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Numerology of home and apartment. How to calculate the vibration of address?

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In numerology, each number that surrounds us has a meaning. Also those that appear on the door of our flat. Usually, when looking for a new home, we pay attention to such things as price, location, maintenance costs, equipment, blueprint, year of construction, etc. However, few people pay attention to the number-vibration of the dwelling or house they are buying. The vibration is of great importance because it will affect the atmosphere and also our comfort.

It is worth noticing that the vibration of the address of our home does not have such an influence on our lives as e. g. The number of the Way of Life, but it should be taken into account in order to live our lives as well as possible. In some cases, it may happen that the vibration of our flat will be the factor that will bend the scarves and support or weaken our potential. Before you buy, it is a good idea to think about what you expect from your place of residence. Is it supposed to be a bustling house, where guests constantly come, or is it supposed to be an idyllic and homely atmosphere? The apartment with vibrations 3 will be full of life and people, continuous visits of guests and fun, 6 will provide a wonderful family atmosphere, while in the apartment with vibrations 7 you will have peace and quiet.

It is worth taking a closer look at the places where we lived so far - where we lived best, where it was cosy and where we felt happy. Perhaps you didn't feel at home in one place, in another someone was constantly coming and the door didn't close and in another place you were just unhappy?

However, before you find out that you are not feeling good in your home and decide to change it, first calculate the vibrations and understand what they carry with you. If you are a numbered triple or five, busy and energetic and you have come to live in an apartment with four vibrations, which forces us to work, a certain rhythm of the day, routine, then you can really feel uncomfortable. Try to take care of your place of residence, keep your house in order, decorate your interior, take care of flowers and plants. If you understand the vibration of the house you live in, it will certainly be easier for you. If you don't want to change your place of residence and you feel bad in the apartment, you can always change its vibration. But this is another time.

How to calculate the vibration of a flat?

Usually we calculate the vibration by adding an apartment number or a block number and an apartment, which is not the right way to calculate it. Then it turns out that while living, e. g. when living in a house, it is not possible to find a place to live. under the number 24, i. e. the "six"where family life should flourish, and it turns out that each of the members of the household closes in his or her room, lives his or her own life and does not like it when he or she gets disturbed. When you add a street name to the house number, which is the only one, it turns out that the address does not vibrate with the six and the seventh.

When calculating the vibration of a house or flat, we always count:.

number of flat + number of building (block) + name of the street (of course we take into account the full name e. g. "Theodore Roosevelt" NOT "Roosevelt", and we do not take into account the abbreviation

e. g. HERALD 1/3


This means that the inhabitants are affected by the vibration of the number 7.

Below is the list of letters of: 
Letters A, S, J are assigned number 1.
Letters B, K, T are assigned a number 2.
Letters C, L, U are assigned a number 3.
Letters D, M, V are assigned number 4.
Letters E, N, W are assigned a number 5.
Letters F, O, X are assigned a number 6.
Letters G, P, Y are assigned the number 7.
Letters H, Q, Z, are assigned number 8.
Letters I, R are assigned number 9.

It is often said that there are no bad and happy numbers. And indeed, everything depends on our needs and circumstances. Numerous 4, appreciating order, peace and quiet, will certainly find itself in a flat with vibration 4, while for a numbered 3 or 5 apartment with such vibration will not be suitable.

Below is a brief description of the individual vibrations. It should be emphasized that the number 16, or 25, will have a different impact, so it is worth to pay attention to the numbers.

Numerology of home and flats - meaning of numbers

Number 1

The ibrating flat 1 will work well together with individualists, independent people who are not afraid to take on new challenges. Residents of this vibrant house have a better chance of taking creative action. Numbers 1 are characterized by high dynamics, strength, hobbyism and energy, and the apartment of this vibration makes its inhabitants become important people in the hierarchy of neighbors, everyone will take into account their opinion. They will certainly not remain in the shade, unnoticed.

Tenants of a house with vibrations 1 will try to manage their own lives and to develop their own individuality. The householders usually follow their own paths and think mostly about themselves and their careers. 1 promotes the implementation of change, self-determination and independence, however, residents of a house with vibrations should be careful not to become extremely stubborn egoists who like to dominate. 1 contains a huge amount of energy to start something new, e. g.

Number 2

At home with vibrations 2, tactful, diplomatic people will feel great at home and want to have good contact with others. The figure 2 provides partnership and life in harmony. The occupants of this house appreciate the relationship, mutual help, acceptance and harmony with the environment. The apartment will be calm and its inhabitants will try to avoid conflicts and spend every free moment with each other. However, the number 2 is not dynamic, so the person who lives in this address is usually passive and does not fight for "own". The house will be filled with peace and balance.

Number 3

In a house with vibrations, the 3 doors do not close. The residents of this house want entertainment and movement, like to invite friends and acquaintances, as well as to go out for parties and visits themselves. People like to visit such a house and feel comfortable in it. It is a great number to welcome guests, it also brings joy and happiness. However, care should be taken not to lose yourself in this fun and moderation. It is also a vibration that favours all kinds of artists and creators, and here he has a chance to flourish his talent.

Numbers 3 symbolize joy, creativity, extrusion, optimism and fun. This house is filled with positive energy and friends. The downside may be that not much work is done in this house and money is wasted. It will not be a good address for a person locked in, or one who needs peace and quiet to do his job, such as e. g. accounting officer. It will be a great home for an artist or party organizer.

