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Numerology: why children are born in this family and why not in another family?

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MEETINGS. No experience is accidental. It is also an experience to meet another man on his way. By defining the type of vibration (moment) of a given meeting, we can understand its character and also guess the reason why this person, and not another person, appeared in our lives. In order to obtain information about the nature of a given relationship or event, it is necessary to know the exact date of its "conception", for example: getting to know a partner, getting married, giving birth to a child, setting up a company, starting the illness, etc. You must also specify the Personal Year Number for the person for whom you wish to interpret a given fact.

It was we who chose our parents. When we become them ourselves, it means that the souls with whom we may have made an agreement on this experience beforehand are embodied in the bodies of our children. And it is beginning to be complicated, often painful, decoding of mutual needs and expectations. Our present children may have been our parents in any of the previous incarnations or our spiritual teachers, superiors or siblings. Sometimes we also continue to learn together by converting the married couple we have survived in the past into a parental relationship. The relationship between our children is also complicated because of the experience of successive incarnations (e. g."Living in the hands of children"). The change of marriage to a fraternal or sister-in-law relationship - in the next incarnation).

The way children are born is not indifferent either. He informs us, among other things, about the relationship a child has with the world to be reincarnated. For example, children stretched out by ticks are generally souls who are reluctant to return to the ground. Those that are born too early or very quickly are interesting, greedy, they will hurry to survive everything. Children who come into the world through a caesarean section may be lazy or have problems with their mother's relationship (dependence or emotional indifference). Born with the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck, and those who come close to death at birth can be creatures that are not fully determined to experience the fate of the Earth.

Let us assume that the number of the Way of Life of our child (that is, the number of events for us) is 4. This means that all experiences related to the birth and upbringing of a given child will build the foundation for the manifestation of our internal potential.

Along with the limitations introduced by the number 4 (actually due to the presence of these limitations and the necessity to accept them), we have a chance to develop an internal support, an understanding of material reality.

If this happened in the Personal Year No. 6 This means that with the arrival of the child, we really start to create a family, that it brings us the experience of parental responsibility, tolerance, harmony within the family. This experience creates appropriate difficulties, which force us to develop these characteristics in ourselves, to understand what the role of the parent is as a guardian, educator, teacher.

If the same child with the same number of Way of Life 4 is born in our Personal Year No. 1 This means that this foundation, the foundation on which we build this event, is to get to know ourselves, gain autonomy or annihilate our despotism, inclination to manipulation and authoritarianism.

If it is a Personal Year No. 2 - emphasis will be placed on the ability to dialogue, mutual attention and understanding, creating a healthy emotional relationship, balanced emotionality, intuitive understanding, the real role of mother (and in the case of father - solving problems with her mother and even a woman as such), acceptance of her femininity The child will be a mirror for us, in which all our defects and errors intended for correction will be reflected.

Excerpt from the book titled "Numbers of Fate" by Natasha Czarminska

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