Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What does the word Buddha actually mean?

Today there will be nothing about numerology today, although the following issue is loosely related to this topic. For what is our destiny? What are we all striving for? If we are a master 11, 22, 33 or 44 in numerology, we are a so-called "master number", an old soul, what should become our goal? Why do we live for? Many people are asking themselves similar questions and cannot find the right answers. That is why today a few words about what the word "Buddha" means and why it is so important.

It is worth noting here that the word "Buddha" has two meanings. To a lesser extent, it concerns only Buddha Sakyamuni, the father of Buddhism. The following post refers to the more general meaning of the word (which is written in small letter). The word "buddha" should be written in a small letter when we mean buddha - someone with buddha state of mind (or buddha = enlightenment), and it is uppercase when we write about someone specific (e. g. Buddha Sakyamuni).

Often speaking about Buddhism among oneself, we talk mainly about their first-class eminent spiritual teacher Buddha. However, some of us do not realize what this word means at all.

The meaning and origin of the word Buddha derives from the term "Buddha". The main core of the word "bud" means translating literally "awaken" and the whole term "awakened" Buddha. That is why we often say about the Buddha that he has been reluctantly striving for his way and has become enlightened, because he has just woke up (budd - "awakened").

In the past, he slept and was in a dream, striving to wake up and look at his eyes. He had a lack of knowledge, he did not question his dreams and did not rebel and did not object. When he suddenly awakens (which means "bodhi"), he becomes conscious of himself and his surroundings, possessing the highest knowledge, because he distinguishes between jaw and sleep. We often say colloquially about the Buddha that he has become enlightened. This is justifiably what we say, because the second meaning of the term "Buddha" means "enlightened". Each of us, working very hard on ourselves, can be covered by light, knowledgeable, and thus "Buddha". So we can all free ourselves from the illusions of the outside world. The earlier metaphor of awakening from sleep corresponds very well with the concept of Buddha as "someone freed from illusions".

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