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Numerology 9 - Life Path 9 - The meaning of the number 9 - Destiny number 9 | Free Psychic readings

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LIFE PATH No. 9 in numerology


Life Path Nine symbolizes the ideals, openness, service to others, versatility, talent. It is the path of the teachers who should pass on their knowledge. The Nines are humanists, idealists, people full of knowledge. They seek to know the answers to the most important questions, and often focus on intellectual exploration. The Nine would like to live in a better world where everyone is happy, and often take in this direction a lot of steps. Here in numerology 9.

Number 9 closes the numerological scale, thereby informing us of reaching the highest stage of spiritual development. Unfortunately, the higher he goes up, the higher a bar is set and the more he meets difficulties. The Nine, except the Seven, is the most spiritual vibration of the whole numerological scale. Among the Nines there are many mystics, missionaries, visionaries and altruists.

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The Nine is compassionate and has a highly developed intuition, it often happens that strangers confide in him. Sometimes a person with Life Path number 9 thinks a lot about the problems of others so that he forgets about himself and his loved ones. Also sometimes he can not distinguish who should he help and who does not need the help. He would like to help the whole world, and often feels the suffering of others. It makes he can feel frustration due to the fact that he doesn't live his own life and he is not being able to help those who expect this aid. It can therefore be concluded that the Nine's lesson is to never forget about himself, because only if he is developing and is satisfied, he may relay his knowledge and has something to share.

br>Vibration nine gives his owner many abilities as: kindness, altruism, tolerance, and generosity. The Nines are a little out of touch with reality. These artistic souls have their heads in the clouds, live a little in a different fairy tale. Among them there are many eccentrics whose behavior deviates from accepted standards. The Nine has a great mind, so often shines with his intelligence and wisdom. He likes to spend actively his free time.

The negative Nine will care only about his own interests, he will be selfish, impatient and stubborn. The Nine can be under the influence of others, timid, fearful and deceitful. A person with Life Path number 9 is exposed to extreme emotions and inner tension, which can lead to nervous disorders.

A person with Life Path number 9 should devote himself to others, serve them and communicate his knowledge, so the Nine who seeks to gain wealth and money will be spiritually very poor and weak. This will be the negative fulfillment. The goal of the Nine is to find true nature of man, and get access to knowledge not by senses. Abandonment of the pursuit of material goods is merely a consequence reached by him the level of knowledge and wisdom.

The Nine in a relationship is sensitive, loving and good. The negative Nine can be unfaithful, dominant and can exploit people. he needs a lot of sensitivity and sense of being loved. However his shocking independence causes that his relationships are usually short-lived. Independence does not allow to push him in any cage.

Number nine means the sensitivity, altruism, devotion. So a person with Life Path number 9 is geared toward devotion, care and help others. People who have in a numerological portrait number nine are affectionate, sensitive and empathetic. They can not refuse help even strangers, they are very helpful to others and have a good heart. The Nines are sensitive to injustice, pain and suffering. Always ready to bring help. Sometimes their great wisdom is misunderstood by simple people.

A person with Life Path number 9 enjoys the company of other people, he loves to make new acquaintances, he is open and curious. In relations with others the Nine is very friendly and tolerant, but he sometimes tends to be too submissive, so he can be exploited by other people. When the Nine discovers that someone has used his good heart, he become sad, but it does not change his approach.

The Nines are characterized by the fact that they are very spiritual, they like to spend their time learning and developing. They are intelligent, they strive to self-improvement, the Nines have a receptive mind and are characterized by high intuition. A person with Life Path number 9 is very sensitive, patient, compassionate, forgiving, gentle and easy to communicate with others. He needs to care for others, family and helping them in everyday life.

If the Nine not focuses on helping others, he will have a sense of failure and will be unhappy. It helps him intuition and empathy, altruism, and a highly developed sensitivity. A person with Life Path number 9 is usually happy, active and talkative, but he may have a worse time - full of apathy and mood swings. Despite his social character he generally doesn't seek to acquire more friends. Very often he decides on solitary lifestyle that allows him to calm down and find peace.

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Numerology 9 - career

The Nine should not strive for wealth, but he appreciates the financial freedom and comfort. It may happen that he will look negatively on financial issues, as his ideal is selflessness and helping others. A person with Life Path number 9 feels good at work, where he can serve the public, then he may derive the greatest joy. He feels needed. Wisdom, intelligence and acquired experience allow the Nines succeed in any field.

A person with Life Path number 9 can work as a psychologist, negotiator, physiotherapist, clergyman, politician, lawyer, counselor life, coach, doctor, nurse, carer for elderly people, writer, poet. Many Nines work as a volunteer, which brings them a lot of joy and satisfaction. They will also be wonderful and creative artists. Their fields include: movies, music, theater, dance and painting. As a boss they will be respected by their subordinates. Among the Nines, you can also meet hypnotists and magicians.

Numerology 9 - love, numerology partner

numerology 9, Life Path 9, the meaning of the number 9, destiny number 9, psychic readings, red hearts, love
Usually, the Nine has a wonderful love life, but number 9 isn't marriage number. The Nines are romantic, sensitive, gentle and passionate. It flows from them warm and calm, people feel comfortable in their company, so they can steal the heart of the opposite sex. The Nines dream is to create a stable relationship, full of tenderness and love.

People with vibration number nine are willing to sacrifice a lot to their family be happy. However, they should be careful to not creep monotony into their life. For a person with Life Path number 9 nines it is very important to have sense of freedom and security. Sometimes he may seem as an extravagant and extraordinary person, whos nature is not easy. The Nines tend to exaggerate flaws, they can be very critical of the partners. For those who they love are willing to sacrifice a lot, and give all of themselves. Unfortunately, the Nine is not as effusive as can be other vibrations. A person with Life Path number 9 has other advantages - he is a faithful and loyal person. The Nine is fully committed partner only if respects his wife/husband, but when he is no longer deserving of respect, the Nine unscrupulous erases her/ him from his life.

Life Path 9 in numerology - Famous people

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Nicholas Copernicus, Elvis Presley, Andrea Boceli, Alicia Keys, Kurt Cobain, Adele, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Norris, Jim Carrey, Bob Marley, Harrison Ford, Mother Teresa

Numerology 9 - the meaning of Life Path 9:

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