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Numerology and telephone number. How to find the right number? Mobile, Cell phone and numerology

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Throughout our life we are surrounded by a lot of numbers, there are thousands of them - shoe number, clothes size, ID card number, monthly ticket number, registration plates, etc. Each of these numbers affects us, but most of them - to a very minimum. You cannot fall into paranoia, so it is worth noting at the very beginning that the vibrations of the phone number do not play such an important role in our lives (the number of the Life Path and the vibrations of the name), but it can be a drop that fills the charm. A well matched number will bring us luck, and if we run a business, success. This may not be the most important factor, but it is worth making sure that the telephone number is good for us.

Because if we expect peace and the vibration of our phone number is 3, we will not keep up with it. If, on the other hand, we want customers or family members and friends to call us, and the phone's vibration is 7, let us not be surprised that it will remain silent. Someone who expects changes at work wants to have more orders, customers, and social life to revitalise, should think about adapting their phone number to their own expectations. It is worthwhile to learn how to calculate vibrations, to know the significance of each of them, and then to choose it according to what we need at the moment.

How to calculate the vibration of phone number?

Each phone number has its own numbered vibration. There are many theories about how to calculate phone vibration, some claim that the last number is important and others that the last 4 numbers. To calculate vibrations correctly, it is enough to add all the individual digits together.

Number 123 456 789 has vibration 9, because 1+2+3+3+4+4+5+5+6+7+8+9=45
Then add up the 4+5 result and get a total of 9

When analyzing your phone number, you should pay attention to whether any numbers appear more than once.

What number to choose?

If you are facing a phone number and do not know which area of your life you would like to improve - it is important that you just pick a lucky number, you should choose a number with the same vibration as your Life Path. If you are a number 1 - choose a phone number with vibrations 1. The more friendly the numbers, the better the number matches us.

"Golden numbers" which consist of the same digits and are thus easier to remember (e. g. 600 222 333 or 501 233 433). In the case of numerology analysis of such a number, it may turn out that the four 3 contained in it will change the main vibration, e. g. If you are more entertaining, the phone will still be ringing. The golden number is interpreted differently - first of all we pay attention to how many and what numbers are in the number, and then we calculate the main vibration, which results from the whole number.

For example the number 602 880 884 will be a good number for the person who runs his own company, because there are four eighths. The main vibration is the number 44, i. e. the master number, and after reduction - the number 8.

It would be ideal if each number were matched to the purpose for which it is intended. For example, an artist or an actor should have a telephone with vibrations of 3 or 5. was 1.

Meaning of individual vibrations

Number 1

The vibration number 1 is a puncture number, which is why it is recommended to those who run the company and need to break through among a large number of competitors. It is a great vibration for the boss, who will be able to conduct many difficult conversations. These discussions will produce concrete results. The number 1 is a male vibration, valiant, it adds courage and hits. The phone is not used to talk about this vibration, but to deal with important matters and provide important information. Everything that a person from this issue says sounds convincing. However, be careful not to be too rough and remember to be gentle during the conversation.

This number is advantageous for employees of debt collection companies, advertising and sales people. Everyone who calls a vibration number 1 gives the impression of being competent and determined. It is difficult to call a person who has a phone of this vibration, because such a person prefers to decide who to contact. It is an ideal number for an independent person, someone who participates in any competition. It supports all initiatives, new undertakings and gives it a gift of persuasion.

Number 2

If you value long calls, you should dial a phone number with vibrations. 2 This number is good for maintaining contacts, so it is a good number for a person who will use the phone for private purposes. It will favour journalists or those who are in the free profession. This is a number for those who want to negotiate, agree and work together in a fruitful way. It is worth noting, however, that it will be good for incoming calls rather than outgoing calls, as it does not give any punching power.

Number 2 is primarily a female vibration, it will help people who want to share their problems and seek support. These are vibrations that mean diplomacy, sensitivity, love, peace and harmony. This vibration is very good for single people looking for a partner. The Vibration 2 phone number will also be good for people who want to stay in touch with others (also clients) and will be a great number for the family home, because it helps to nurture positive feelings, for the outpatient clinic, the hospital. The callers of this issue will meet with understanding and compassion, as well as with help.

Number 3

Number 3 is conducive to interesting conversations and frequent contacts, because 3 are energy, joy and creativity. Telephone number 3 should be used by single people, as this number is conducive to new acquaintances, flirtations and romance. Three are mobility, many contacts, many changes and, above all, independence. In this case, you should prepare yourself for the incessant phones, SMS and MMS. It is a great number for young people who are looking for contact with their surroundings. Unfortunately, there may be a problem with telephone bills.

