Monday, February 20, 2017


Numerology 6, Life Path 6, love, feelings, relationships, meaning
The six is the most family and emotional number of all. Like no other vibration, love takes love very seriously and often strives for a permanent, legalised relationship. Because they treat relationships seriously, they don't quickly decide on a permanent relationship. The most important goal for the six is safety, establishing a loving family and giving it everything it needs. He finds peace and balance in love and family.

The 6 are devoted entirely to the family, often giving up their own careers and plans.

The 6 are sensitive and warm, so they easily attract people who love to be with them. They want an emotional, complete and romantic relationship in which they try to surprise their partner.

Shocks are quite loving, they often fall in love with the first sight. They have no problems expressing their feelings. Their disadvantage is that sometimes they are too caring or even invasive. The six should remember that the suffocating love of a partner can be rejected. Luckily in love, the 6 are able to move the mountains.

The Life Path is of a general character, which is what the Zodiac Signs in astrology are. To find out more, you need to make a Numerology Report, which is created on the basis of your date of birth and your name. Such a report is a kind of a Map of Life, thanks to which we understand the events of our life, the sense of our relationships, and also where we are heading and, above all, for what purpose.

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