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Numerology 7 - Life Path 7 - The meaning of the number 7 - Destiny number 7 | Free Psychic readings

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LIFE PATH No. 7 in numerology

A number seven symbolizes knowledge, intuition, intellect, contemplation, temperance, faith, and mystery. It is a vibration, which directs toward the inner life. One could say that loneliness is inherent in this number, as it helps delve deeper into the own interior. On the other hand, the number seven is associated with matter, its in-depth knowledge. A person under the influence of this number will obtain knowledge, but only as a result of separation and loneliness. Here is numerology 7.

Access to knowledge one can get in several ways. For example, by alienation, withdrawal from everyday life: because of the body (eg. illness), because of faith (to join the Order) or by knowledge (science). A person with Life Path number 7 focuses on his own development, to approach to the dream job, perfect body shape, or to get an education. The Seven has an analytical mind, which leads him to the way of thinking, reflection on himself, people, the world and to in-depth researchs. He has an excellent intuition, perceptiveness, acumen, and sense of observation, so this traits help him to read intentions before others realize the situation. This intuition and insight may go unnoticed by others, mainly due to the fact that he does not like to spend time in large groups or show off his expertise and knowledge. Sometimes dignity can be read as haughtiness and arrogance.

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For a person with Life Path number 7 it is hard to bear a criticism, which awakens in him a sense of regret. The Seven has also difficulty with taking the setbacks in stride. Usually he wants to be the best in every field, especially at work. A person with Life Path number 7  is insecure, that's why impose mask aiming to protect. When the Seven feels confident and can trust someone, he begins to open. On the surface, the Seven is hard and strong, but in fact is very delicate, so he needs a lot of understanding and sensitivity.

A person with Life Path number 7 tries to do everything at 100%, often he is a perfectionist. Despite the fact that the Seven has rather a mysterious nature, in the company he likes to draw attention to himself and likes to shine, while at home, among relatives he quiets down and directs his attention inward. The Sevens should remember that money and material things should never become the target. When they don't concentrate on striving for material wealth their financial issues will turn out without any effort. The Seven will be rich, when he directs his life on the path of spiritual development, on reflection on himself, people, the world, on the in-depth researches and then he will share his knowledge with others. The Sevens are very intelligent and witty, they think a lot, reflect on many aspects of life and analyze, so that's why they often are silent or appear to be presumptuous. He needs a lot of time just for himself during which withdraws from life and spends it alone. This free time spends on self-improvement and learning, so that they are well educated and well-read. The Seven is always elegant, witty, stylish and eloquent and he finds himself easily in any company.

A negative Seven will strive to own many material things, threatens him an excessive attachment to things. A negative Seven can become introverted, wary, alienated, dismissive, and dishonest. The Seven won't be self-confident, will be cynical and calculating. Person with Seven Life Path should focus on building confidence, integration with the family and friends, shortening the distance, humility. He should be careful not to become too critical for himself and his family, malignant and full of complexes. His requirements may be impossible to fulfill. The Seven may have a tendency to depression, which leads him to total isolation and addiction.

The Seven is not a partner or family vibration. However he may want to marry, especially if he will meet his soul mate with whom he will feel intellectually and spiritually contact. A person with Life Path number 7 often hides his true feelings, afraid that someone might hurt him and he thinks that showing his feelings is a sign of weakness. The Seven as a partner often requires the abandonment of dreams and ambitions, as well as taking his point of view.

A person with Life Path number 7 is loyal partner and spouse. He has a high libido, but usually heads by common sense. Sometimes the Sevens may seem cold and indifferent people, but it's an illusion, because they have a strong need to gain respect and trust of others. The Sevens are famous for the fact that they have great intuition and with tremendous accuracy they can predict certain events and identify the persons. They are sensitive and eager to share their knowledge and what they have. With the assistance they are able to protect others from suffering, including the spiritual suffering.

A person with Life Path number 7 likes to live alone, among the books, music and art. The Sevens love to read great works of literature, listen to the music of famous composers and admire the paintings of eminent painters. People with this vibration have a great need for knowledge and experience. They are dreamy, idealistic and unfortunately a little detached from reality. The life seems to them to be brutal and constantly disappoints them.

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Numerology 7 - career

The Seven is accurate and conscientious in the performance of his duties, he is careful and responsible. A person with Life Path number 7 always tries to do what he have to do in more than 100%, so sometimes he can be considered to be a perfectionist. He can create a workable and profitable business, but he must remember that it is not material goods and money should be his main goal. Usually, the Seven requires a lot from his subordinates with whom he can create good relations, mainly because of his manners.

A person with Life Path number 7 due to his enormous sensitivity can be great artist, and a highly developed intuition makes him a wonderful psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, wherever it is needed to understand and help another human being. They have a sense of taste and sense of beauty, so the Seven will be great hairdresser, stylist, decorator, designer.

For the Seven will be interesting such areas: science, psychology, philosophy, astrology, medicine, and other, where is necessary to have the ability of analysis, using own conclusions, as well as experience. An ideal work for the Seven is: philosopher, teacher, poet or writer.

Numerology 7 - love, numerology partner

numerology 7, Life Path 7, the meaning of the number 7, destiny number 7, psychic readings, girl, woman, rain, man, love
The Seven likes to isolate himself from the society, that is why it is sometimes difficult for him to enter into a permanent relationship. Shyness and isolation makes that he slowly opening up to new people. Although he doesn't show that, he are very sensitive and emotional person. If he falls in love and trusts someone, he wants for a partner everything what is the best in the World.

The eloquent Seven quickly finds a common topic of the conversation. He should pay attention to not isolate himself too much from a partner, because in the long run it may be very disturbed for a second half. A Sensitive Seven badly react to anger, criticism, aggression, and therefore his partner should keep this in mind. The Seven strives to a stable, full of confidence and love relationship, despite the fact that this is not a marital or family vibration. However, he is a loyal, faithful and sensitive partner and a great companion for life.

Life Path 7 in numerology - Famous people

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Queen Sophia of Spain, Al Pacino, Muhammad Ali, Leonardo Di Caprio, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Stephen Hawking, Natalie Portman, Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts, Johnny Depp, Bruce Lee, Carmen Electra, Julia Roberts

Numerology 7 - the meaning of Life Path 7:

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