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Powerful Business Numerology - How to Become Successful? How to choose a business name?

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Many people do not pay attention to the vibration of their name or the starting date before setting up a company. What is, of course, a huge mistake. Like a person, the company, as a separate entity, is subjected to the vibrations of the name, which is composed of letters included in its composition. It is good if the name harmonizes with the products or services offered by the company. It is worth noting at the beginning that numerology will NOT replace us with an idea, plan, good product or service, marketing and customers.

However, if the date of the company's establishment and name are chosen appropriately, it can certainly be a decisive factor for the success of our project. In addition to the catchy name, which is easy to remember, the name should also be well matched in terms of numbering. It is not without reason that the biggest companies use the help of numerals, have appropriately selected names and were created at the right time. When choosing a name for a company, it is worth looking at the portrait of a prospective entrepreneur and checking whether the business you want to take up has a chance of success. It is often the case that the business is not always in line with the owner's predispositions, most often they want to earn money and decide to set up a company that in their opinion is the most profitable. Unfortunately, this is causing enormous confusion. The company's numbering setting is designed to support it, helping it by optimally configuring the name energy and the date of its start-up.

Numerologist will help you choose the right name for your company, as well as determine the date of its creation. The name of the company is a business card, hear it from anyone who has contact with it, so it affects the subconscious. Big companies and corporations are well aware of this, so product names are never a coincidence. Each letter in the name is important in identifying a company's potential and indicates the basic characteristics of the company. The most desirable names are those with a sum of 1, 3, 8 and 1 vibration. But the problem with number 1, however, is this problem that it is difficult to match them with the other elements in order to obtain a favorable destiny. Name + date = destination.

Some people think that if someone plans to open a company in a particular industry, they usually have knowledge and experience in a given subject or they surround employees who have such knowledge. Therefore, you should not select a business name based on the significance of particular vibrations, e. g. vibration, for example 4 - construction, 5 - tourism. The main goal of establishing a company is to earn money, so our activity should be supported by numbers that will contribute to the multiplication of material goods. These vibrations are mainly 8,3 and 1.

From the point of view of numerology, the most important thing is the vibration of the company's name and the date of starting our business activity. Of course, it is also important to take into account not only these factors, but also the employees' portrait.

The right choice of name, date of assumption is as simple as it may seem at first glance, but possible. Favourable selection of all the elements will not guarantee success, because it is not the case that 8 always means success, and 7 a failure. Even the best name selection will not make a profit if the owner and employees do not get involved. Vibrations resulting from the day of founding a company or its names will certainly have a supportive or weakening effect. The owner of a company that has poorly selected numbering vibrations will encounter more difficulties and its beneficial effects will be less effective. Sometimes the names chosen are so fatal that it is only a matter of time when bankruptcy occurs, even though at the beginning it seemed that everything was all right and the business was going well.

It's not fun to choose the right name for a company, because it can decide on its future fate. Before choosing a name, it is important to think carefully about what we expect, what features we would like to reduce and what we would like to multiply. The name of the company will attract specific people with specific goals. It is also important that the company's employees interact with it.

What are we considering?

You always analyze the entry from notarial deeds, register deeds, but the name that functions in client messages (i. e. without your name) is also of great importance.

Company name - how to calculate it?

First, calculate the sum of all letters according to the following key: - the number of letters is as follows

Below is the list of letters of: 
Letters A, S, J are assigned number 1.
Letters B, K, T are assigned a number 2.
Letters C, L, U are assigned a number 3.
Letters D, M, V are assigned number 4.
Letters E, N, W are assigned a number 5.
Letters F, O, X are assigned a number 6.
Letters G, P, Y are assigned the number 7.
Letters H, Q, Z, are assigned number 8.
Letters I, R are assigned number 9.

Vowels and consonants

The soul of company - total of vowels
Everything that is immaterial is contained in vowels. These are hidden development opportunities, creative resources.

The body of company - sum of consonants
A company's voice, or how your company is perceived by others.

Date of commencement

The date of company registration or the date of product launch is the same as the day of human birth. In order to learn about the opportunities and dangers of our project, we have to carry out a numbered analysis of the time of its creation.
To calculate the date of starting the business we add the day, month and year to each other. For example 10.07.2014 = 1+7+2+1+4=15=6

In addition, we can, as in the day of birth, calculate white peaks and black peaks so that we can get more information about our company, the opportunities and the difficulties to which it may be exposed.

Each date is importenat

If we have a good name and the company is opened at the right time, we should also pay attention to dates in the further development, especially if we are planning to take up an investment loan (look at the date of filing documents).

If we have already received credit and want to release a new product on the market, its name should be well chosen so that it will bring a profit. The moment of product launch is also important.

The same applies to advertising. If we place an advertisement for our company or product on a day of vibrations 9, let's not expect effects, because 9 is the beginning of the end.


The name of the carbonated Coca Cola drink was given by an American numbered numeral. It contains as many as 4 three, which means fun, communication, popularity, while the number of consonants and vowels gives a strong 8 - vibration that brings success and money (read more about this number at the bottom of the page). There are many examples of such a name.

COCA COLA - 3+6+3+1+3+6+3+1= 26= 2+6= 8

BMW - 2+4+5 = 11

AUDI - 1+3+4+9= 17 = 1+7= 8

HEINEKEN - 8+5+9+5+5+2+5+5= 44 

PEPSI - 11



When choosing a name for a company and planning an appropriate day of its opening, it is worth paying attention to the vibration of the premises in which we will run our business. I wrote about it in the Lent about house numbering (same way of counting).

