Monday, November 7, 2016

Love, Relationship, Numerology and Ethical Issues

couple, love, relationship, numerology, partnership
A few years ago, for the first time I had to face ethical issues in numerologu. I don't know if this is a good formulation, but the only way I can think of it. Well, then there was a doubt - how much can be said about what was seen in a given number report. What exactly was it all about?

During the conversation, a colleague told me that his sister had a birthday today and her boy a day later. As these are my further acquaintances, I quickly counted their Way of Life and the numbers they find themselves in. My first thought was that they would not be long with each other....

It can be said that both the cycle and the summit were changing, and the only point that united them was soon to be just the past. The picture was very clear - the change of cycle and peak caused that they would be under the influence of completely different vibrations. And there was a problem. Talk to a colleague or not to speak?

At the beginning I hesitated a little bit, I was afraid that my friend would suggest to me that there would be a self-fulfilling prophecy here, and I would be guilty of interfering in a third party's case, all the more so as nobody asked me to do so.

The key to my further action was precisely the thought that "no one asked me for help", so I decided that I would not talk about anything. Since I created a numeral portrait of myself and made a partnership analysis which nobody expected of me, I found it obvious.

I was not surprised when a few months later the couple parted. To be precise, a boy familiar with her, when he was in a relationship with her, started to meet another girl. Currently, both are already in other relationships. After a few months of healing of the broken heart she met someone else, while the boy bound himself to that girl, married her and has a child.

Since then, I have not had such a clear and legible picture of parting, but the question of' talking or not saying' remains, although at present I prefer to suggest what people who are connected should work on, rather than the fact that there are differences between them which cannot be reconciled.

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