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Karmic debt - how to pay it off? Karma in numerology

Karmic debt, how to pay it, Karma, numerology, girl
When we think of debt, the first thing that comes to mind is an unpaid loan or debt in the form of a bank loan. But this is not the only form of debt that can happen to us. Karmic debt is often an unconscious burden, which gives rise to serious problems. If there are still various kinds of difficulties in life, whether emotional, financial or work, you should know that this may not be a coincidence and these problems may be related to karma and karmic debt. What is he and how to pay him off?

Karma is a concept that appears in the Buddhist philosophy, and is connected with the lawful cause and effect and the theory of reincarnation. The Law of Karma has been known for thousands of years mainly in the East, in many Asian countries, but nowadays this law is becoming increasingly popular in the culture of the West. It is worth noting that the Law of Karma was described by the ancient sage Hermes Trismegistos as one of the universal laws of nature. It sounds like this: The following

Each cause has its own consequence.
Each succession has its own cause.
Everything is done according to the law.
The case is just the name we give to rights that are not yet known.
There are many areas of causality, but nothing escapes the law.

Even if we do not realise this, we are subject to the law of cause and effect. This law has always existed, it is natural and eternal. Each one of us can see in our lives the action of karma. Karma is nothing more than a gathering of good and bad energy, which manifests itself in happiness or suffering. In our own life or that of others, we can see much suffering, injustice, harm, which can only be explained in one way - the Law of Karma. The sad events we encounter are the result of our actions in previous incarnations. Similarly, these good events - testify to the fact that we used to live in harmony with other people and we acted properly. It is worth remembering that every one of our deeds will be reflected in the future, more or less.

We often believe that the world is ruled by chance, but only when we learn about our previous incarnations, everything begins to form a logical whole and we start to realize that fate is not "blind"at all. We start to feel the effects of our old actions, most often only in the next incarnations when conditions change. It is worth realizing that we are creators, we create our own destiny. Supposedly nothing is lost in nature and the world strives to maintain balance, that's why what we send out will sooner or later return to us.

You should take care of proper relations with people, because if you take debt to another person, you will have to pay it back. Souls who have commitments to each other will meet again in the future incarnation to clear up the' bills'. This is a natural principle, which consists in the equalization of energy.

Few people know that all karmic debts are debts we have incurred towards ourselves. The release will only take place after the feed has been completely removed. It is a supreme law that allows us to understand the world and, above all, that nothing happens by chance, and that in life we should not feel the victims of unjust events. We should make informed decisions and take account of their consequences. Even now, through many incarnations, we have accumulated so much karma that we have to face the consequences of it. Understanding the operation of karma law allows to understand and mitigate the effects of decisions taken in the past. In our lives, we should focus on not creating more suffering. Suffering is a concept that constantly appears in the philosophy of the East, and its appearance informs us that we are heading in the wrong direction, and the more suffering we are suffering, the more we become mistaken.

In life, we should focus primarily on avoiding karmic debt, but rather on creating good food. Awareness, good intentions and humility are essential. Sometimes it is necessary to pay the debts first, and only then to do good karma. The effects may not appear immediately, but it is important to be aware of the objective pursued.

How to prevent debt from arising?

The simplest answer - don't get him. In all the relationships we find ourselves in, we should give as much as we should take. If there is a imbalance, the tension develops and must be balanced. Every exchange is based on mutual benefit, and gratuitous giving is not beneficial to the gift and the recipient. The Universe strives for balance, so one day you will have to pay off your debt. And why is it not beneficial to be a creditor, especially when the debt is high? Often, we can see ungratefulness, whether among children, who owe a lot to their parents or among subordinates to the employer. The imbalance between giving and taking leads to extremely unpleasant and tense human relationships. It is not possible to get anything at someone else's expense. To get what you need to do, you have to make an effort and work. Even if we get a huge amount of help, we will have to pay for it one day, in one form or another.

Repayment of debts

It is a necessity to meet these obligations. Debt is not a stigma, but a consequence of our behaviour in previous incarnations. It is not always possible to pay debts during one lifetime, but it is the only way to cleanse karma. It is worth noting that awareness is the basis, and as long as someone believes that they have a debt that they have to pay back, this is the case. There is an exception, however, which is grace, and its activating factor is love. If we help someone selflessly, because of love and compassion, we release the karma of the person we help. It is worth noting that karma serves our development, not to punish us for something. It serves the purpose of teaching and understanding that we harm each other by harming someone. For we are all Unity. Sad events do not meet us to suffer for the sake of suffering.

Karmic debt in numerology

Thanks to numerology, we are able to interpret our birth date in such a way that we are able to read the plan we have to realize in our lives. Numerology allows us to read information about the current incarnation, talents, lessons to be processed or karmic debts. We get the necessary information to learn what abilities we need to develop in order to successfully pass through life. Karmic debt in numerology may appear in the way of life, day of birth, birth, cycle, peak or in the name and surname.

The karmic numbers mean the outstanding issues that we absolutely must deal with and work on. We should avoid them when choosing an apartment, choosing a date, e. g. a date. or whether, in the case of a telephone number. The programme is based on a cellular network. We should also avoid them when setting up a company, as they can bring financial problems and even bankruptcy to us. It is therefore worth avoiding karmic numbers wherever we can.

In numerology, there are the following karmic numbers:.

Number 13 - karma of work
Number 14 - karma of freedom
Number 16 - karma of love
Number 19 - karma of social ladder
Number 26 - karma of body and encounters


The simplest way to use the example of karmic debt is to use it when someone cannot build up a private life. An example is an attractive, independent woman who is not able to manage her private life. It earns well, has a large, comfortable house, but, as it used to say, there is no happiness in love. Most often, it is found in men who want to use it so that they can live better on their own, or it is connected with partners who betray it. Why is this happening? Perhaps such a woman herself once rejected someone else's feeling, because the chosen one was poor and did not meet her expectations. Despite the fact that she gave him affection, she chose a comfortable life alongside a rich man, whom she did not love. Now he needs to know the feeling of rejection and, although he wants to love and love, he still has to experience another love event.

The first step is to realise that we have a problem. The worst thing we can do in such a situation is to shut ourselves down, with our problem. To cleanse your karma you need to focus on helping others, it is the best and easiest way to improve your karma. The events that meet us should be an impulse to start looking at our lives, drawing conclusions, learning and developing - above all spiritually.

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