Characteristics of individual numbers in the company

Number 1
The number 1 will be ideal for a company that wants to market non-standard and innovative products or services. He wants to realize ideas that have not been proposed by any of the companies before. 1 relates to innovation, avant-garde and new technologies. It will support a dynamic and successful company that works for example in sales, consulting, services, especially if it is based on innovative solutions. The number 1 carries a lot of strength and energy, it means success, the beginning of everything, pioneering and bravura. It will be a good solution for one-man business activity, where the owner is the most important one.

Number 2
It is believed that the figure of 2 is not a very favourable vibration for a typical business. 2 is a quiet vibration, not dynamic, focused primarily on cooperation. This number, unlike 1, is not a leader who pursues innovative ideas. 2 it is cooperation, partnership, therefore it will work well in the company, although it does not bring dizzying profits. It is stable and calm. It will prove its worth in any place where contact with people is important, but there is no point in counting on great financial success.

This vibration will be good for kindergarten, nursery, crèche, laundry, bakery, therapy center, foundation, counselling - everywhere where people-to-people contacts are important. However, one should not count on great publicity, since 2 is rather conducive to silence, it also ensures absence of an affair and adventures. It is often believed that this is not a favorable vibration for business, because it foretells a lot of problems - especially emotional problems, among the company's employees.

Number 3
The vibration 3 promotes entertainment, artistic and communication activities. It will be ideal for a pub, bar, radio, television. Number 3 is also related to creativity and beauty, so it can be useful in the case of a hairdressing salon or a beauty salon. It is considered particularly happy, dynamic and joyful, but its downside is that it threatens to disperse energy and profligacy. Number 3 attracts lucky events and favorable circumstances and opportunities. It is precisely 3 that makes us get to know the right people in the right place and at the right time.

It will be ideal for hotels, motels, entertainment venues, newspapers, television, publishing houses, beauty salon, art companies, galleries, advertising companies, design offices and everywhere where contact with people, beauty, creativity and creation is important.

Number 4
Number 4 is synonymous with diligence, regularity and responsibility, so it will be ideal for a company where detailed and time-consuming actions are important. It is a solid vibration, yet quite heavy, because it lacks dynamics, creativity, imagination, imagination and above all flexibility. It will prove to be a great place where tradition and solid foundations play an important role. Profits in a company with vibrations 4 will only appear after laborious, hard and systematic work, after consistent stability has been consistently built.

It is believed that vibration 4 will be ideal for a business where a solid foundation needs to be built where systematic work is required, e. g. at a construction company. 4 is also loyalty and predictability, which is why this vibration will be good for the accounting office, security company, bakery, tailor's company.

Number 5
5 means movement, change and confusion, so something is constantly happening in a company with 5 vibrations. This number will be useful where quick decisions need to be made, where frequent changes are needed. In such a company, there may also be frequent misunderstandings and tensions. 5 attracts unexpected events, as well as various people. This is the number of cognitions through experience, so it may cause some chaos in the company. Business with 5 vibrations is a lot of ideas, changes and therefore enormous flexibility.

5 is a busy number that does not like routine. This vibration will be useful where changeability is important, e. g. learning about the world. in the case of a travel agency, letter, advertising agency, design office.

Number 6
6 is the number of harmony, care, family, home. This will be a good number for the hotel, school (especially in initial education), kindergartens, nurseries, nurseries, psychologists, a company that wants to produce household appliances. Family companies with vibrations 6 will grow well and increase their income. It will also be useful where harmony, aesthetic sense and good taste are important, i. e. in the beauty salon, hairdresser's salon, gallery, design office, a company that deals with decorations. The downside is that in a company under the vibration of the number 6, it happens better, worse and worse, but it is very well received by people and, above all, liked.

Number 7
The vibration 7 is wisdom, analyticism, reasonableness, elegance, independence. This number is usually recommended to companies that want to produce sophisticated, elegant products - such as high-end products. It will be useful in literary, therapeutic, research and specialist treatment.  7 is above all knowledge and professionalism. Employees of the vibration 7 company should constantly improve their qualifications.

It is often believed that 7 is not advantageous for any company, because its purpose will be insulation, it will not be very well seen among others. The number 7 is related to cognition and science, so if you are conducting scientific research, it can be a good vibration for this type of activity. If this is the case, it will bring peace of mind, but will not provide money, unless it is a side effect of the company's activity, and not its main purpose.

Number 8
The vibration 8 is considered to be a typical business vibration, it brings great profits and success. 8 is ambition, warriority, stubbornness, entrepreneurship, attitude to the matter, courage. This is a durable and solid number, suitable for large companies. It ensures development, forward movement and good organisation. The owner of the company should not be afraid of changes, because they will make it develop. It is a vibration that will prove to be useful in the case of a bank, a big concern, a real estate office, a company that is focused on mass production. Most companies in the world are now using vibration 8.

Choosing a vibration 8, you have to take into account considerable expenses, a large financial contribution and a bold business plan. Unfortunately, but often 8 brings scams and fraud.
Number 9
The number 9 is the final vibration, so it means a quick shutdown of the company. 9 It is above all the attitude towards others, charity, charity, charity and altruism. A company with this vibration will not be profitable, but only satisfaction and recognition for the work done. With 9, you will have to invest and contribute to your business. It is a company that is not aimed at profit but at helping others.

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