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Numerology - What can Numerology tell us about colors? (aura, chakras)

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I think each of us is aware of how much the colours around us influence us. Chromotherapy (colour therapy), which consists in the introduction of appropriate colours into the human body, and thus helps to eliminate the problems that any human organism has to face. There are currently hospitals in the world where this therapy is used and walls are repainted to specific colours, e. g. Red, which is supposed to stimulate, increase the amount of energy, green introduce harmony and balance, orange to fight depression, blue to lower the pressure and calm down. What numerology has to do with colors?

Color is nothing more than the energy that is perceived by photo-sensitive cells in the retina of the eye called stamens and cones. Colours are actually energy. We receive a certain frequency of this energy as a given color, as Isaac Newton has proven. Color is one of the most recognizable energy sources for us. Few people are nowadays aware of the power of the colours that surround us, and also of the fact that the world of colours is a vibrant energy that has a huge impact on our health, well-being, temperament or behaviour. What colours we surround ourselves with throughout our lives, from childhood to adolescence and adulthood, has a major impact on our decisions, careers and social life. What colours we choose, on the other hand, is a proof of our needs, personality, problems and state of mind. A liking or an aversion to some colour can say a lot about man. Properly selected color of the environment certainly affects our mental well-being, although of course it is not a cure for all evil.

Marketers know about the enormous influence of colour, who choose the colour of the product packaging in such a way as to catch our attention. The same is true of interior design by professional decorators, who pay attention to the temperament of the owner so that they feel at home as best as possible. For example, in order to maintain peace and balance, the company's owner living in tension should paint his flat in green or blue, and a person with low pressure should use red colour in the elements of his flat. Yes, colour can affect our health, careers, well-being and social relations.

Colours and a date of birth and numerology

Colours, like sounds, affect us, create various feelings and affect our mood and mood. It is no different with numbers. The color of the date of birth has a huge influence on us, it determines our temperament, has a huge influence on our personality and how we are perceived by the environment. It is an element of our nature.

The date of birth and the first and last name are required to determine our colour correctly. Based on such data we are able to determine the personal internal color and more accurate color scheme, which was created according to the arrangement of the chakras. What is worth emphasizing - the chakras' colors are made up of the same colours as those found in the rainbow. As in the case of a rainbow that goes from red to violet, so the red colour in the chakras has the lowest frequency and fits in the lower parts of the body, while the violet colour is the highest and is at the top of the head. It is identical in numerology, where numer 1 is matched by red.

For such a person, the red colour will be a personal internal color, which he has enough. She should not buy red clothes anymore. This may cause her irritation, irritation, irritation, irritation, impulsiveness, excess energy, anger, and also increase the level of adrenaline.

But it is not only the birth vibration that matters. The names and surnames we carry are also important, i. e. the content of certain letters. For example, the letter A corresponds to the number 1 and the red colour.

In numrology, each number corresponds to a specific colour. The basic colour is defined by the number of Life Path of a given person who is the target. A certain colour refers to personality, what a person should do in his or her life, and why he or she should sacrifice it. It is the dominant colour in aura.
I would like to remind you that the Life Path of a person is determined by the sum of the numbers that make up the person's full date of birth.

For example Born 12.03.1980.
1+2+3+3+1+9+9+8= 24= 24=2+4=6

The colour of this person shall be indygo

1 Red
2 Orange
3 Yellow
4 Green
5 Blue
6 Indigo
7 Violet
8 Pink
9 Bronze

There are also exceptions to the simplification of numbers to a single digit. These are the numbers that occur during the simplification process when the number 11, 22, 33 or 44 is used. The people to whom they have been assigned have a greater potential than the others.

However, if a person does not feel a vocation for a higher purpose, it is a Double, not an Eleven, not a Four, and not a Twenty-Double, etc. Then mastery is not realized and the given man derives from the values of these lower (but not worse) vibrations.

What colors mean?

