

Old soul is often misunderstood, many people envy her, he feels isolated. Wants and likes to give to others what you have, we are happy to share knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, most often it has unpleasant experiences of love, but can always count on friends. He has a feeling that is different, has interesting hobbies, is creative. It is characterized by extraordinary intuition, and sometimes even can predict certain events.

Old soul has no material desires, he knows that in fact the money, material goods distract us from spiritual development and not an end in life. Old souls use the money only as a means to serve them develop or to help other people in need.

Individuals with an old soul knows that chose not only the moment of birth, parents, lessons, but also the body which is the vehicle through which we can achieve its objectives. Sometimes they feel connected in some way with one of the previous eras, and that's because it once lived, and the subconscious remind you of this.

Souls at this stage are more aware than others and fully understand what they are here and what they need to do to develop duchowo.Wiedzą laws of the universe and that we are all connected. This is what characterizes them is a sense of loneliness, and that's because they isolate themselves from the younger souls. Old souls looking for companionship above all other old souls. Thanks to them they feel understood, they have a similar approach to the world, and additionally each other much they can learn from each other.

Old souls feel a huge desire ... Truth. Strive for knowledge and had time to figure out what the politics, religion, education system, and also that what is spiritual development. They want everyone to have a chance to wake up.

If you are interested in that, if you're an old soul. Younger souls practically no interest in these topics, so if dotrwałeś to this point, there is a good chance that you're an old soul :-)

Age of soul and numerology

In numerology it is believed that the old souls are those whose Way of Life is 11, 22, 33 or 44.
It is sufficient to calculate the Way of Life by adding together the individual digits from date of birth. 03/07/1985 If you were born this year, adding 3 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 33

If your numerological portrait, besides Way of Life also are master numbers this may mean that you have had many incarnations.

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