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Master numbers 11, 22, 33, 44 - what do they actually mean? | Numerology

You have certainly already met the concept of master number. In the number 11,22,33,44 numbers we regard as masterful vibrations. If they appear in the numerological portrait, we do not add them to the basic vibration (i. e. 2,4,6,8). How to correctly calculate the master number? What do they mean? Do they make us special when they appear in our numeral portrait?


What does the name "master numbers"mean?

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The master numbers are high on the one hand, and very subtle vibrations on the other. They are characterized by high energy and people who have access to a higher level of awareness in their portrait of numeral numbers. It is said that these are so-called old souls, who have already acquired experience and knowledge in previous incarnations, in which they have often dealt with spirituality. Old souls come here again to share their knowledge with humanity. This knowledge is connected with medicine, religion, spiritual development, politics, scientific research, etc. It is also connected with the knowledge of the world. They usually understand and know that the real goal in human life is to develop their interior and unselfishly help others. They have a wonderful gift to guide other people on the spiritual path and often have a natural charisma.

They are protected by God's nature. They usually lead a pure, simple and sublime life, though often hidden. They like to grow spiritually to strive for perfection, they are more spiritually advanced than the average people, and at the right time and place they reveal this or leave behind the lasting and positive effects of their conduct.

They mean not only beautiful and sublime traits, but also a powerful and destructive force that is capable of leading to self-destruction or madness and manifesting itself in, for example, cruelty to people, ruthlessness, sickly jealousy or vengeance.

Where do master numbers come from and how do you calculate them?

The most important number in our portrait is the number of the Way of Life, which consists of digits from the date of birth (e. g. 9.08.1985, i. e. 9+8+1+1+9+8+3= 38=3=3+8=11 (after reduction, 1+1=2 the eleven can be two).

Similarly with numbers 22 (after reduction 4), 44 (after reduction 8), 33 (after reduction 6).
It is worth noting that we calculate in two ways: horizontal and vertical, and every time we look for masterly vibration.

e. g. 1.08.1984
+  01
1+9+9+3= 22

In addition to the Way of Life Number, we should pay attention to cycles, i. e. birthday (11 and 22) and month (November), as well as soul aspirations, external personality aspects and the number of expressions. But they have the greatest importance in turn: the way of life, the day of birth, because they testify to ourselves, to our abilities and potentials.

Master numbers - characteristics

A person with master numbers in the portrait stands at a higher level of spiritual evolution than other people, mainly because his or her soul has gone through more experience. She is more aware, has a highly developed spirituality, so she understands that the real goal in the life of every human being is to strive for perfection, as well as to help others.

Those under the influence of masterly vibrations have a well-developed intuition, they know what is good and what is not, they have the ability to grasp the "essence", the laws that govern the universe. They are spiritual masters, enlightened persons whose task is to point out to others the path that they should follow in order to understand the essence and meaning of existence, as well as to achieve inner perfection. Knowing our vibrations, we are able to determine the direction in which we are going, how we are going to develop, what work we do to achieve fulfillment in life. Then we will develop ourselves and help others to grow.

Persons who are under the influence of master numbers hardly noticeable, especially numbered numbers 11. They become spiritual leaders who show others the way, endowed with knowledge, wisdom and strength. They are often appreciated, recognised, famous and honoured.

Masterly vibrations bring with them the necessity of ethical conduct which significantly exceeds the norms that apply among the basic numbers. However, a person born under the influence of the championship number does not have to take on such an ambitious task and can choose the way of life 2 instead of 11 or 6 instead of 33.

People with several master numbers on their card are always more spiritual, have a lot of charisma and magnetism. Sometimes these people have to experience a collapse, touch the bottom to rise up and recover like Phoenix from the ashes. Very often such people do not understand or reveal their otherness.

numerology, master number, old soul, 11, 22, 33, fly, room, magic, girl

However, if he takes on this difficult task, he will stand out from the crowd through his actions. Because the descriptions of master numbers refer to people who realize their mission of showing the path of the spiritual path and perfecting themselves. The path of such people will be more difficult, because it means fighting not only with oneself, but also with adversities, moral dilemmas, problems (often material ones), loneliness and misunderstanding. They don't have any light in life. They must undergo constant self-control and internal discipline. However, they have a chance to become uncommon, talented and eminent persons, and above all to contribute to the development of humanity. However, if they choose to agree with basic vibration, they should remember that such a life is also valuable. After all, it is better to use the whole positive potential of basic vibrations of a given number than to live as a negative master number. Life in ordinary vibration is simple and simple, and "masterful" life is a difficult challenge for such a person to "be an ideal","be a master" in spiritual, ethical and moral terms. The more master numbers in the portrait, the more extreme life experiences and the dualism and tearing of man.