Number 1 - RED

It is one of the most powerful colours. He adds a lot of energy, courage, charisma, strongly developed ego. It means leadership and a desire to succeed. Such a person can achieve a lot, take a very responsible, high position. It also emanates from the heat and sensitivity. Unfortunately, it also brings nervousness and egocentrism.

Number 2 - ORANGER
The orange colour is warm. It means harmony, cooperation, sense, inborn tact and intuition. It is a colour of warmth and care. It is easy to establish a relationship with such people, as they are friendly. Orange-coloured people like to spend their free time with friends and family, they are caring and caring. The biggest drawbacks of such people are their marasmus, laziness and indifference.

Number 3 - YELLOW
Yellow means joy, creativity, enthusiasm, joy and happiness. People whose basic colour is yellow are bright, intelligent, enthusiastic and intelligent people. sometimes it may change. They have many interesting ideas that they try to put into practice. Thinking processes take place in them very quickly. They value good fun, like to accompany and entertain others, but they also want to be entertained by themselves. These are the souls of the company, who like gossip and casual chats. They have something to say on every subject. They learn quickly and willingly, but their knowledge is quite superficial, after all you cannot know everything. They should take care of the artistic side of their lives and express themselves through dance, singing, literature or painting. The negative features of yellow include the tendency to colour reality, telling untruth and sometimes also timidity.

Number 4 - GREEN
The green colour is a colour of peace and harmony. For those for whom this is the basic colour, they are peacefully oriented and also have the aptitude to be healers. They are people who weigh their words together, are balanced, generous, trustworthy, but also restrained - also in expressing feelings. They value cooperation with others and conflict-freeness. But if they aspire to something, they can also be stubborn. They are diligent and conscientious in pursuing their goals. Unfortunately, they are also inflexible and prone to change, they stick too rigidly to their own rules and views.

Number 5 - BLUE
It is a colour of diversity and enthusiasm. People whose basic colour is blue are spontaneous, positive and energetic. They are more often able to get out of trouble. They are young in spirit. They are honest, straightforward, honest. However, they need freedom and freedom in life. They can't find themselves in the routine of everyday life and don't like it when someone tells them what to do and how to live. They like to get to know new countries and cultures and meet new people. However, they have problems with the completion of their work, usually at the beginning they are full of enthusiasm, which will expire with time.

Number 6 - INDYGO
It is a colour of warmth, responsibility, philanthropy, healing, helping others. People who have this color in their portrait as a basic one should do the job of helping and supporting other people. Such people appreciate being among friends, family and people with whom they feel loved. Indigo's colour has therapeutic and supportive properties. Among the disadvantages of people with dominating indigo colour are the inability to say "no", sometimes too often they can be exploited, and

Number 7 - VIOLET
Violet is the colour of spiritual and intellectual development. People for whom violet is the basic colour are eager to grow spiritually, learn new things and get to know the world. Often, people with this colour delve deeper into spiritual knowledge or metaphysics. As they become knowledge and wisdom over time, their aura grows and their colour becomes more intense. It may happen that a person with a predominantly violet color in the portrait denies his or her spiritual life, but in such a case he or she will not be completely happy, because subconsciously she will feel that something is missing. The disadvantage of violet is a certain sense of superiority and dominance over others, which discourages people.

Number 8 - PINK
It is colour, contrary to appearances, determination, responsibility, determination and stubbornness. Pink people, as the basic colour, set themselves goals that are unattainable for others, and stubbornly strive to achieve them. They gain high positions, prestige and power, while remaining simple and modest people who value their family.

Number 9 - BRONZE
Bronze denotes humanity, service to people, aid, philanthropy. People with a dominant brown colour have a good heart, are usually generous, caring and sensitive to the harm done to others. They try to help people, even strangers, and sometimes take care of themselves more than themselves. Sometimes it may seem that they are people who act in an ill-considered and wasteful way. They must learn to say' no' because others often impose their own will on them and try to use them for their own ends.

Whether we want it or not, colours affect us and how our lives look like. On the other hand, the knowledge of the properties of particular colours and their proper application will help us to reorganize our lives and change them for the better.

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