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What is a Life Path and how to calculate it? | Psychic readings

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You can not change date of your birth. It determines our fate. Thanks to date of birth we are able to answer a lot of questions, because date of birth is like a map, so the sooner we learn to use it, the better for us. When we will be able to read what is written in our date of birth, there will uncover in front of us the plan of our earthly journey, which aims to continuous development. What is a Life Path? And how to read it?

Summed numbers of date of your birth is Life Path. It tells us what is our goal, what can we expect in our life, what we need to learn, what lessons we have to catch up. Everything what is happening to us is made especially for us to develop and, perhaps most importantly - no occurence isn't too big or difficult for us. Although we might encounter difficulties the end result will be a happy one. Every kind of problems will strengthen us and we must remember that we have the ability to solve them.

Number of our Life Path is the most important number in the Numerological Portrait (but of course not the only one!). You can compare it to the sign of the Zodiac. There are several ways to calculate the number Life Path. You should use every of them, because it is necessary to find Master Numbers. We should deepen the interpretation of the Life Path and uncover the Master Numbers. They are responsible for accurate defining the characteristics of a man or a particular event, thats why it can not be ignored.

There are three ways to calculate the Life Path:

1. The "vertical" method (ie. born 17.04.1988 r. -> 1 + 7 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 38 = 11 = 2)
2. The "horizontal" method - the sum of all the digits in the date of birth (the date as above -> 17 + 04 + 1988 = 2009 = 11 = 2
3. The sum of the digits from the day, the month and the year from the date above (8 + 4 + 8 = 20)

Usually in the first half of our life come out our weaknesses and challenges. Learning, development and overcoming the negative attributes of our Life Path is the main goal that should be realized. Each number has two sides, positive and negative, so in the lifetime we will work on bringing the optimal use of opportunities assigned to us and to soften extreme. Please note, that the number of Life Path includes a goal to which we aspire.

Remember! If the sum of date of your birth will come out 11, 22, 33, 44 - that's mean that the number does not add up - it is Master Number. But more on that another time ...

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