In order to be able to fully realize his vocation, the master number must be "awakened", this can happen in many ways. Then such people feel "called up" and begin to reject the material world, entering the world of spirit and its development deeper and deeper. He feels free and freed, he has charisma, power and magnetism, and his behaviour distinguishes himself from others and always tries to set a good example. However, before the change into a master is made, people with master numbers in the portrait most often live under the influence of basic vibration - 2 out of 11.4 out of 22.6 out of 33.

It is worth remembering that master numbers in the numeral portrait are not only a challenge, but also a challenge, as well as a sum of works that we did in previous incarnations to have these vibrations.

A filled person with masterful vibration deals with what he or she loves doing. He will normally choose the path where he will be able to help and guide others. The role of a psychologist, counsellor, priest, coach, doctor, trainer, etc. will prove to be very successful. He will usually avoid a job in which he will not be able to demonstrate his abilities and teach others because he will still be able to develop himself by choosing such a path. The realized masterful vibration is a happy, cheerful and positive person.

Some people think that vibrating at such a high level is difficult and not everyone is able to rise to such a level as to be a champion, mainly because it requires a lot of effort. Therefore, some people vibrate as' ordinary' 2,4,6 or 8 or do not work properly.

numerology, master number, old soul, 11, 22, 33, fly, room, magic, girl, angel

The characteristics of Master Vibration can be characterised as follows:

Numbers 11 and 33: outstanding artistic and creative skills that predestine people of these vibrations to create beautiful and unusual things; dedication to the "soul and body" of service to one another; and the need for spiritual development that prevails over everything.

Numbers 22 and 44: excellent self-control and external events; extraordinary energy, discipline and inner order make it easier for them to access the highest positions to achieve their primary purpose in life: to improve and perfect the world. Fortuna, power and influence.

How to recognize the master?

A person with masterful vibration is only able to recognize another person who has a similarly perfect or spiritually developed figure in his portrait. The "Lower" are not able to see the greatness of the "Higher", but only the other way round.

Master numbers - negative version

It should be remembered that people who are under the influence of master numbers often live in nervous tension, which can sometimes contribute to mental imbalance. It is precisely in such moments that negative features of masterly vibration are revealed. Then such people do not realize positive traits, but they become haughty, vain, unhappy and incapable of accepting reality. And yet they should always act ethically, because for others they are often an example. Instead, they try to silence the inner voice that reminds them of their vocation. They often get lost, exalted, selfish and narcissistic. The thirst for power and money begins to grow. They forget that this is not their purpose and will never bring them happiness and a sense of fulfilment.

Therefore, instead of selfless sharing of knowledge with others, leading and helping people, manipulating and using others for their own purposes, 22 instead of creating and creating reality are lazy and comfortable, while 33 which, according to numberrology, are to give others love and compassion, become selfish.

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Master number 11

Eleven is a person who will not be indifferent to him, because he will feel the power from her, which cannot be seen with his eyes. She hides little from her, because 11 is endowed with an extraordinary intuition.

Each 11 is endowed with a wonderful mind, sharpness, reflexes and brightness of thinking, and has a very developed sense of imagination. They are usually strong people, intelligent, noble, compassionate and courageous, yet sensitive and able to easily and quickly discover what bites someone else. Empathy and intuition are the great numbering 11 attributes that know what ideals, humanitarian thinking and compassion are.

The person in the field of this vibration is very spiritual and humane, while the person in the field of this vibration becomes a master. 11 gives the whole range of abilities necessary for a very subtle perception of the world. Intuition, sensitivity, empathy, numerous talents, intelligence, all this makes this masterful vibration unique. 11 it is a visionary intuitive with great intuition. In positive vibration, its path is the path of ideal, inspiration, originality, and above all work for the benefit of society, for the common good. The numerous eleven should share their experience and knowledge, inspire others, hence it has this ease in discovering the mysteries of life.

