Monday, February 13, 2017

Name Changes and Corrections in Numerology. Can choosing a new name really change your future?

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Through the practical application of numerology - numerology change, i. e. adding a name (or several) it is possible to change the personal vibrations, which will enable us to realize the Life Path. However, it should be stressed here that certain trends that result from the date of birth (cycles, peaks) cannot be changed. Vibrations are a kind of vehicle through which we travel our lives, therefore their proper adjustment has a positive impact on the realization of the Life Path.

How is the transformation going?

The numerology change consists in adding a new name, which will make up for the lack of vibrations, and it will also be adapted to the Life Path. The name added will transform the consciousness, which is why it is very important to work with a new name.
A change in behaviour can be seen in a child who takes a new name on confirmation, or in a woman who gets married and changes her name. Then, the aspirations, desires, ways of perceiving, intentions and goals of life change. The numbering change aims to set the vibration so that you can freely complete your Life Path with Cycles and Summits.

What is working with a new name?

The subconsciousness of the person undergoing the numerology change must be reached by a message with a new name - only in this case will it be possible to transform. To make a change, you need to work with new vibrations. Establishing an additional name by a numerolgist is not a transformation, but a sign by which a person can start the process of change. Transformation usually takes 3 to 6 months, but in some cases, such as e. g. Personal year with vibration 9, this process can be extended. What should you do to make the change?

- write dow new vibrations on a piece of paper (e. g. 1-9-1 or 3-8-11) and full names and surnames, then place them in a visible place, e. g. at the place where we work, by the computer, on the phone or in the place where we often stay. It is important to have frequent contact with the card so that it reaches our subconscious that we now have a new name added.

- In order to perpetuate new vibrations one can repeat all names and surnames, write them on a piece of paper several dozen times a day (e. g. 20-30) times a day (written cards should not be thrown away, they can be burned), etc.

- numerology change also needs affirmation, i. e. a message addressed to the subconscious. Thanks to such information, our subconsciousness saves in itself patterns, traits that will be developed or reactions to certain life situations. Affirmations will be most effective if we repeat them in the state of the greatest relaxation - the alpha phase, which takes place just before falling asleep. Therefore, it is a good idea to record such an affirmation on the MP3 player and listen to it before falling asleep, snooze or while we are resting. The content of affirmation can be freely modified, full names (also added) and surnames should be used in it, as well as who we will be from now on. It is worth remembering not to use the word "no" (e. g. instead of "I am not afraid anymore" - "I am brave").

During the transformation period it is possible to feel a change in behaviour and psyche, therefore during this period (about 3 months) one should not make any key life decisions, because after the transformation the aspirations and the way of approaching problems change. Initially, the new name (s) may look rather strange next to the old names, but it's a matter of getting used to it.

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