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Prince George of Cambridge (GEORGE ALEXANDER LOUIS) - Numerology Report

Prince George of Cambridge, GEORGE ALEXANDER LOUIS, Numerology Report
Numerology is a great tool for getting an insight into our life, its purpose, as well as into our personality and potential. Numbering knowledge can be used to predict the nature of a newborn baby.  It is therefore worth taking a look at the royal descendant, Prince George, who is the third in order to take the throne, just behind his grandfather, Prince Charles, and his father, Prince William's. What is the future for him?

The Prince GEORGE ALEXANDER LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR was born on 22 July 2013, so after adding it up, we will get the Life Path 8 (2+2+7+7+2+0+1+3 = 17 1+7=8).

  5  6      5  1   5    1      5       6 39       63         1      5        9        6
7      9 7       3    6    54   9  3       1  4       5 22    22   5   5   54 1    9

Number Soul 4
Expression 1
Life Purposes 5

In the numerology calculations by name and surname we do not include titles such as "His Royal Highness" or "of Cambridge".

Life Path 8 - Leader

8 is the number of power, strength, money, ambition, status, position and success. This is the ideal number for the future king! With a strong and powerful eighth, George can be a powerful, disciplined and ambitious leader. Semka gives her mental and physical strength, is characterized by her diligence, innate sense of justice and consistent pursuit of her goals. He speaks with difficulty about feelings, and in life he is guided primarily by logic. It is a strong and charismatic number, and the prince can be perceived as distanced and cool by his surroundings. He or she can solve problems that seem to others to be impossible to overcome, he or she likes to help others. As a numbered eight, she can be put into practice in politics, the military and also in service to the state (especially that his second cycle is a masterly 22nd cycle). The prince will be very conscious of his position in the social hierarchy, and will also feel well as a leader and authority. As the eighth of the Life Path and the 22nd of the Productive Cycle, he will be interested in money, power and real estate.

Well, that is the theory. It is worth noting that George has no H, Q, Z letters in his names (no the vibration 8), which means that the implementation of the Life Path with vibration 8 will be difficult and may take over the negative aspects of this number. (More on this at the end of the post).

And how is the negative 8 achieved?

The number 8, which is implemented in a negative way, may at all costs strive to gain wealth, and money will become its main goal.  It will stress the loved ones, as well as introduce an atmosphere of distrust, jealousy and intolerance to diversity. She should respect others and find her own identity. In the financial sphere, the eight are still unmet and never enough, but their appetite grows as they eat, leading to frustration. They must keep in mind that money is only a means to an end, not an end. Her material needs can lead her to a blind alley.

Read more about numbered 8 HERE.

Cycle 22

The number 22 is a master number. In the royal family master numbers like 11 and 22 appear quite often. The Queen Mother died in 2002 as a numbered 22, while Prince Charles and Prince William are the numbered 11th Master of the Teutonic Knights.

The number 22 modifies his Life Path a bit, although like the number 8 it belongs to the world of matter and means realization in this area. It is worth mentioning that it will only affect George's adult life at the age of 28, i. e. from 1 October 2041.

The potential that appears on birthday 22 is enormous and needs to be put to good use, in this case for the good of all subjects. The master numbers that appear on birth date mean souls who are capable of achieving something great in their lives. This potential is not always feasible, but in this case it can be achieved. Number 22 means a leader, a builder, who creates a better world for other people.

Prince George, who grows up in wealth himself, probably when he will grow up to contribute to the improvement of his nation's situation. 8 from the Life Path and 22 in the second cycle make it possible for the prince to have immense possibilities that will allow him to determine and then implement ambitious plans for himself, and above all for his nation and country. He or she can lead a large group of people, is dynamic, organized, ambitious, focused, has a strong will and is determined. It is able to anticipate situations that will only occur.

However, the number 22 does not always come true, not everyone is able to rise to the level of this vibration. People from 22 countries were burdened with great responsibility towards the society in which they live. If they meet this challenge, they deserve to be remembered and the descendants' deep gratitude. They will have the opportunity to carry out very ambitious and responsible tasks, to run large companies, to lead political parties and even to sit in government. They can also choose a simpler path and realize themselves as 4, in which case they should limit themselves to fulfilling the role of honest, diligent and responsible people who conscientiously fulfil their duties. Some people think that by most of the people born 22 days, this number is going to be at the level of 4.

lesson: working, creating for common ideals in order to improve the lives of groups of people, special mission in the present life and the duty to respect rights
negative: this extraordinary creative potential, used for selfish purposes, introduces very strong vibration, disruptive nervous system and mental balance. A period of hard work, hard work and energy-intensive, resource-intensive work.