Numerological 11 are positive, full of love, love to be with people. They are very sensitive, so they need a lot of love and understanding. They are patient, inquisitive when it comes to searching for truth and learning. They can be tender and caring, but they are ready to fight hard for what they want, and they are tenacious and hardened, but they are not familiar with sacrificing themselves for the good of others.

This number adds courage, a lot of energy and originality. A person who has a figure of 11 in his portrait has leadership skills, but should be careful with such high and strong vibrations as to use them only in the right thing. Numerological eleven will prove to be a great teacher and educator, as he has the talent to pass on knowledge. He will also be able to see what others cannot see. This makes 11 may become a precursor who is ahead of his era. This high vibration is famous for its artistry, its ambiguous perception of reality and its specific character, which makes it desirable in every company.

11 They should be careful that their individualism or originality does not turn into eccentricity and unrealism. Even if he does not make use of his gifts, he is still endowed with an unprecedented intuition, he has wider access to knowledge about man and the world. Many great politicians, poets, writers, mathematicians, artists, revolutionaries in various areas of life and brave publicists come from eleven.

Eleventh woman has a lot of courage, strength and uncompromising man, while the man is characterized by a woman's sensitivity and delicacy. Faithful and loyal as a partner, he adheres to the moral principles and those of his own creation, thus showing that one can live ethical and righteous life. In this way, 11 helps others to live according to the highest moral commandments, just as they live.

The mastery requires the preservation of self-control, the consciousness of the eternal disciple, acting in accordance with one's own ideas and system of values. Inspiration, visionary work and work for humanity should be the main numbering objective of 11. Master's vibration 11 brings special diplomacy skills and the ability to reconcile conflicting parties. All these attributes and abilities no-one gave it for free. This means that she has developed it on her own. It is worth remembering that the numbering paper 11 requires a highly developed internal ethic. If it is selfish, it will fall down quickly to learn respect for people.

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Master number 22

Numerous 22, unlike 11 (which is not able to translate ideas into reality, is not a creative genius but a genius of ideas), is able to realize his intentions in the material field. 22 has the intelligence and inspiration of 11, but it can easily realize its plans in the real world, one can even say that it is able to achieve almost every goal. 22 he gives us the driving force - it is the builder, the builder, the builder, the builder, it is also the ability to meet every challenge and to lock it up in form.

People whose Way of Life is marked by 22 are ingenious, honest, diligent, diligent and sincere. They have a vivid character, are intelligent and brilliant, but they are cool and distant. Life is often full of tension and resembles a struggle that is being fought for the good of the general public, and its goal is to construct and create, which requires a great commitment. These people should avoid overworking, which can lead to emotional irritation and annoyance.

The most important lesson of 22 is to notice, understand, give and share others. They should learn how to create for mankind on a wider scale. They should also work on themselves, on their emotions, so as to show more attention and sensitivity to their loved ones. It is also important that they are able to rest and switch off. Their primary goal is to work, which they always commit themselves to with full commitment. They do not know such words as "later","fatigue","folding themselves" or "failure". The successes they achieve are usually due to their hard work. They are ambitious, disciplined and responsible.

The number 22 is mainly connected with creating stable structures, knowledge and experience, and the person who has it in his portrait is a master of action, who mastered the skills of four to master the championship, and also realizes the ideas of eleven. Numerous 22 should remember to use his knowledge and experience only for the good of mankind, otherwise all the negative features of the four will become apparent and such a person will become neurotic.

22 is the number of perfection that comes from a combination of two 11, meaning the spirit and the pursuit of higher ideals. Generally speaking, 22 means power over a matter that is subject to higher spiritual purposes. A person who has this number in the Way of Life, possesses a lot of strength and energy, and is oriented towards the realization of material goals. He is a builder who strives to have power over matter. The numbering task of number 22 is to create, work for the common good and serve higher ideals. They are characterized by creativity, the ability to make far-reaching plans, forward-looking thinking, momentum, vitality, inventiveness and the ability to create great yet real projects. 22 are capable of achieving a great deal, and there is no objective that they would not be able to achieve, because they easily overcome obstacles.

