Monday, January 9, 2017

Correct interpretation of the letter "Y" in Numerology

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The absence of the letter Y, G, P (vibration 7) in the name and surname affects the little or no interest in spiritual life, difficulties in analyzing reality, as well as extreme materialism. It can also be quite the opposite: a person without name will be immersed in spiritual life and, as a result, will be separated from reality.
In the world of numerology, the problem of correct interpretation of the letter Y has arisen - whether it should be treated as a vowel or a consonant. As you know, this is important for the numerology calculations.

In the numerology interpretation, the reflection of the spiritual world is represented by vowel alphabet, the number of which varies depending on the language. It is worth noting that Y in many languages does not appear at the beginning of the word, such as e. g. Y in English (yellow, year, young).

In English, the letter Y is considered to be a consonant, whereas in another language this letter is a vowel. However, the theory that Y should be treated as a consonant, just like in other languages, appeared in numerology. This view probably derives from the Spanish numbering machine Gladys Lobos. In Spanish, the letter' Y' is included in the consonant. Also in the Polish numerology literature Y is often treated as a consonant. However, it may be possible to say that it is necessary to adapt the rules of numbering to Polish language standards and add Y to vowels that are already present in Polish (i. e. A, E, O, U, I). We would then avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Finally, it is worth noting that the world-famous numerologists, like Mrs. Balliett or Dr. Juno Jordan, believed that Y was a vowel. I think that there is no reason to classify this letter as a consonant, and the particular qualification should be the result of an analysis of the language norms that exist in a given country.

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