First summit 2/11

It is interesting that the prince up to the age of 28 is in the first peak of vibrations 11, which indicates the possibility of gaining a deeper level of understanding and awareness of himself, others, spirituality and the world. Women (mother, grandmother or other raising woman) will be more important in the life of a child. Father will not play such a great role in the first years of life. There will be situations that teach the art of dialogue. There will be a hypersensitivity, a need to submit to the environment. Emotional balance and systematic action must be ensured. 11 is usually performed as vibration 2.

The second summit of vibrations 1, under the influence of which the prince will be between the ages of 28 and 37, will bring new opportunities, new beginnings and renewal. 1 means a new lifestyle, great activity and the ability to realize one's own ideas.

Cycle 7

The first cycle of vibration 7, which will last until the end of September 2041, means that childhood will be marked by internal spiritual development. The child will be sensitive (especially that at the first peak of 2/11), insightful and capable of logical thinking and methodical action, and at the same time characterized by a high development of intuition. He or she will be an intelligent child, able and willing to learn and acquire knowledge. He will look at life more closely than his peers. It will have an internal coercion of independence, a necessity to experience in its own way. A way of being introverted, discreet, dreamlike and even mysterious. Sometimes he can look for solitude or he will be accompanied by such a feeling. It can be misunderstood by the environment, have doubts about the choice of the direction of life. In the case of negative realization, 7 means lack of parental care or vice versa - overprotection.

Parents should help the child find a way to express themselves, to leave their shell, to communicate with their surroundings (especially that they have 3 in the first challenge). Give sustainable care that allows for a safe experience, i. e. not remove the difficulties, leaving the child with a choice of how to experience them, while consecrating them discreetly in his efforts to overcome difficulties.

Number of soul - 4

The number of souls speaks of the most hidden desires, which are invisible to the environment. The vowels contained in the names are summed up to the number 4.4. people with this number of souls are usually serious and are guided primarily by common sense. They have a need for order, stability and balance. They believe in justice and want to create a better world. Before they make any decision, they long wonder about their consequences. They are faithful, honest, disciplined, practical, persistent and hard-working, so they almost always manage to fulfil their plans. In their work they are systematic and accurate. In life, they are realists who look soberly at the surrounding reality. Negative implementation of 4 may be limited, overly conservative and stubborn. He may not allow others to do so and nothing will be able to convince her. The number 4 in Internal Life also indicates that such a person is small, shy and hidden. It will be difficult to guess the true thoughts of a young prince. The four in the Soul Numbers reinforces the materialistic and practical approach to the world (in the end, 8 out of the Life Path and 4/22 out of the Productive Cycle). In addition, the number 4 will be reinforced by the first challenge of vibration 3 and the first cycle 7.

However, the prince's outward perception will be somewhat different, and everything will be perceived by the prince through external expression....

External expression - 1

The number of external expression shows how we are perceived by the environment. The sum of consonants in the names of Prince George gives the number 1; this figure results in a slightly more positive number of internal life as described above than it would appear from description 4. persons with 1 in external expression are perceived by the environment as pioneers, individuals, independent and dynamic. They are full of enthusiasm and are happy to implement new ideas and undertakings. They are creative, creative, original and imaginative.

Sometimes, however, they may seem to be self-centered, self-centered. They give the impression of being interested, want to be important and like to stand out from the crowd. Thus, the prince may be accused of pursuing his private goals or of being conceivable. The prince, on the one hand, will be stirring admiration and, on the other, jealousy.

4 and 1

Combination of 4 in the aspirations of the soul and 1 in external expression causes a contradiction. On the one hand, it is perceived as an independent, courageous and even daring person outwardly, and on the other hand, it is concealed, timid, restrained and striving for peace. The number of souls with vibrations of 4 makes us consider, so that the actions taken are well thought out and rational. If the prince ever comes to sit on the throne and make quick decisions, he may find it difficult. Internal fears can lead to paralysis, although the strong Life Path with vibrations will probably eliminate these features.

Life purposes

The sum of the Soul Life and External Expression figures indicates the Life Purposes and the role that an individual plays or should play in society. This number is the driving force behind our actions, and it shows motivation.

The name of Prince GEORGE ALEXANDER LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR is added to 5, which means that he will be a man who loves freedom and adventure. The number 5 is the number of personal freedoms and changes. It is the most dynamic, anxious, variable and impatient among all vibrations. A person with this number in the Life Goals must feel free; he wants an active life full of adventures, surprises and strong stimuli. He will have to overcome his violent character and find peace. This may prove to be a big challenge, as it will be bored with monotonous work, and everyday routine is something that it does not endure. You will have to find a course that will match the personality of the person with your 5th Life Goals.

