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How to change the unfavourable vibrations of a flat or house? Numerology of address

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I recently wrote about house numerology, how to calculate the vibration correctly and what the individual digits mean. There are no good and bad numbers in numerology, there can only be a number that has features that are incompatible with our expectations. If we are hoping for a lush social life when we move into a new apartment, then it is worth taking a closer look at the numerology of our apartment. Perhaps we live at the address vibration of 7. Then we should change this unfavorable (in our opinion) vibration, for example, to 3.

Sometimes we have the impression that something is blocking our happiness, not even realizing that the cause is the unfavourable vibrations of the house. Few people pay attention to the vibration of address, buying a flat or renting a place for business - and this should be the rule. For most people, the most important thing is that the apartment is large, spacious, bright, well-connected, etc. But it is precisely this address that will appear in all documents and act on the subconscious of ours and our visitors.

Changing unfavourable vibrations can be done quite simply and at a low cost, but few people know how to do it correctly. The principle that space is there to serve the people is important here, and that is why vibration should be adapted to our needs and expectations. Postponing the numbering of a house can quickly lead to adverse consequences in the form of accumulated problems, which will soon be hard to control.

The change of unfavourable vibrations of the address will be felt after only 3 months. Influence on the vibration of the place where we live has a sign or number on the door. Sometimes the absence of such a designation may have a negative impact.

How can I change the vibration of my home?
If it turns out that we live under 7, and we want to have a lush social life, or under 4, in which there is often something to repair, then it is enough that we add a specific thing to the door. So if we live under 4, and we want to make it better for us in the house, we add the letter D. Bo vibratory 4 + D (=4) = 8

Check here how to calculate the vibration of your home correctly.

Below is the list of letters and corresponding digits::.

Letters A, S, J are assigned number 1.
Letters B, K, T are assigned a number 2.
Letters C, L, U are assigned a number 3.
Letters D, M, V are assigned number 4.
Letters E, N, W are assigned a number 5.
Letters F, O, X are assigned a number 6.
Letters G, P, Y are assigned the number 7.
Letters H, Q, Z, are assigned number 8.
Letters I, R are assigned number 9.

It is often said that it is not necessary for a letter to be visible, that it is enough for us to know about its existence. Some even recommend that you write it with a colourless pen. Of course, as for me there is no doubt that it should be visible on the outside of the web page, so that everyone can see it - then this letter is going to be written into the subconscious of people visiting us. Ideally, it should be placed right next to the number of the apartment or house. Therefore, the letter should be added or bought e. g. gold or silver at the Internet auction (for a few zlotys). It can also be done on your own.

Such a letter may look rather strange, and the people and neighbours visiting us may wonder what it means. However, this is nothing shocking.

Before we undertake a vibration change of our flat, it is worth considering what we expect from our place of residence. Whether we want holy peace, companionship, family atmosphere or maybe money. It is worth remembering once again that there are no good and bad vibrations, happy or unlucky, only our different expectations. If we are a birthday five who lives on suitcases, often moves around, it may not make sense to add even more energy in the form of vibrations to your home. It is worth focusing on the issues that are puzzling in our lives.

Of course, in our lives the most important thing is the number of Ways of Life, cycles, summits, meaning an interpretation from the date of birth and the date of birth, name and surname, and the address is only an addition. An additive that can tilt the scales. It can help or burden us, so if the vibration of your home is contrary to our expectations, you should change it. Sometimes it may seem a trivial matter, but it may contribute to the collapse of the family or bankruptcy.

Looking at the tenants, you can see that there is a person under the vibratory 1 who rules among the neighbors - the entrance door should always be closed, and the entrance door should always be closed in the corridor. It takes up various initiatives and is the originator of new neighbourhood ventures. Under the vibration 7 there is a young couple living with a small child, with time they start to move away from each other and quarrel, finally they move out. But the number 7 does not need to have such consequences - it all depends on the individual numbering portraits. Otherwise, vibratory 7 is executed in a different way. The family of 4 lives in a flat with vibrations. 7 Each of them spends time alone, in his or her room, usually reading or dealing with his or her own affairs - the intellectual atmosphere is at home. Another example is the student apartment with vibrations. 6 There are no crazy events, but a family, home and harmonious atmosphere.

Many people avoid flats with vibrations 9 because they think it is unfavourable. And indeed - 9 is donation and loss, an address good for a charity.

Vibration of the house means a lot, it can have a positive or negative impact on tenants, their everyday life, course of events, as well as the direction of thinking, so it is good to change it, all the more so that it can be done in a simple, fast and cost effective way.

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