Monday, December 5, 2016

9 human needs - the meaning of numbers in numerology

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Since each digit is a carrier of some kind of energy, it can be assumed that there are also 9 human needs, which everyone tries to satisfy in a more or less conscious way. If you want to satisfy any need, you must first offer something yourself. It is worth remembering that what we give to others comes back to us, whether we want it or not.
Each of us decides about ourselves, we have free will, which is why it is worth creating positive relations with the environment. Positive satisfaction of our needs has positive consequences for the future. What our future looks like tomorrow depends on what our present day looks like. Just as we treat others, they will treat us in the same way, because this is the law of karma.

1 the need for EXISTING
ensuring a sense of security and being

2 the need for COOPERATION
ensuring a sense of interaction and belonging

3 the need for being SEEN
emphasizing individuality and uniqueness, being important

4 the need for STABILISATION
ensuring a sense of comfort and emotional and material stability

5 the need for CHANGES
means a sense of choice, freedom and freedom

6 the need for LOVE
ensuring the need to build a relationship, a sense of proximity

means to ensure the development and improvement of oneself through knowledge and experience

ensuring that our thoughts create reality, our fate

9 the need for GIVING
It means sharing with others, giving love, doing something for others

These needs are realized in various relationships with parents, partners and children.
It is worth remembering that there is a principle here: what you sow, you will collect.

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