The life goal in this case means freedom of creation. People with this number want an intensive, adventurous life without routine. Perhaps the prince will want to free himself from the limitations of being a member of the royal family, but certainly some restrictions will take away from him. He will be interested in the world, foreign cultures and customs, will want to meet new people and learn about their customs and ways of life. In the case of Prince George, the life goal will be further emphasized by an excess of 5 in names and surnames.

The Excess 5 in names and surnames

In the numbered portrait of the Duke, the number 5 is as many as 10 times. Excess of this number means eternal anxiety, courage, audacity, the need for change, a volatile mind, brilliance, original ideas. A person with a large number of 5 is characterized by eternal anxiety, constant need for movement, freedom, change. He is a person with a tendency to take risks, adventures. He likes to use life, he can get her involved in gambling, alcohol or drugs. In stressful situations it can be impulsive, aggressive or nervous. He is an individualist who cares about his freedom and fights for the preservation of his living space. She should work on the violent nature and impatience.

None 8 in forenames and surnames

One of the biggest problems in the numerology report is the lack of some number in the name and surname, as in this case - 8, while it is 8 of the Life Path Number. Lack of number 8 means lessons of material values, power, money. This vibration is also associated with mysticism and fatherhood. She speaks of people who sleep on money and count them again every evening, or of those who easily exchange a genuine gold jewel for shiny bibelot. Both of these cases relate to a sense of disorderly value. If there are no H, Q, Z letters in the name and surname that have a vibration of 8, this means you need to understand the real role and value of money. It should be taught that money is not an end in itself, nor is it unclean, it is only a means of exchange. Lesson related to the number 8 may manifest itself painfully through poverty and the need to start working at a very early age, or by squandering the property that will be lost with equal ease with which it was gained. A person deprived of vibration 8 can be either undecided or hasty. It means recklessness in financial matters, profligacy, and also life for money only. Internal fears can inhibit spiritual development.


CHALLENGE First 3 (durable to mid-life)
The first challenge, which will last more or less during childhood and youth, will be to learn how to manage energy. It can result in dispersion, hiding, embarrassment when it comes to presenting ideas and opinions, inability to express emotions, in all communication problems, that is, in the form of talkativeness, or in shutting oneself down. Internal inhibitions will make it more difficult to communicate with the environment. 3 brings with it an inability to use one's talents and abilities. Open up and show interest in other people.

Main CHALLENGE 1 (long life cycle)
It means discovering one's own individuality, self-awareness, initiative and entrepreneurship. Self-development is becoming a problem that needs to be overcome. Sometimes there are problems with internal discipline. Sometimes there is a desire for dominance, power, especially if the number of 1. lessons dominates in the portrait is to learn how to control oneself, one's life and show one's initiative.


We have a prince, who should theoretically be a great king and leader. The Life Path with vibrations says that it will be courageous and independent, but at the same time sensitive and delicate. However, the analysis should take into account the lack of names and surnames, which will make it difficult to follow the Life Path with vibration on its path 8. this can be compared to a soldier who is going to war, but is not equipped with the necessary weapons. So, despite being a soldier, he will not achieve his goal - a fight and then a victory.

Strongly marked 5 (it occurs 10 times!), less 7 (only 2 times), but the biggest problem is the lack of 8 in names (i. e. lack of HQZ letters).

The prince will be characterized by low speech and mystery - it is expressed in the number 4 in the Soul's Efforts, 3 in the first challenge, the first cycle of vibration 7 and the first peak of vibration 2, which will deepen the problem. The situation will change slightly when at the age of 28 he will enter the second peak with vibration 1 and the second cycle with vibration 4/22 (with masterful potential). But he will never know what he thinks, he will be a mysterious king. The number 4 in the Deductions of the soul and the second cycle means perseverance, ambition and determination. He will surely be able to realize his ideas, thanks to which he will remain an unforgettable king.

Materialistic figures such as 8 in the Life Path, 4 in the Soul and 4/22 in the second cycle and an artistic 5 in the Purposes of Life make the prince unpredictable. Once calm, folded, sometimes explosive and irritated.

Numerology change

In this case, it is necessary to add another name. First of all, to make up for the lack of the letter H, Q, Z. Their lack will contribute to the problems in the implementation of the Life Path. In addition, the next name would change personal vibrations into more favourable ones, one that would support the future king and not hinder him from making the road, as is the case with the number of 5 in the Life Purposes.

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