Numerological man is often a man of success who can triumph in any field he chooses, without losing sight of spiritual development. 22 It does not work to achieve success, its greatest motive is to contribute to the improvement of the situation of all mankind, to push development forward.

People who are influenced by this vibration often reach high positions in the world of politics, finance, business, art and industry. They are able to overcome many of the obstacles they encounter on their way to their destination. Like the master 44, the numerological 22 is able to reconcile its aspirations for power, wealth and fame with features such as generosity, compassion and altruism. Like 11,22, he knows how to find a solution for insoluble problems, but in practical and very concrete terms.

22 They should remember that they were born to work, create and strive to achieve noble ideals. Because they stand firmly on the ground, they are able to create realistic, big plans, and their talent and even genius should not be wasted, nor "change to small". Numerous 22 should quickly realize that it has all the features to build a better world. endowed with the ability to rule and a huge charisma, he has a great opportunity to improve his financial situation, gain power and climb the top of the social ladder.

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Master number 33

Numerological in her life should strive, first of all, to get to know herself and then to pass on her knowledge and universal laws. It should really be responsible for itself and for others. Her lesson is to learn patience. In order to realize a masterful vocation, it is necessary to behave in accordance with internal ethics, have a system of values, exercise control over emotions, respect the decision and free will of other people, as well as have the consciousness of an eternal disciple. It is worth noting that by controlling emotions, the attitude of the Spiritual Guide - the Teacher - is achieved.

The internal ethics that is necessary for mastery requires man to behave in accordance with his system of values, to communicate and control his emotions, to respect the free will of others and the eternal consciousness of the disciple.

In the number 33 there are two three, which mean joy of life, love, charm and personal charm. Numetric 33 emanates a sense of happiness, friendship, cordiality, culture, intelligence, tenderness, care, and imagination. It is a vibration that is used to convey higher spiritual values, to create faith, hope and love. Mastership 33 brings a vocation to such a work for mankind to teach mankind the universal principles and internal ethics through a word that initiates the transformation of human hearts through ears and reason. 33 It is a priesthood associated with communication and responsibility. This number identifies a master conscious of his power and a guide and dogmatic teacher.

Numerological 33 embodies universal love. This mastery concerns the inner priesthood, which, through its conduct and internal ethics, guides its own inner light to enlighten others. Therefore, if only 33 is realized positively about becoming a devoted, tolerant teacher, master and guide, Fulfilled 33 is aware of his body, spirit and vocation. But from her actions and words comes wisdom, knowledge, compassion, which should be learned by other vibrations. Numerous 33 is aware of the constant learning, of being an eternal disciple.

Numerous 33 is characterized by a highly developed internal ethic, its life should be marked by work for mankind, but it does not have to be so. It can be realized at the level of vibration level 6, it is a matter of personal choice. 33 emanate gentleness of their children and very often they have artistic talents. However, their sensitivity, emotionality and delicacy make it difficult for them to find themselves in a world devoid of empathy.

33 are the destroyers of structures and systems, they are called to make changes and transmit universal laws and love. However, masterly vibration is only fully realized if the person bestowed with it is aware of his vocation. Then such a person can live ethically and take up an inner discipline.

Numerological numbers are often faced with a choice: they either follow the path of spiritual development or choose "ordinary life", striving for wealth and fulfilment. The question is, will the choice of this last path be lucky for them? The presence of the master number tells us that such a person has a great deal of theosophical knowledge and wisdom, so it is a pity that this person is not passed on. After all, the masters come to teach other spiritual practices, to pass on knowledge that will influence the development of science, religion, medicine, politics. 33 is called to share universal love and harmony.

It is very often believed that the number 33 of master craftsmen is an obstacle to the way one's private life is arranged, because the master is called to help others. And indeed, it happens that this vibration is pulled away. It also brings problems in arranging one's own emotional life, the problems of others become more important. Sometimes, 33 in negation, he may not take care of people at all and becomes a very superficial person.

Numerous should work on oneself, on the right relationships with people, so as not to tax them too much and not to sacrifice oneself. After all, he wants to repair the whole world, which is impossible. Therefore, a person with this vibration should maintain an optimal approach - on the one hand, a real look at helping others and on the other, a logical approach that will bring benefits and positive changes.