Such a house is full of friends, pets, and the door is always open. If you feel lonely and nobody is visiting you, change the vibration to three.

Number 4

The Vibrating 2 house will be a great place for a person who likes routine, essential, solid, orderly, economical and hardworking. Numbers 4 are characterized by security, stability, discipline, reliability, and the residents of this house will have to demonstrate a practical sense, as well as a strong need for stability. The house is always clean and tidy, and its inhabitants appreciate sacred peace. In such a flat, everything is planned in advance and takes place according to a fixed rhythm, it is necessary to work and there is no room for fun or entertainment. Residents should take care to keep their lives apart from time to time. A flat with a vibration of 4 will be a great place for someone who is unstable and who is reckless. If you want to revive your monotonous life, turn your vibrations into 3.

It is often thought that this is a hard vibration for the house, because it means constant struggle with matter. As a result, we are forced to focus on the living space, keep things tidy, make improvements and repairs. The downside of this address may also be that there will still be something to renovate.

Number 5

Vibrating apartment 5 will be ideal for people who like movement and change. This place of residence is not intended for introverts and householders, but for all those who value participation in the life of their community, like to take an active part in various projects, are active and versatile.

Numbers 5 means great diversity, change, movement, openness, energy, sociability, unexpected events, sociability and such features will also have a home address about this vibration. Surely it will not be a peaceful house, there will still be something going on in it, regardless of the will of its inhabitants, so it may be sudden and unexpected situations. Certainly, it will be difficult to calm down and find peace after a hard day, often unannounced guests will fall in. There may be frequent misunderstandings and tensions between tenants. In a house with vibrations of 5, everyone is in a run, flying, only they fall into something and then rush somewhere. Its inhabitants may feel the desire for frequent changes, e. g. by changing the decoration or refurbishing. This number is certainly not conducive to getting in touch with each other, the people of the house enjoy the moment and enjoy every day, like new challenges and plan new ventures.

Number 6

The house with vibrations 6 is the most conducive to the family atmosphere. Family life, love, but also comfort will flourish in such a house. It is a beautifully furnished house, so that each of the members of the household can live comfortably. The dominating issues will be related to the house, it will be a place not only to sleep but also to live. Finally, number 6 means family, children, love, creativity, beauty, responsibility, warmth, security, homeland and harmony. Residents value family life, like to help others, everyone feels good and safe in such a house.

Very often it is a traditional, conservative home where dough smells and the importance of good relations between the household members, avoiding unnecessary tensions and quarrels, is a house with a heart and family atmosphere. Vibration house 6 is ideal for a family where family meetings and intimate receptions are valued in a small group of close friends. People who dream of creating a multi-generational family can live in such a house.

Number 7

You will find relaxation and relaxation in a vibrant home. 7 This is a great place for learning, self-awareness and development, in this home you will experience peace and loneliness. Numbers 7 are characterized by isolation, silence, peace, tranquillity, mystery, seclusion, retreat, science, so if you escape from the company, then you will have a lot of time and space for yourself at home at the address about vibration 7. In such a house, it is quiet, relaxing and intellectual atmosphere prevails. The seventh makes everyone in the household have their own opinion and is mostly busy with their careers, development or learning.

However, if you want to create a family atmosphere, you should avoid this vibration, because it may deepen the feeling of loneliness and social contact may disappear without any reason. Residents of a house with vibrations 7 do not lead a lush life like e. g."Living in the sea". A house with vibrations 3 or 5 is rather a place for a person who likes to read, learn, develop spiritually. People living under such vibrations should leave their homes more often and meet with people. Surely it will be a good idea to feel the introvert, but whether or not his cutting off from the world will get deeper. House 7 can also be a big challenge for the couple. There are two scenarios: the couple will either mature together (science, development) or gradually move apart (isolation).

Number 8

The vibration 8 brings success and wealth. Residents of a house of such vibrations will pay attention to material issues. 8 It will be great at home where the office is furnished, because it will bring prosperity and money. The apartment with vibrations 8 can be inhabited by people who deal with business, surrounded by an atmosphere of dignity and dignity. People who live in this apartment like to impress others, so it is often well decorated.

The number 8 is characterized by business, practicality, reliability, strength, authority, material security, prosperity, finances. 8 is a vibration of success, power, strength and fortune. It is not rather a place of rest, but a place that is supposed to reflect the material status. The apartment with a vibration 8 is inhabited by people who are practical, effective, enjoying order and who also count for every penny. 8 is conducive to getting rich, saving money, but also to investing in road design, furniture and household appliances. Money, work and career are often discussed here. However, residents should be careful not to lose themselves in the quest for wealth and fame.

Number 9

Residents of a house with vibrations are often idealists who want to serve others. It is an open house, decorated with taste, where everyone will find what they need. Tenants value art, like reading, usually they are busy with their own lives and developing their passions. This house will be a reflection of their internal needs, fascination and experience. If they're interested in painting, you'll find here pictures, if cooking - cookbooks.

Numustrology often avoids this vibration because it can cause many losses, especially if its inhabitants do not live constructively and do not give anything else. A house with vibrations 9 is a great home for someone who wants to finish one important stage of his life, mainly because 9 is about end to end, or perhaps more - change.

Number 9 is characterized by spirituality, openness, art, knowledge, foreign contacts, love and tolerance. House dwellers of 9 have a tendency to help everyone around them, so they should be careful and not allow themselves to be used. They usually do not care about everyday worries, because they are consumed by cultural and spiritual life.

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