Some people believe that you should avoid 3 in the case of a business phone. Of course, in the case of a job - probably yes. If you are a freelance professional and you want your customers to call you, it is worth dialing this number, as it brings you lots of contacts and calls. This number will also favour journalists, artists, traders, publicity and arts professionals. It is a great number for travel agency, gallery, cinema, theatre, hotel, transport companies.

However, if you are looking for peace and quiet, the phone number of 3 is not for you. You can be sure that this number is among the most popular among friends and acquaintances. Everyone will want to share their thoughts, comments and problems with you. Sometimes you may be surprised by the number of phones and who owns your number and calls you and, above all, the matter you want to raise.

Number 4

The vibration number 4 will be suitable for specific, economical and responsible people. Here the conversations will be short and structured, and they will deal with specific problems, without unnecessary dragging and chatting. It is a number for large businesses (it serves serious business interests) and also a great number for the employee. It is worth noting that 112 is added to 4, making it easy to communicate quickly, concretely and efficiently, where you need to make accurate and instant decisions. This number brings stability and attracts specific callers who (as opposed to 3) know what they are calling for. Callers have specific expectations and requirements.

It is a good number for doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, construction companies, accountants, public offices, reception and wherever reliable information is the basis for contacts. They should avoid him or her if they like to talk or chat frequently and keep in constant contact. A person with a vibration number 4 will only ring if necessary. It is not conducive to flirtation, romance, and also showing feelings on the phone. Vibration 4 brings seriousness, distance and even coolness.

Number 5

The Vibration Number 5 is good for creative individuals who are always on the road. The energy of this number is similar to 3, with the difference that it is more dispersed and variable. The conversations will be interesting and surprising for both sides. Their subject matter will be intriguing. The phone will either keep ringing constantly and then a long silence can occur.

This number will be good for professionals, as well as for people who work in the word - great for people in the media, journalists and commercial representatives. It favours flirtation, romance and intimate contact. Suitable for places where games and events are organised, editors, advertising agencies, nightclubs and travel agents. They certainly dared solitary people, who would start making conversations, and others would also call them. The number of this vibration is not suitable for major institutions, offices or companies.

Sometimes people with this vibration are so overwhelmed by the number of contacts that they forget to call back and often hide behind the need for freedom.

Number 6

Number 6 promotes family life, assurances about feelings and love. This is a good number for children and elderly people who expect care. The callers will also be able to count on words of support, and the conversation will be a balm for their souls. This number promotes a harmonious relationship, order and any misunderstandings will be resolved. Callers will be happy to confide in their problems and will certainly get help. It is also a good number for doctors, carers, psychologists, pedagogues, hospitals, pharmacies, educational, training and care institutions. Then this number brings good contacts and is more concrete than the 3th number helpful in love and partnership. Favours long, warm family conversations.

The Vibration Number 6 is ideal for artists. It's a great vibration for art companies, hairdressers and beauty parlours. Remember not to drag too much talk, otherwise the household budget may not bear it.

Number 7

It's a phone number that is difficult to call because the owner usually loses the charger, doesn't like to talk or does not have a phone with him. This is a good number for those who have a phone call just in case and actually rarely use it. Seventh certainly does not encourage communication, so it is not a number for companies and people who want to maintain relations. This will be a good number for those who have some secrets and want to hide them, e. g. if someone leads a second life, etc. It is an ideal phone number for agents, loners, detectives, researchers, scientists, church institutions, clergy, and well-known people who use the phone to make private contacts. People who call this number will often need spiritual support.

In this case, business talks will be tiny, not very specific and few. If it is a home number, friends who want to get their hands-on attention will often call you.

Number 8

This is the most "business" number, which is why it is recommended to people who run their own business. The number 8 vibration supports in contacts with banks, customers and important people. It helps in hard negotiations on the phone, which is why it is also recommended for traders. The company will be a great place for betting, bank, insurance companies, the stock exchange, large companies, audiotele lines and international corporations, wherever they are trading with large amounts of money and strive to collect them as much as possible. This number supports the achievement of profit, not only helps to increase the number of assets, but also to maintain lasting business relations.

People with this number should pay attention to increase their sensitivity during the conversation, especially if someone is addressing a problem.

Number 9

Number 9 makes it an ideal number for charitable institutions, foundations, associations, public benefit institutions or trusted phones. Nine of them bring fame to the company, but they don't necessarily go for the money. It is a number of things good for travellers, free spirits, individualists. Vibration 9 brings numerous social and foreign contacts and positive perceptions of the environment. There are many phone numbers in the phone book of such a phone call to friends, friends and family. It is a very good number for doctors and people who help others (e. g. volunteers, carers). This number will be called by people who are looking for help, compassion or understanding. This number is beneficial for those who run a public activity but do not expect any profits. The conversations are creative and emotional.

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