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Name Numerology - English Alphabets, Letters And Their Numerical Values

 Numerology, English Alphabets, Letters, Their Numerical Values, Name, Surname
One of the key issues in numerology is the correct assignment of letters to specific numbers. As we know, each alphabet letter can be assigned a specific numeric value from 1 to 9 (and the unreduced master numbers that have been assigned to letters: K-11 and V-22). Therefore, each word corresponds to the number that is the sum of its letters. In this way, we can discover the nature of the words we examine and the hidden relationships. In the following entry you will find a numeral table and a few words on the letters, alphabet and method of calculation. The number table has already appeared in several of my posts, but it is worth remembering.

Numerology reveals many mysteries to us, we discover our soul and the path we follow in our present life. Thanks to her knowledge, we are able to develop our talents and abilities, and thus we are able to realize our destiny. Our date of birth, as well as your name and surname are no accident. The date of birth speaks about our experience in life (hence it is called the Life Path), but what we call how we call it is how we achieve it. Letters contained in the name and surname may assist us, and may also make it difficult for us to fulfil our tasks. They may be contradictory to the date of birth, but they can also be perfectly matched and work with the Life Path. In the latter case, we will be able to realise our full potential and capabilities. Each letter is a number, and each number is a specific vibration or energy that affects us, our functioning and our lives. Knowledge of alphabetic letters and corresponding numbers is a source of knowledge about ourselves, but it also allows us to determine relations between people. Thanks to them we are able to look at our lives from a different, more understandable perspective, because when we know our pros and cons, talents and drawbacks, we can make full use of our potential and work on our weak points.

Our name and surname, even if we don't realize it, has a huge impact on our lives. By replacing certain numbers with specific letters and then adding them together, we will receive information about the character, temperament, interior, how others perceive us, their destiny, etc. The lack or excess of some letters may make it difficult to realize the life path, may cause a shortage of life energy in specific spheres of life, and may also lead to the vacillation of character. It is worth noting that the change of name or surname of our lot, this applies especially to women who, when married, change their surname. It is worthwhile to use a table and check if it is better to take your partner's name or if you are staying next to the maiden.

How to use the table?

Within hundreds of years, many systems have been created to transform letters into specific numbers. In each of the alphabets - Latin, Greek or Hebrew - there are many different ways. For the Latin alphabet, the most popular system is the Pythyogorean system.

Each alphabetic letter corresponds to a specific number, e. g. A - 1, B - 2, C - 3, etc. We will only use nine numbers, it is justified by the order of numbers and symbolism. Each two-digit score is summed up until a single digit is obtained. Exceptional numbers are excellent numbers. The so-called master numbers (11, 22, 33, 44, etc.) are intended to draw human attention to the achievement of a certain degree of development, and they also speak of increased responsibility for oneself, one's behaviour and development.

Vowels and consonants

When attempting to use numerical values as a way of replacing letters with specific numerical values, vowels and consonants should be distinguished. The sum of vowels is responsible for our soul, while consonants are responsible for how we are perceived by the environment. It is worth noting here the letter Y, which is sometimes treated as a consonant in numerology and should be considered as a vowel.


To calculate the vibration of the name or surname, it is enough to find a specific letter in the numbered table and assign a certain number of letters. The whole should be summed up, and if the result exceeds 9 (and is not a master number), it should be summed up until a number from 1 to 9 is obtained.

Specific numeric values are based on specific letters: - the following values

16 8 5 1 4 92 8

Then add up the values of the individual letters of the name and surname

1+ 6 + 8 + 5 + 1 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 8 = 44

The vibration of the first and last name of Jan Kowalski is 44
(The blue colour is marked with vowels, which, when summed up, will form the Soul Number.

For hundreds or even thousands of years, people have attributed particular importance to numbers. Pythagoras used to say that "everything is a number", that in numbers there is a mystery of the universe, which is a divine language that we can read. Thanks to numeration, we are able to guess under the influence of which cycles, rhythms and vibrations a person is under.

Table of letters - alphabetical letters

In many countries there is a Latin alphabet that clearly defines the order of letters. Waiving to abandon it and using other systems only introduces chaos and false results. Therefore, follow the rules and remember the table below.

 Numerology, English Alphabets, Letters, Their Numerical Values, Name, Surname

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