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Does the date of birth determine our life? Numerology tells you the truth

Can the date of birth be used to predict the future of a human being? In the case of numerology, it is not possible to read specific events, but you can learn about the influence of what numbers we are or will be, and what we can expect at that time. But from the beginning.

I think each of us knows the words Pythagoras: Everything is a number. By the way, it is worth noting that Pythagoras was not only an outstanding mathematician, but also a philosopher and mystic. Therefore, since everything is a number, the number is also MY. We are subjected to its vibrations, although we do not even realise that.

Pythagoras' pupils believed that the number was an entity, a real force that influenced the shape of matter, while the date of birth was a seal. It is no accident when we come into the world. Neither is our name or surname by chance. While hundreds of thousands of children are born in one day, each of them is called differently. Everything we see can be represented by a number, because the universe was created from invisible, vibrating energies that are assigned to specific numbers.

The book of nature was written down with mathematical symbols. More precisely: Nature speaks in the language of mathematics
GALILEUSZ (1564-1642)

Not only Pythagoras was aware of this. The study of numbers has appeared not only in Pythagoras, but also in Summer, Hindus, Egyptians, and also in Kabale (gematria). Nowadays, the best known Polish numeralist was Natasha Czarmi?ska, sometimes called the Emperor of numerals, who described the basics of numeration in her book The Numbers of Fate. This book contains fundamental issues of knowledge about numbers, so anyone who wants to start their adventure with reading numbers should look for it.

Natasha Czarmi?ska was best known for her artistic activity, she was involved in singing poetry, performing in theatre, she was a poet and also a director. In addition to the book mentioned above, she has also conducted broadcasts on Radio Zet and wrote columns for your Style.

Numerology - what is it all about?

The basis of numerology is the Way of Life, which we achieve after summing up the date of birth. If we were born on 16.06.1980 it is 1+6+6+6+1+9+8= 31=4 The way of life is 4.

Basic vibrations from 1 to 9 and the so-called master numbers 11,22,33,44 are distinguished, which are not reduced. And what about the different ways of life?

The only ones are hit persons, full of pioneers' ideas, two are diplomats and mediators. The three are people with the artist's soul, optimists (one of the luckiest figures reportedly). Four are mostly conservative, likeable, solid and pragmatic, Fridays are people full of energy, hungry life and new experiences. The six value harmony, family and love. The seven seek knowledge, peace and quiet, like to isolate themselves, the eight is good at coping with money, and works as a manager. The nine serve others, are empathetic, have an open mind and are focused on others.

It is worth mentioning that it is only the main vibration, and the entire portrait consists of other numbers. A person born on day 5, and from the Way of Life 4, may no longer have the characteristics associated with a typical four. Therefore, numrology is about skillful estimation of the influence of individual numbers. In numeralrology, besides the Way of Life, sublimation, cycles, peaks, personal years and months, etc., are included.

1. Mathematics is the language of nature.
2. Everything around us can be described and understood with numbers.
3. If you collect numbers from any system, a pattern appears.
quotations from the film Pi directed by Darren Aronofsky.

Does the date of birth affect our lives?
It is said that man is endowed with free will. This is the case, although the figures tell us about the trends we are subject to. With the help of numerical analysis, it is possible to determine the character traits of a human being, which can be expected in the future, or the degree of matching of a pair. Partnership numbering refers to how individual numbers affect each other in the case of a relative. For example, a full-fledged five may not fit in with a stable and supportive four-person solution.

In all cultures and religions of the world, numbers and numerical combinations have generally played a far greater role than the different "enemies" of numeracy believe.
A. Tokarczyk, Four riders of Apocalypse

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