Friday, July 10, 2015

Lucky and unlucky numbers. Which number brings us happiness? All about happy numbers

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Many people are looking for answers to the question which number brings good luck, and that is unfortunate and better avoided. Some believe that number, to watch out for is 13, and happiness will bring the number 7. Of course this is wrong village. Each number is different, unique and carries with it a different kind of energy. However, among numerologists are convinced that there is one number, which is considered the lucky.

If only you could choose a number of Way of Life is probably I would choose the number 3. Unfortunately, in my portrait, this number is nowhere to be found. And pity ... And why?

As I mentioned earlier - no better or worse numbers, but just as one of the most well-known, especially in Poland numerologists - Gladys Lobos, I think it is the lucky number three. She gave an interview on Radio Zet, which acknowledged that it was number 3 brings more happiness than other numbers. Three of a kind means, charm, charm, happiness, openness, communication, art, beauty, optimism and hope. It is significant that often people who have number 3 in the Way of Life does not feel that they are lucky. This is probably due to the fact that the child is accustomed to the fact that everything comes easy for them, then for them norm that people help them, and they believe that is as it should be, that it's not luck.

In contrast, the other side can put birth-4, przypatrzeć to analyze her life and numerological portrait. Numerological 4 to achieve something in life must be very work hard and to advance must break through the so-called. glass ceiling. On the other hand numerological 3 always perceive door ajar somewhere. Well, three have a much easier in life, even if you are not aware of it. I do not even know that they have a real treasure.

Another feature of the three is the "something" - charm and charm, which makes attract other people. Communication mastered the art to perfection, easily find a common language even with strangers and do not need to specifically seek to have polubione.

Numerological three often endowed with some talent, usually artistic - they can either pleasantly paint, sing, play, or write. Trinity happen to attractive proposals for cooperation and the impression is that it does not have a lot of toil to gain something. Trinity favor and people, and the circumstances in which it is located, sees the opportunities and always uses them 100%.

Four knows he will never get anything for free, it must at all earn the same - spend a solid and conscientious work, because only then will succeed. It is uphill and has a very work hard. In her case, there are no shortcuts, but on the other hand, it has the features that allow it to perform such hard work. In the end, no other number is not so persistent and robust as 4.

Well, no need to despair if you do not have three in their numerological portrait, though of course a pity. It should, however, appreciate the number we already have and bring with them (actually from ourselves) what is best.

Finally, one ...
... There is no such talent leadership as the number one,
... There is no diplomatic skills such as two,
... It is not as solid as four,
... It is not as energetic as five,
... Can not create a warmth of hearth and home as six,
... Can not delve into the spiritual life as seven,
... Not so great boss and a businessman as eight,
... There is so open and generous as nine.

Maybe even if you do not have a portrait of three is worth learn to be like them - a positive attitude towards the world and people, communicative, always smiling, friendly. Let us rejoice in every little thing and see this opportunity, only to skillfully use them :)

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