Thursday, October 6, 2016

Numerology Compatibility, Love, Partners, Relationship

Numerology Compatibility, Love, Partners, Relationship, Couple, Girl, Boy
Meeting other people is a beautiful and rich experience, each time unique and unique. It gives us the opportunity to get to know both this person and ourselves. At the same time, the intimate relationship, but also the relationship between business partners, puts us in a lot of difficulty, puts our sense of individuality, autonomy and internal freedom to the test, testing loyalty and identification with a generally accepted system of values that normalizes interpersonal relationships. Above all, however, it is a test of our sincerity towards ourselves and tolerance towards the otherness and distinctiveness of others.

Our loved ones are not accidental people that we simply meet on our way. We need them just as much as they need us. If our intimate or professional relations are not going well, it is a signal that we should get to know ourselves better, try to understand why we have to overcome such difficulties and what they should teach us. Knowing about our partners and the type of relationship we have with them is a mirror that we face, which is both naked and true. The most universal method of forecasting the quality of a relationship with another person is to compare the Way of Life Number. But, as each one of the universal methods, it soon turns out to be insufficient. That is why I recommend it only as an introduction to a deeper comparative analysis of dates of birth and the names of the people we are interested in. (source: Natasz Czarminska, Numbers of fate)

Partnership numbering is about checking whether two people fit together and whether they are able to create a satisfying and harmonious relationship. Thanks to the interpretation of the Way of Life Number, we are able to identify possible difficulties in partnership relations. You can say that you can check the mutual alignment already at the beginning of your knowledge, or you can specify the purpose of the relationship.

Important: The interpretation of the Life Path Number is only an overall prognosis based on dates of birth. For a more detailed analysis of the relationship, accurate number-portraits must be made with professional comparison of cycles and peaks. The interpretation of such number-portraits is also important.

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