They often have a huge artistic talent, so they should remember not to limit themselves and close themselves within their own home, but to share with others their creativity, views, knowledge or wisdom. No one, like 33, feels beauty, while being able to cast its essence.

The masterful vibration brings the ability to be a mediator of quivering parties, a bridge that unites different environments. He will find a common language with everyone and is able to communicate - he is a person above divisions. He is not looking for a conflict, but only for consent and common planes on which he can find himself.

33 respects tradition, has an unprecedented intuition, feels emotion at very deep levels. He loves family life and is able to sacrifice his professional career or dreams for his family. Number 33 brings the ability to deepen philosophy, theology, paranormal phenomena or mysticism.

Silent and calm, 33 are great at coping with others' bad emotions, because they know their cause and can explain and understand them. Because of the mild aura, this masterly vibration is usually surrounded by people who need help and support, unhappy and need care. At 33 they can regain peace and tranquility, because they are calm, kind, always advising and comforting. This vibration is also attracted by other people who have master numbers in their portrait.

For 33, the family is very important and even most important. They are willing to devote themselves to it and even give up their careers in order to spend their time raising their children and caring for the home.

33 are open and conveniently oriented towards the world, but when someone injures someone close to her, she can show her claws. The negative features include too high hypersensitivity, sometimes ineligibility and hypochondria.

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Master number 44

Numerological 44 have the right conditions to go very high, gain fame and appreciation, reach for the highest power, but on condition that they properly use their abilities and power. The number 44 gives its owner above-average power and strength, imagination, strong will, the ability to make far-reaching plans, perseverance, regularity, and the ability to overcome all adversities of fate. People with this vibration hate stagnation, are active, active and alive. They value order, order and the rule of law. Their intuition is always prompted by what is most important and most right at a given moment of time, and they should never doubt it.

People with 44 vibrations have organizational skills, are creative and creative, they easily find simple but innovative solutions to a given problem. They are able to control their emotions, even in crisis situations they are able to control their nerves, they do not give up, and on the contrary, they are doubly motivated and stronger in the face of the underlying situations, looking for solutions that will help to find a way out. This makes them become professionals and specialists in their chosen field, because discipline, heartiness, systematicness, perseverance and professionalism are the nature of nature.

Numerological 44 is characterized by strong personality. They enjoy respect and respect for their environment. They are hard-working, disciplined, systematic and effective. The 44 is law, trustworthy, honorable and under control, often hurried to it by vulnerable people who need support and assistance. People affected by this vibration feel an irresistible need to care for the needy and improve the world. Sometimes such people give up their energy, power and even wealth, if in this way they can contribute to the creation of a better world. What distinguishes them from other masterly vibrations is the unprecedented ability to control the spirit over matter - turning ideas into reality. In Action 44, he is clever and preventative, always having a clear vision of the whole and not succumbing to chaos. He skillfully confronts the difficulties, reconciling contradictions.

44 have internal strength and high physical and mental resistance. The goals usually adopted are fulfilled because their strength allows them to overcome any difficulties they encounter in life. They are not afraid of adventures and challenges.

44 In his or her daily life, 44 conducts ethically, is truthful and honest. She is a deeply spiritual, wise and inspired person. Like other masterly vibrations, the number 44 number 44 wants to repair the world to make it a more friendly place. However, in the case of people with this vibration, this is most often manifested in their efforts to gain power. He is aware of the problems that afflict society and you consider it your responsibility to contribute to solving them.

44 is often reduced to its basic vibration - the number 8. As we know, the numerological 8 are great bosses, organizers of work, courageous entrepreneurs and have a bias towards business. They are able to manage people and the company, and thus gain recognition and wealth. Vibration 44 is almost doomed to victory in any area, especially if it concerns the material or financial sphere.

The characteristic feature of 44 is that it falls into extremes. It has enormous strength and perseverance in striving for a goal, but when you should be on your leg, it can collapse completely. If you don't give in to pessimism, it is able to get out of the most complicated and dangerous situations. After all, he is a master.

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The number of the Way of Life is of a general character, which is what the Zodiac Signs in astrology are. To find out more, you need to make a Numerological Portrait, which is created on the basis of your date of birth and your first and last name. Such a portrait is a kind of a Map of Life, thanks to which we understand the events of our life, the sense of our relationships, and also where we are heading and, above all, for what purpose.

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