Monday, November 14, 2016

What does Madonna and Barack Obama have in common? Numerology and Life Path 11

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What connects Madonna and Barack Obama (besides, of course, the fact that they are famous)? They are number 11 (Life Path), so they have so-called master number in they Life Path. Some people say that such people are old souls who have many incarnations behind them.

I am surprised to see (although I probably should not) how many people in politics or show business  who have master vibrations in their Life Paths.

You don't have to look far, in the politics we can also find a lot of 11.

Madonica Louise Veronica Ciccone - 16 August 1958 - 11
Barack Obama - August 4,1961 - 11

Other known 11

Al Gore
Bill Clinton
Colin Powell
Jackie Kennedy
Jennifer Aniston
Meg Ryan
Michael Jordan
KsiΔ…ΕΌΔ™ Karol
Ronald Reagan
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Lord Byron
Maria Callas
Juliusz Verne
Antonio Vivaldi
Antonio Gaudi
Edgar Allan Poe
Whoopi Golberg
Orlando Bloom
Tony Blair
Hans Christian Anderson
Michelle Obama
KsiΔ…ΕΌΔ™ William
Annie Lennox
David Beckham (Victoria is 33)
Jennifer Lopez
Tim Burton 

and many others

Who is 11?

The 11 it is a visionary intuitive with great intuition. In positive vibrations, their path is the path of ideal, inspiration, originality, and above all work for the benefit of society, for the common good. The numerous eleven should share their experience and knowledge, inspire others, hence it has this ease in discovering the mysteries of life.

This number adds courage, a lot of energy and originality. A person who has a figure of 11 in his portrait has leadership skills, but should be careful with such high and strong vibrations as to use them only in the right thing. Numerological eleven will prove to be a great teacher and educator, as he has the talent to pass on knowledge. He will also be able to see what others cannot see. This makes 11 may become a precursor who is ahead of his era. This high vibration is famous for its artistry, ambiguous perception of reality and its specific character, which makes it desirable in every company.

They should be careful that their individualism or originality does not turn into eccentricity and unrealism. Even if he does not make use of his gifts, he is still endowed with an unprecedented intuition, he has wider access to knowledge about man and the world. Many great politicians, poets, writers, mathematicians, artists, revolutionaries in various areas of life and brave publicists come from eleven.

And what is the 11th, which vibrates negatively? Such a person is usually nervous, selfish, and also demanding power. It should learn how to control the giant ego, and it should also learn how to give up its exorbitant ambitions. The lesson is to learn dialogue, not manipulation, and above all not to use one's abilities for materialistic purposes. Although eleven have high psychological resistance, depression is unknown to her. She must learn to relax and rest.

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