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Does the number 13 bring bad luck? About misfortune and changes in numerology

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Symbolism is an ideal excuse to reflect on the complexity of the world. The number 13 can be considered in terms of symbol or karma (because it is a karmic number - the length of work and creating stable structures). First of all, it should be stressed that the number 13 is only a symbol, because it is more about how we perceive the misfortune that happens to us. It is usually the case that most of these kinds of events are misinterpreted. Does the number 13 really bring bad luck?

Number 13 in the life of John Paul II

I think each of us has come across such a chain in the Internet:"I think we've come across a chain of this kind.

"Was the life of Pope John Paul II recorded in figures, or is it just a strange coincidence? But even if it's something unusual about it!
All the figures closely related to the Pope are arranged in number 13.

1. John Paul II died at 21.37 - 2+1+1+3+7=13.
2. The day of the attack on him was 13th (May 1981).
2. Fatima's revelations were always 13th. Death of Sister Lucia - 1+3+2+2+5 = 13 and 13th day of the month
The age of the Pope 85 (although not finished, because Karol Wojty?a was born on May 18,1920 and on the day of his death he was exactly 84 years and 10 months, but already 85 years old) - 8+5=13.
6 The Pope, entering the Vatican's throne, was 58 years old - 5+8=13.
7. also death date 2.04.2005. - 2+0+4+4+2+0+0+0+5=13.
8. JAN JAN PAWEL OF THE SECOND SERVICE - this is also 13 letters.
9. The Pope died in the 13th week of the year.
10. The last entry in the will is 17.03.2000. - 1+7+0+0+3+3+2+0+0+0+0=13.
11 The Pope lived 31,000 days, 3 and 1 can be arranged in 13 days, and it is very strange that he lived for such an exact number of days.
12. The Pope was the 265th Pope in history (2+6+5=13).
13. The Pontificate of John Paul II lasted 90301 days, which gives the total of 13.

Is it a coincidence that the number 13 of the Pope's life is so frequent? How should this fact be interpreted? The question arises as to how much of the Pope's life was a sign and information for mankind, encrypted in numbers?

Number 13 as synonymous of bad luck

For a long time now, number 13 has been synonymous with bad luck and misfortune. Why are we actually seeing this figure in such a way? There are quite a number of reasons.

The Babylonians used to believe that this number is unlucky, because the functioning of the whole world was based on the number 12.12 months, 12 hours, 12 signs of a zodiac, 12 apostles. It is the number 12 that has been and continues to be a symbol of harmony and order. The number of 13 destroys the established order.

In ancient Egypt, the ladder that leads to eternity is 13 degrees, and the Egyptians also believed that man was passing through 12 stages in life. The last of them, 13th is death. In Christianity, Jesus had 12 apostles, so there were 13.

The fear of the 13 is still up to date. Often people often avoid signing important documents and dealing with new issues on the 13th day of the month. In many hotels all over the world, there are no rooms, and sometimes even even 13 floors, in some airplanes there are no seats number 13, and nowadays there is even a disease unit "Triskaideidekafobia", which is a phobias, the fear of the number 13. it can be said that at TPSA's main office in Warsaw, lifts do not have buttons on the 13th floor, in motor sports sometimes the starting number 13 is avoided.

However, not everywhere is the number 13 considered unlucky. In the Jewish tradition and in Japan, 13 is considered a synonym of happiness. The Mayas also had positive associations with this number, because they believed that there were 13 heavens and 13 gods, which makes the number divine.

13 means transformation

The number 13 symbolizes transformation through a sudden event in which we lose material wealth or our loved ones. This number has become a symbol of death, but certainly not unlucky. We are simply the ones who misinterpret supposedly unfortunate events in our lives, because loss is inscribed into life. Life is a constant change, and people subconsciously ascribed this "unlucky" meaning to it because of the fear of death, i. e. fear of the unknown, and the loss of what they were attached to. And yet we cannot attach ourselves to anything, because it is death during our lifetime. It is worth noting that in Tarot the 13th card is death, interpreted also as a symbol of metamorphosis and rebirth.

This is why number 13 is considered to be transformational. Just like the Greek Zorba, who dances at the mine's scale, unleashing his creative potential. In order to create a NEW, THE OLD ONE has to go down. Without transformation and transformations, there will be no new ones.

Another interesting interpretation of number 13 is the learning how to reach their creative potential. Finally, the simplified interpretation of number 13 means "ME (1) and creative power (3)" or "the beginning of creation". In order to gain access to one's creativity, a loss of material wealth or an apparent emotional balance (material loss, ruin, treason, separation) must occur. It is precisely these events that contribute to our internal transformation, we are opening ourselves up to new opportunities and, in the event of a threat, we are beginning to look for new solutions. And we are so afraid of the transformation that is to take place. Why? Because that means the death of us, those "from before the moment", such as we were until the moment of the event. And the problem lies in our perception of the world and the change that takes place, according to us, mainly from the level of matter - that is to say, as an irreparable loss - and not from the level of the Spirit - that is, as an eternal transformation and growth, everything that we are worried about is arousing fear. We do not see the changes that are taking place in this invisible, spiritual sphere.

Fear of change causes us not to reach for our creative potential, and when we do not do so, it provokes dramatic situations that will force us to change, whether we want it or not. Such disagreement with what causes suffering. It is important to learn not to get into fear in case of a threat, but to adopt a creative attitude - look for solutions, then we will get rid of the accumulated karma sooner.

It is worth noticing and distinguishing two concepts: destruction (total destruction) and transformation (transferred from something into something). In both cases, the previous form disappears, but the only difference is that the destruction is complete and senseless destruction, while transformation means replacement without loss.

13 is also a karmic number saying that getting rid of karma from the past is only possible thanks to laborious work on oneself and on the outside world. It means neglecting previous incarnations in the form of laziness, carelessness and life at someone's expense. A person with the number 13 in the number 13 portrait should expect constant changes and many unexpected events, because they are an opportunity to pay karmic debts.

13 puts into action everything that is not subject to change, which prefers safe "old". 13 can trigger something that dramatically changes the course of life. Number 13 is very often called GODS FACTOR. Others, on the other hand, talk about 13 as DESTINATION NUMBER. 13 It creates new challenges and opportunities. Very often, the number 13 carries so much energy and substance that it makes transformation impossible and the human being becomes lazy. So there may appear a feeling of relaxation and laziness.

At the same time, it is considered to be a tier that opens the gates of metaphysics. A person who is able to make the right use of what he or she brings with him or her, has a facilitated path that leads to perfection. Only on the basis of old experiences can something new be created. At this level, a person spiritually mature is able to know his or her genius and is able to jump over the material form at any time in order to escape from the physical compulsion. To cross matter - that is, to distance oneself from unfavourable events, especially to fear for existence, place of work, material goods.

Finally, it is worth recalling that numbers are research tools, a symbol, a kind of shortened record for understanding the type of energy that a person manages, choosing good or evil.

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