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Financial problems, money and numerology

Financial problems, money, numerology
Several days ago, one of the famous actors confessed that after divorce he had been confused about homelessness. After the division of the property, he left his wife and children a flat, while "he lived in the car himself, he had no money for petrol to get to the photo shoot". He was looking for film or theatre propositions that were not coming. In an interview, the actor also admitted that he was trying to take physical labour. Question: Is such a problem appear in numerology?

This actor was born on 1 February 1969. The first thing we can see is the second summit of vibration 8, which confronts the material world, because as we know 8 means money, success and power. It lasted from October 2004 until the end of September 2013.

The summit on vibration 8 is about outdoor conditions, independent of us - it announces a career, raising the standard of living and social position. The summit also states that it is important to be cautious about new commitments. It is a period in which the value of money should be understood. In its positive sense, it means success. What if the person with such a peak does not have in his vibrations the letters of name responsible for this aspect? There are no H, Q, Z letters in the name of the actor, which are equivalent to 8.

The lack of number 8 is quite frequent, it indicates the necessity of learning about money, power, material values, and most often we are dealing with a distorted sense of value. Because money is neither despicable, unclean nor can it become an end in itself - it is simply a contractual exchange system, reflecting energy exchange. Lesson related to the number 8 may manifest itself painfully through poverty and the need to start working at a very early age, or by squandering the property that will be lost with equal ease with which it was gained.

With a similar case of a peak with vibrations 8 and the lack of such a number in name vibrations, I was already dealing with a few years ago. A woman, educated, with foreign language skills, resourceful - she was made redundant from a job in which she earned quite well, and where she worked a few years after graduation. However, due to the reduction, it has been released. At that time it was in the second peak with a vibration 8.

For a few months, she tried to find another employment, but the crisis in the market did its job. The collected savings started to melt, she could no longer afford to rent a flat, so she decided to move to her fiancΓ©e, with whom she had been planning to marry for several years. However, she was still unable to find a job, even below her qualifications. As I mentioned earlier, there was no vibration of the number 8 in her names and surnames. 8 When I asked her to give me the name of her fiancΓ©e, it turned out that he had the letter H in his name (means 8). After checking the potential personal vibrations after the name change and adding his name, it turned out that they would be very beneficial for him. If they were planning to get married anyway, I recommended the marriage: -)

The result was that a few months after the marriage she found a well-paid and satisfactory job and there are no longer any financial problems. It is now coming out of the Summit 8th and seems to be facing new challenges....

As we can see from the above examples, the lack of some numbers in name vibrations can cause us a lot of trouble, especially if this number occurs in the Life Path, Cycle or, as in these cases, Summit.

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