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Using Numerology to Play The Lottery. How to increase the chance of winning a lottery?

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Everyone dream of winning a lottery game. There are plenty of websites with systems that can increase the chance of winning numbers. Only do they really have any effect? In addition to the technical methods, it is also possible to use numerology, which will give you a higher probability of selecting lucky numbers. So how to use the knowledge of numbers?

The chance to win in a lottery is very low, so it's very difficult to select the winning numbers, but... possible. Numerology has many applications - it is used in various areas of life - such as business, work, relationships, future definition. Why not use this knowledge of numbers in lottery games? Numerology has a great potential, and knowledge of individual digits will help us to choose the right moment in which we should play and mark the right numbers.

Different methods

Some people are proposing to calculate our lucky figures. Of course, anyone who is interested in numbering knows that there is no such thing. It is not possible to calculate on the basis of the date of birth, whether the first and last name is "the number of lucky days","the number of fate", or a set of digits that will be favorable to us.

Although numbering is already several thousand years old, it has still not succeeded in any way with the use of numerical symbols to read numbers that can fall in games of chance. Please note that the winnings must be written to us. If it is not, no figures will help us. However, there is one way we can increase our chances of winning...

How to become a millionaire? Choose the right day!

Also, if you choose the right date, many legends have grown up. The rule is one rule - in order to increase your chance of winning, you have to take a 5-year personal year. Why was it in 5 years? 5 in numeral numerals means a total change - 180 degrees, it is this year that things happen that we do not even expect, we move, we change our work, we go on a long journey, we experience strange adventures. 5 is energy, movement, unexpected changes, a variety of fate. It would be a good idea if the numbers and draw draw date were also 5 personal month and 5 personal day. Another lucky number is 8, which means financial success, but this number has a much smaller impact on such random events. 8 provides prosperity and money, but after hard and diligent work.

How to calculate personal year?

The Personal Year should be calculated by adding the date and month of our birth (the Incarnation Key) to the current year to the first new moon in September, and after the new year that will begin from the new year. (This is why it can be conventionally assumed that this is the end of September, so from 1 October 2014 to the day and month of our birth, the year 2015 is added). Therefore, the year numbering begins at a different time from the calendar year - that date is different each year.


Born 10.05.1990

In this case, add the day and month of birth 10.05=6 and the current year 2015.
6+2+0+0+1+5+5=14=5 The result that we get must always be reduced to one digit.
The above mentioned person from 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015 will be in the 5th Personal Year.

Personal month and personal day

According to the above scheme we can now calculate a personal month (we summarize Personal Year and the number of a given calendar month). So if we are in the 5th Personal Year and the draw takes place in September, we will be in the 5th personal month. Because: 5 (personal year) + 9 (September) = 14=1+4=5

We calculate a personal day by adding Personal Month to the calendar day. For example 5 personal month + 9th day of the month = 14= 1+4= 5

Of course, the above method will not guarantee winning, but it is in the 5th Personal Year that we find ourselves under the influence of 5 vibrations, which heralds major changes that may change our fate.

Good luck! :-)

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