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Numerology and Harry Potter. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Numerology, Harry Potter, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Anyone who has read Harry Potter knows that the subject of numerology has also appeared in this book. Numerology was one of the subjects taught in Hogwarts. The proclamation of the future based on names and numbers was especially popular with Hermion, for whom numbering became her favourite subject. It is worth noting that Hermion did not like other lessons in this unusual school, such as a tasseography or reading the future from the crystal ball.

Why did Hermiona like numerology? Probably because reading the future with numbers is based on clear and simple rules, which are enough to get a clear answer.

The subject numerals in the book is called Arithmancy. It is interesting that in the second volume the translator translated the name of this subject as an arithmanance. Numerology was an additional lesson that could be chosen in the third grade. The teacher of numerology was Septima Vector. For her lessons, students bring essays and need to know complex numerical tables. The manuals for numerology were books Numerology and grammar, New numerology theory and Numerology for the Advanced. In one of Hermion's chapters, he says:"Oh, no, it's great! This is my favourite subject!". So there is no doubt as to how much she liked this subject;) Ern Macmillan also attended the lessons.

Other dialogues on numerology:.
Hermiona: "Did any of you see my Numerology and grammar?
Ron: "Oh, yes, I borrowed her to read in bed," Ron Weasley sarcastically turns to Hermiona Granger, who is looking for her book.

Hermiona:"Thanks for the book, Harry - she said joyfully. I have dreamed of this New Numerology Theory!"

Books for numerology in Hogwarts

1. Numerology and grammar - a book by an unknown author, which was a handbook for numerology at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the school year 1993/1994.

Hermiona Granger had this book, which she probably bought from the Esa and Floresa Bookshop in 1993 together with other school textbooks.

2. New Theory of Numerology - a book written by Lukas Karuzos. It was not a compulsory handbook for numerology at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry Potter gave one copy to Hermion for Christmas in 1995.

Numerology teacher - Septima Vector

The teacher, Septima Vector, was wearing a red dress and a high hat. Born in the family of wizards in 1889, she graduated from the Hogwarta School of Magic and Magic Sciences, where she began teaching the subject of numeration. It is not known when exactly she was employed in Hogwarts. The headmaster of the school familiarized himself with her skills and gave her the post of numbering teacher she taught in classroom 7A. She was famous for giving her pupils difficult homework. Septima Vector was considered a very harsh and demanding teacher, an old date person. It is interesting that in the fourth volume, Septim's Polish translation was presented not as a woman but as a man.

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