Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Numerology 8, Life Path 8, love, feelings, relationships, meaning
People with Life Path 8 have an extremely strong and strong personality, so that people pay attention to them and there is quite a high probability that a potential partner will see the person himself/herself from this vibration. They are full of charm, which makes them quickly attract your dream partner, although they don't immediately decide to join a relationship.

The 8 who want to build a happy relationship must limit their material propensity and desire. They should be careful not to take into account the wealth of their portfolio when choosing a partner. The eight tenacity causes them to avoid any disputes or quarrels that might destroy the relationships.

Schools should be careful that the desire to make a career does not prevent them from creating a successful relationship. In the family they need love, tenderness, support, trust and responsibility. Often it is the case that from the other person, the eight demands devotion and complete submission. He likes to dominate, he may have difficulties in recognizing his own emotions, as well as those of others.

8 are loyal spouses and devoted friends, but the desire to have a loving person as a property can cause considerable problems. Additionally, the desire to possess material goods causes that an eight can sometimes forget about the closest relatives. And when they love someone, they want to give her everything that she wants.

The Life Path is of a general character, which is what the Zodiac Signs in astrology are. To find out more, you need to make a Numerology Report, which is created on the basis of your date of birth and your name. Such a report is a kind of a Map of Life, thanks to which we understand the events of our life, the sense of our relationships, and also where we are heading and, above all, for what purpose.

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